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Mini review of Best Horror #4
From Book Slut/ Teenage Horror
September column by Colleen Mondor
Older teens should also check out The Best Horror of the Year Volume Four, edited by Ellen Datlow. It includes a host of stories by the likes of Stephen King (although I think his story is one of the weakest), Margo Lanagan, Peter Straub, A.C. Wise (who tells us what happened to the "final girl" in a particularly frightful horror movie), and Simon Bestwick (consider this the antithesis to Ray Bradbury's "The Foghorn"). Datlow's anthologies continue to be standouts and are always a safe bet for frightful reads of epic proportions.

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Livia's Omphalos was the first story I read in THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR: VOL. FOUR -- wow. Took me a while to recover. Think my skin crawled off and hid.

Great anthology.

It's a stunner, isn't it? She gets better and better. She will be happy to hear it.

Thank you.

May I quote you on twitter to Livia?

You're welcome, Ellen.

Yes, of course you may quote me on twitter to Livia. :)

Have you read Pulver's antho A SEASON IN CARCOSA? Gemma is a stand out! Slick Black Bones and Soft Black Stars.


Just got the antho. Will read all but looking forward to that.


Great anthology. It was wonderful to find another short story by Laird Barron. Just finished The Croning. That man has the touch of greatness about him.

Thanks. Yeah. He's really really good.

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