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Howard Waldrop is fishing
I just spoke to Howard today. He's in Mississippi, staying with his sister Mary until November which is when he returns to Austin for eye surgery. He's walking without a walker, no longer using a catheter, and has been going fishing with his brother-in-law. He says he's tired, but this is excellent news.
He told me I should let everyone know that he's much better and that he's starting work on a partially written story he owes for an anthology and then will write his blog for Small Beer Press about his lost summer.

Hooray for Howard!

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Thank you. I'm really glad to hear that. He had to pass up a Dallas gig at the beginning of the month, and the Czarina and I both heard about how he practically had to be stapled to the bed by his doctor to keep him from coming out to Dallas anyway.

That's great news! Thanks Ellen.

Yes, this is very good news. He sounds chipper.

Good news. Thanks for the update. Please let him know we're all thinking of him.

I told him I was going to blog about it. Next time I call him, I'll let him know.

Thanks for the update. I was just wondering how he was doing, I hadn't heard any news in a while.

Many cheers for Howard, that stubborn young coot. May he stay stubborn and healthy enough to become a stubborn old coot some day.

Best wishes for your friend's continued recovery!

that's such great news, Ellen, thanks for passing it along.

Good news indeed!

Michael Walsh

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