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Teeth cover and TOC

Here is the cover for Terri and my YA vampire anthology, which is possibly the anti-sparkly vampire book. I'm currently in the process of trying to video all the contributors responding to two questions.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow

Things to Know About Being Dead Genevieve Valentine

All Smiles by    Steve Berman                         

Gap Year by Christopher Barzak        

Bloody Sunrise by Neil Gaiman

Flying by Delia Sherman                    

Vampire Weather by Garth Nix                                     

Late Bloomer by Suzy McKee Charnas                       

The List of Definite Endings by Kaaron Warren                      

Best Friends Forever by Cecil Castellucci                               

Sit the Dead by Jeffrey Ford                            

Sunbleached by Nathan Ballingrud                   

Baby by Kathe Koja                           

In the Future When All’s Well by Catherynne M. Valente        

Transition by Melissa Marr                              

History by Ellen Kushner                                 

The Perfect Dinner Party by Cassandra Clare & Holly Black

Slice of Life by Lucius Shepard

My Generation by Emma Bull

Why Light? by Tanith Lee                                

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...which is possibly the anti-sparkly vampire book.

Oh, thank you sweet zombie jayzuz. Seriously, it's been rough and rougher over in the reading trenches. A girl can only reread the Nightworld books so many times, after all.
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LOL. Even so, we hope that doesn't drive all the sparkly vampire lovers away--we want the book to sell :-).

But truly, the stories are varied, and some are about the more realistic consequences of becoming a vampire. We do have one gorgeously romantic/moving vampire story by Tanith Lee.
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Anti-sparkly? YAY! Awesome TOC, too. :)
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Thank you. The authors did a fantastic job!
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Christopher Barzak is like, seriously, too darn awesome.
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That list of authors and stories sounds delicious.
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This sounds superb. Hurrah for the Anti-sparkly and Tanith Lee.
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Ooooh, me want!
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Patience, my sweets :-)
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Very cool! I happen to be a 'watcher' on an art site of the talented lady who's self portrait graces the cover, and I remember when the photo first appeared. Quite a treat to now see it show up here!
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What's the url, now I'm curious!
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Absolutely! She can be found here:

The original of the image is in her Self Portraits gallery.

I'm on that site as well, at:

My art style is more fantasy and faerie oriented. Valentina leans toward the 'dark' side, lol!
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Great stuff--and I like yours too:-)
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Thank you! :o)
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