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dad update

Today was the meeting with everyone (but a doctor): nurses, social worker, the three therapists, and a host of other people who were never introduced to us. (which I suppose we should have asked about but we didn't). My sister couldn't get back to NY for it but it was really short, and we didn't get any more actual info than we received from Zinni and Ann (his PT and speech Therapist) last week--other than that he's doing very well, even better than last week.

We discussed the fact that my parents are going to return and stay in Florida (my mother hadn't told them that they had a home in Florida, worried, I think, that my dad wouldn't be treated assiduously)and asked when he'd be ready to do so.

My dad was very insistent that he get out asap and Ann, his speech therapist suggested that once we're given a date and make arrangements we put a calendar in his room so he can see that he's getting out soon.

We got permission from the pt to walk with him using his walker when we visit.

A doctor must certify that he can fly, as the air pressure could be a problem after a stroke. In the meantime, my mom is going to start making arrangements with the VA down in West Palm Beach for at home therapy and also we'll figure out arrangements for help at home--she wouldn't want to leave him at home alone, just in case. The only complication is that my mom needs my sister or me (preferably both of us) to fly to Florida with them (and go to Yonkers a few days earlier to pack up)and help sort out things for a few days. My sister is going on a three week trip and I have Worldcon and then the next weekend a reunion with former school friends (some from elementary school). So either we've got to do it around July 18-24th or after August 20th. I think my dad will go batty if he has to stay there more than another month!

Once the meeting was finished (it was over in about half an hour)we went back upstairs.
While my mom went to the bathroom, my dad stood up from the wheelchair, walked several steps and walked back, seating himself back down fine. I think he was showing me that he could because we've been bugging him to stick with the therapy and to use his walker more.

So while getting them to Florida and settled is still up in the air, my dad's doing very well, and my mom is more optimistic.
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