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The Beastly Bride: and Other Tales of the Animal People is DONE
Terri and I are about to hand in the fourth anthology in the "mythic" series begun with The Green Man. It's been a long haul and I thank all the contributors (and those whose stories we didn't buy for the book) for their hard work and patience.

Here is the Table of Contents--the book should be out from Viking in spring 2010.

The Beastly Bride and Other Tales of the Animal People
Table of Contents
Preface by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
Introduction by Terri Windling
Island Lake by E. Catherine Tobler
The Puma’s Daughter by Tanith Lee
Map of Seventeen by Christopher Barzak
The Selkie Speaks by Delia Sherman
Bear’s Bride by Johanna Sinisalo
The Abominable Child’s Tale by Carol Emshwiller
The Hikikomori by Hiromi Goto
The Comeuppance of Creegus Maxin by Gregory Frost
Ganesha by Jeffrey Ford
The Elephant’s Bride by Jane Yolen
The Children of Cadmus by Ellen Kushner
The White Doe Mourns Her Childhood by Jeanine Hall Gailey
The White Doe’s Love Song by Jeanine Hall Gailey
The White Doe Decides by Jeanine Hall Gailey
Coyote and Valorosa by Terra L. Gearheart
One Thin Dime by Stewart Moore
The Monkey Bride by Midori Snyder
Pishaach by Shweta Narayan
The Salamander Fire by Marly Youmans
The Margay’s Children by Richard Bowes
Thumbleriggery and Fledglings by Steve Berman
The Flock by Lucius Shepard
The Children of the Shark God by Peter Beagle
Rosina by Nan Fry
Further Reading

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That's so exciting! The mythic series is among my favourite thigs you edit, Both Green Man and Faery Reel are beautiful and I'm impatiently awaiting the publishing of Coyote Road
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You mean the paperback? Coyote Road has been out in hc for over a year :-).
Glad you enjoy them.
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Can't wait! I recognize some of these authors!
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And even better, we have several new writers: several we haven't used before in our series, and I believe the Narayan, Gearheart, and Moore are first fiction sales, although all three might have stories out before our antho is published.
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Er I mean...

Sounds neat, I will check it out!
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You have to wear an animal pattern while reading the book, you know.
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I am tremendously excited about this topic and this lineup.*

*Um, seeing the post above mine ... not in a "*love* your hamster" kind of a way, just in a "my dissertation was about these stories" kind of a way. The clarification seemed like a good call.
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Be kind if you review the book :-)
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Hooray for Shweta! *bouncebounce*
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Wonderful! I'm anticipating reading yours and Terri's new antho.
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Ooh, I'm very much looking forward to this! I've really enjoyed the other books in the series.
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(Deleted comment)
You and everyone else, I'm afraid!
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So many big names/wonderful authors. . .and a friend of mine! I cannot wait for this to come out.
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Who's the friend that's in the book?
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Congrads for all the newcomers! JeffV will be pleased too.

The gang is all (mostly) here like a (decided to forego the jello metaphor and go with the obviously bland) warm glove.
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Looks like it's going to be a great read, just getting a feel based on the names I'm a familiar with. And I'm sure the stories from the others will be well worth the read too! :)
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And plus, it's an Ellen Datlow/Terri Windling collaboration!
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Ellen, what attractive galleys those are! Congratulations: it looks like another especially lovely book.
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We haven't seen the cover yet but I'm sure it'll look wonderful--the inside layout is very nice.
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Beastly Bride

Why, oh, why, with not one but two Nebula nominees in your collection did you not make the stories available for SFWA members to peruse? That's got to cost both those authors votes.
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They were ALL available for free to SFWA members, from soon after the book was published. I guess you just didn't look (whoever you are ;-0 )

Edited at 2011-03-20 09:50 pm (UTC)
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