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Some reviews of YBFH #21
Two excellent reviews followed up our starred advance review in Publishers Weekly.
The Green Man Review's editor Denise Dutton provides a lengthy, very generous review here: YBFH#21

Booklist(Wednesday, October 15, 2008):
As the market for fantasy and horror continues to embrace more venues, from online publications to original story anthologies, the editors of this venerable series have been forced to widen their nets. The payoff for the latest editions readers is more than 300,000 words of short fiction, poems, and essays offering a feast for both intellect and imagination. An outstanding feature of this years diverse selection of voices and themes is the often seamless overlap between the two genres. Undercurrents of horror, for example, run through M. Rickert's fanciful tale about a writer visited by the ghost of a murdered child celebrity, and through Karen Joy Fowlers story about an imaginary South American town with a poetry cafe that changes destinies. Fantasy motifs surface in Paul Walthers "Splitfoot," about a remote Minnesota home possessed by demons, and in Karen Russells whimsical yarn about vampires. As usual, a sizable portion of the volume is devoted to year-end summations dissecting fantasy and horrors contemporary trends, and tributes to notable authors and film actors who have died.

We also received a very generous review by Gary Wolfe in the September Locus

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Can't wait to read it! Some of the stories I've already read, but many I've missed. Looking forward to the release date.

It should be available now!

Yes. It makes me happy. :-)

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