ellen datlow (ellen_datlow) wrote,
ellen datlow

How the web is changing certain social exchanges

I've just come across this phenomena lately, and it's obviously a result of social networking on the web.

It used to be that when a person was coming to town, she'd reach out and personally contact the people she wanted to see while here. That way we can make plans to see one another either one-on- one or in a small group. When I'm preparing for a trip, that's part of my preparation-- I reach out to the various people I want to see and email or phone them. Or, I have one well-connected, well-organized friend contact everyone else for me to set up a gathering so we can all get together.

Several times in the past months, I've discovered, after the fact, that writers with whom I have a social relationship were in town but hadn't contacted me. When asked why they didn't let me know they were here I've been told oh, we posted about it on our blog/facebook/myspace or on our business listserve.

Call me old fashioned, but I feel that social networks are an adjunct to direct contact. If I blog that I'm going to be in Seattle, KC, London, or anywhere away from home, it's meant for those people I'm not in touch with otherwise, for whom I likely don't have email addresses for.

I never assume friends or acquaintances or business associates will read my blog (of course I'm delighted when people DO read it, but I sure don't expect it).

I realize this is a little bump in the road of congeniality but I'm just wondering if I've become a dinosaur to expect a bit of a personal back and forth here?
Tags: social niceties, web life
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