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I'm voting Republican
I'll be you'd never thought I would, eh? Well here's why I'm voting Republican

Thanks Liz Hand

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Ahahhaha! That was awesome!

Hah! I knew it would be something funny. :)

Well, to some of us it certainly is.

That srikes me as a real misfire. Telling people they are stupid is not helpful (even if true).

I dunno. We've tried the "respecting your views" approach to stupid people for a very long time now and it hasn't worked: they're still trying to get creationism taught in the schools, still denying anthropogenic global warming, etc. Maybe the time has come to jolt them out of their ill founded complacency?

Afraid I agree with Paul here. I think a lot of people really don't "get" what those in power (and the candidates) have actually been doing these past eight years.

"I'm voting Republican"

You jus' about gave me a heart attack there . . .

"LOL - that's the idea."

It is? Well that's not very nice . . .

the BEST nickname for Palin yesterday: Caribou Barbie.

LOL! She's on the cover of National Enquirer this week, full of salacious stories. :::rubs hands together:::

When I posted that on my LJ, with the same title, I just about gave my friends heart failure. *g*

Yes, poor Paul, as you can see from his comments--was very upset :-) He thought I'd flipped my lid. Or kept my affiliation secret.

Ha, I saw that a while back but it was just as good a second time.

Well, until you stop laughing and think about how many people are still rooting for the greater of two evils.

Yes. That's the scary part.

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