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Sturgeon Award Finalists announced

I'm totally chuffed about Maureen McHugh's nomination for "Special Economics," but congratulations to everyone.

Paolo Bacigalupi "The Gambler" Fast Forward 2
Ted Chiang "Exhalation" Eclipse 2
Charles Coleman Finlay "The Political Prisoner" F&SF, August
Cory Doctorow & Benjamin Rosenbaum "True Names" Fast Forward 2
James Alan Gardner "The Ray Gun: A Love Story" Asimov's, February
Kathleen Ann Goonan "Memory Dog" Asimov's, Apr/May
Kij Johnson "26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss"
NOTE: Johnson, a juror, removed story from consideration. Asimov's, July
Ian McDonald "The Tear" Galactic Empires
Maureen McHugh "Special Economics" Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Hanu Rajaniemi "His Master's Voice" Interzone 218
Michael Swanwick "From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled" Asimov's, February

For more information: 2009 Sturgeon Award Finalists
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