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One time Hugo pimpage
Ugh, I hate this but I guess I may as well announce what I've edited this year -although I don't have a snowball's chance in hell of being nominated for Best Editor this year.

Only one original anthology out in 2008: The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy with the following TOC:

Prisoners of the Action by Paul McAuley and Kim Newman 20,400

The Elephant Ironclads by Jason Stoddard 14,800
Special Economics by Maureen McHugh 11,000
Aka St. Marks Place by Richard Bowes 7900
The Lagerstätte by Laird Barron 11,700
Jimmy by Pat Cadigan 9700

Short stories:
Ardent Clouds by Lucy Sussex 7300
Gatherby Christopher Rowe 4300
Sonny Liston Takes the Fall by Elizabeth Bear 3600
North American Lake Monsters by Nathan Ballingrud 5100
All Washed Up While Looking for a Better World by Carol Emshwiller 5300
The Goosle by Margo Lanagan 5600
Shira by Lavie Tidhar 6700
The Passion of Azazel by Barry N. Malzberg 4700
Gladiolus Exposed by Anna Tambour 3500
Daltharee by Jeffrey Ford 3400

I also edited The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: 2008, Twenty-First Annual Collection with Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant

and there were reissues which don't count.

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Oh, you have a much better chance than a snowball, Ellen!

I just ordered the Year's best fantasy and horror, 2008 :) It hasn't arrived yet, but it looked wonderful.

Thank you, Kara.
Ellen (not on my own computer)

'Prisoners of the Action' dropped my jaw when I read it. A lovely thing.

It's one of my favorites but hasn't picked up any (I don't think) recs for the Nebula. At least not in 2008, although it's still eligible through APril.

Sorry, that was me, Ellen.

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