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Table of Contents for The Best Horror of the Year #1
This is truly bizarre. My LJ post with this info just disappeared. Ok. So I'll post it again...

Table of Contents

Cargo E. Michael Lewis (Shades of Darkness)

If Angels Fight Richard Bowes (F&SF February )

The Clay Party Steve Duffy (The Werewolf Pack)

Penguins of the Apocalypse William Browning Spencer (Subterranean)

Esmeralda Glen Hirshberg (Shades of Darkness)

The Hodag Trent Hergenrader(Black Static 7)

Very Low-Flying Aircraft Nicholas Royle (Exotic Gothic 2)

When the Gentlemen Go By Margaret Ronald (Clarkesworld #21 July)

The Lagerstätte Laird Barron (The Del Rey Book of SF & Fantasy)

Harry and the Monkey Euan Harvey (Realms of Fantasy December)

Dress Circle Miranda Siemienowicz (Hecate volume 34, No. 1)

The Rising River Daniel Kaysen (Black Static 5)

Sweeney Among the Straight Razors JoSelle Vanderhooft (Star*Line Sept/Oct)

Loup-garou R.B. Russell (The Werewolf Pack)

Girl in Pieces Graham Edwards (Realms of Fantasy, April)

It Washed Up Joe R. Lansdale (Subterranean)

The Thirteenth Hell Mike Allen (The Journey to Kailash)

The Goosle Margo Lanagan (The Del Rey Book of SF & F)

Beach Head Daniel LeMoal (On Spec summer #73)

The Man From the Peak Adam Golaski (Worse Than Myself)

The Narrows Simon Bestwick (We Fade to Grey

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Yeah, that was weird. I tried to respond to your comment and the page had disappeared. Your original post didn't state where the stories had first appeared, I don't think.
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What I did was delete the post and repost with the previous pub info. I guess LJ didn't like that for some reason.
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(Deleted comment)
What do you mean?
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(Deleted comment)
Ah. There's no packager-just me the editor and the in-house folk at Night Shade. Not having to handle fantasy permissions makes it much easier for one thing as I rarely have to deal with mainstream writers for the horror. And there are no other front sections other than my summary of the year in horror.
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I love the artwork--although Nick M. just could NOT help notice the penis on the ghoulish guy.
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The cover artwork is BEAUTIFUL! :-)
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Yes, I'm really pleased.
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OK, I just love this title: Sweeney Among the Straight Razors

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