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Digital Domains: A Decade of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Prime Books is bringing out an anthology with a sampling of the stories I edited and published at OMNI Online, Event Horizon, and SCIFICTION.  The Book will be coming out as a trade paperback in February 2010. I saw a cover treatment in June and I love it, but have no idea if it's the final.
But in the meantime, here's the TOC.

Introduction Ellen Datlow

OMNI online: September 1996 - March 1998

Thirteen Phantasms                                   James P. Blaylock

Mr. Goober’s Show                                      Howard Waldrop

Get a Grip                                                       Paul Park

Event Horizon: August 1988 - July 1999

The Girl Detective                                          Kelly Link

Pansolapia                                                     Jeffrey Ford

Harbingers                                                      Severna Park

SCIFICTION: May 19, 2000 - December 28, 2005

Frankenstein’s Daughter                               Maureen McHugh

The Pottawatomie Giant                                 Andy Duncan

What I Didn’t See                                              Karen Joy Fowler

Daughter of the Monkey God                          M.K. Hobson

Tomorrow Town                                               Kim Newman

There’s a Hole in the City                               Richard Bowes

All of Us Can Almost…                                   Carol Emshwiller

You Go where it Takes You                            Nathan Ballingrud

Russian Vine                                                    Simon Ings

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It's about time! Congratulations!

Well, we never COULD get the channel to approve a best of SCIFICTION. This is a better idea anyway.

(Deleted comment)
Do you mean that's why I am using it or do you think I'm not because you didn't notice it. (ambiguous line there).

Ironically, I met Severna Park this past Friday....

I haven't seen her in ages. We just emailed back and forth (so I could get her updated bio).


From the ones I know, I'm really looking forward to that!

Some have still not been in print.

And I don't know all that have. I have extremely spotty knowledge of the field before 2000, because I only really discovered variety in it in 1995. Before 1993, that it was a miracle for me to find more than one SF/F author at a time in print in English.

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