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The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Galleys arrived today for me to go over....whoopie!

TOC (for those who don't remember or never saw them when I posted them way back when:
Introduction Ellen Datlow
The Elephant Ironclads Jason Stoddard
Ardent Clouds Lucy Sussex
Gather Christopher Rowe
Sonny Liston Takes the Fall Elizabeth Bear
North American Lake Monsters Nathan Ballingrud
All Washed Up While Looking for a Better World Carol Emshwiller
Special Economics Maureen McHugh
Aka Saint Marks Place Richard Bowes
The Goosle Margo Lanagan
Shira Lavie Tidhar
The Passion of Azazel Barry N. Malzberg
The Lagerstätte Laird Barron
Gladiolus Exposed Anna Tambour
Daltharee Jeffrey Ford
Jimmy Pat Cadigan
Prisoners of the Action Paul McAuley and Kim Newman

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The image has to be somewhere on the net that you can link to.

Then <img src=>

Yeah. It's not...hence the problem. However, I've asked my webmaster to post it onto my website. Once she does that it will generate a url.

(Deleted comment)
I managed to copy it from Jeff Ford's blog !!

€Your ‘user level’ doesn’t allow you to use IImage Browser. € Chris / 7. 33 am I got it already.

Wow, that's a gorgeous cover! Can't wait to read it. :)

Yes, I'm really happy with the cover. Although it makes the book look more whimsical than it is :-)

Who did the cover? I like it!

Afraid I don't know. Will have to ask my editor.

Any chance the introduction is somewhere online (no "preview this book" on Amazon)? I've been told I absolutely have to read it :) Of course I intend to read the rest as well as soon as I get the chance.

Unrelated--received Ruby Slippers and Golden Tears yesterday. Read the introduction and found it very informative (I really do love being show how little I know about something I assume I have some background in--more to learn!). Will try to skim some so I can do a proper gushing blogpost some time this week. :) I'd not looked at the TOC, but assumed it would be shorter given how many volumes you put out. :heh:

I just looked at the galleys...The preface is in there...(there's no intro) you've got it already! Weird. I didn't think it was that special.

Now that intro is by Terri--she's the fairy tale expert! Glad you got the book. It was the second in the series and we aimed for about 100,000 words to each volume (I don't have the records on this computer though to check).

(sorry, I was juggling topics -- the intro (or preface?) I've been told I have to see is for The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy, which I don't yet have a copy of)

I love fairy tales, but don't have much background in them (outside of one semester in Scandinavian Folktales) -- so Terri's intro/history of fairy tale collections gave me a lot of places to investigate. ((other than that, most recently, I found Angela Slatter's history of Little Red Riding Hood in Apex #12 very enlightening))

Edited at 2008-05-12 03:13 am (UTC)

Ah. Don't worry --it's not that fascinating :-) but thank whoever said you had to read it!

I read many many fairy tales when I was a kid. The Blue Fairy Book, The Yellow Fairy Book, Grimm, Andersen, Wilde.

I haven't gotten to Apex 12 yet.

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