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Status of YBFH #22 IMPORTANT
Further to Gavin and Kelly's post about Bad news about YBFH --yes the YBFH is no more but I'm delighted to announce that I've just been offered a two book deal with Night Shade to edit a Best of the Year in Horror anthology (not titled yet)--for this year and next...

The deal is not set in stone but there's no reason to believe it's not a "go."

So thank you Terri, Kelly, Gavin, and of course Jim Frenkel and Tom Canty for the many enjoyable years I've worked with you all on this massive project.

And here's a virtual toast to my new endeavor.

addition: I wrote the above off the cuff yesterday because I felt pressure to get something out but I'd like to add this.

Without Jim Frenkel, the series would haven't existed at all. It was his brainchild from the very first volume, to gather fantasy and horror short fiction in one place. He asked me and Terri Windling to co-edit such a book, she handling fantasy, me horror. We agreed and that's how it all began --Jim was the packager for all twenty-one years of the existence of the anthology.

added January 14:
Terri sums it all up most graciously and eloquently on her blog

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It's possible that in the future Jim Frenkel and I will try to resurrect it but certainly not for the two years I'm editing the horror book for Night Shade.
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