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Interviews and reviews
AFTER was featured in io9's Bookshelf Injection
All the Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can’t Miss in October!

Terri and I were interviewed in DA Kentner column THE READERS' WRITERS
plus it will be appearing slightly abbreviated through the GateHouse News Service

And here's the video chat between me and Mike Davis:

(you can see a furry tentacle like object moving in out and of the room -it's Bella's tail. She walked back and forth on my lap during some of the interview and although I tried to get her head high enough to be seen by the webcam, alas, only her tail made it into the show.

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Lovecraft Interview Sale

Intrigued by the cat tail teaser, I checked out the interview with Mike Davis and saw the link to Lovecraft Unbound, which I promptly bought, as my next novel is strongly Lovecraft influenced!
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Re: Lovecraft Interview Sale

Fantastic. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks and good luck with your novel.
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