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Something is coming
News about a big new project will be announced Monday.

In the meantime, I've been dealing with other issues:
my mom had a health scare last week but all is well.
I've got a colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow so have eaten only chicken broth all day plus drinking water and elderflower soda (which I make with syrup and seltzer). Whoopie!
I've done the first round of editing the second story I've bought for Tor--"Rag and Bone" by Priya Sharma, which is scheduled to be published May 1st

Working with my webmaster to redesign my website and include a blog in/on it. Once that happens I'll probably leave livejournal and dreamwidth as LJ is full of spam and just pretty quiet these days. I don't have time to read it-I follow the people I want on google reader, twitter, and fb.

Mostly though, I'm reading: for the Best Horror of the Year #5;the Stoker Collection jury; and the Shirley Jackson Award.

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It is. The stuff I had to drink tastes like salty grape juice. I had to drink a 16 oz bottle of it and will have to drink another in the morning.

Thanks. It shouldn't.
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Yeah, I agree with the above comment about the prep part absolutely sucking.

I'm sorry about LJ being so quiet and seeing more and more people leave. What I like about Assbook is how easier it is to post links. I crosspost my entries to FB but I wonder how many people there actually click on them.
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Yes. Up early (5am) and just choked the last of the stuff down. It was ...difficult.

My lj links used to go to FB but no longer. My twitter feed does link to fb although of course that's a different experience. We'll see what happens when my blog goes up--how it can link to what.
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I used to think the prep part was the worst part until I had a doctor who managed to trap a giant air bubble in my body and didn't tell me that there was an easy way to fix it (Gas-Ex). Now I always take a box of same with me, just in case, because I never want pain like that again.

I hope it all goes very well and that you can drink and eat whatever you please again soon.
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Oh my. That sounds terrible. Apparently though, they put air into everyone so when everyone's taken out of the operating room we're all laying there farting away ;-). I could eat immediately after but am supposed to stay away from greasy foods for the day. And no alcohol for 24 hours.
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Trapped air causes amazing amounts of pain, so yes, the general recovery style is preferable. :)

Good luck!
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Let me know if they find Hoffa.
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