April 11th, 2010


Full Honorable Mention list from Best Horror of the Year volume 1 (2008 stories)

I've been meaning to do this here as the Night Shade Message board, where I originally posted them, is not active....I'll see if I can do it in several sections...then if that works, I'll post the Best Horror of the Year volume 2.

Abel, Colleen “The Anatomist,” (poem) West Branch 63.
Addison, Linda “The Road,” (poem) Desolate Souls.
Alexander, William “Clockwork Iris,” Postscripts 16.
Alexander, William “Something Borrowed, Something Red,” Postscripts 14.
Allen, Mike “deathmask,” Helix: A Speculative Fiction Quarterly, winter.
Allen, Mike “Der Maulkorb,” The Journey to Kailash.
Allen, Mike “Ghosts of the Apocalypse,” Ibid.
Allen, Mike “Midnight Rendezvous, Philly,” Ibid.
Allen, Mike “Time Triptych,” Ibid.
Allen, Nina “Amethyst,” A Thread of Truth.
Allan, Nina “Ryman’s Suitcase,” A Thread of Truth.
Al-Mohamad, Day “Of Orishas and Saints,” Space and Time 102.
Anderson, Gail-Nina “The Tale Untold,” The Werewolf Pack.
Angell, R. R. “Clinical Delicacies,” Stress City.
Arnold, Joel “Rotten Fruit,” Bits of the Dead.
Arthur, Keri “To Die For,” Hotter Than Hell.
Asther, Idun “Ice Might Break,” Nossa Morte 3.
Atkins, Peter “The Girl in the Blue Volcano,” KRDR, Welcome to the Ether.
Avery, Simon “101 Ways to Leave Paris,” Crimewave, Now you See Me 10.
Bailey, Michael “Without Face,” Something Wicked 6, May-July.
Barlas, Tarkan “A Woman, Any Woman,” Istanbul Noir.
Barnhill, Kelly “Notes on the Untimely Death of Ronia Drake,” Fantasy, January 14.
Barnhill, Kelly “The Stone-Hearted Queen,” Weird Tales 350.
Barron, Laird “The Occultation,” Clockwork Phoenix.
Battersby, Lee “In From the Snow,” Dreaming Again.
Battersby, Lee “Rabbit, Run,” Scary Food.
Battersby, Lee “The Claws of Native Ghosts,” The Beast Within.
Battersby, Lyn “As We Know It,” Borderlands 10.
Bear, Elizabeth “Seven Steeds,” (poem) Lone Star Stories 28.
Bear, Elizabeth “Shoggoths in Bloom,” Asimov’s Science Fiction March.
Bear, Elizabeth “Sonny Liston Takes the Fall,” The Del Rey Book of SF & F.
Bear, Elizabeth and Monette, Sarah “Boojum,” Fast Ships, Black Sails.
Beaudoin, Penny-Anne “Drowning in Air,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 37.
Beaulieu, Bradley P. “Shadows in the Mirrors,” The Dimension Next Door.
Bell, Karl “Kali’s Kiss,” (poem) Dark Horizons 53.
Benedict, Pinkney “The Beginnings of Sorrow,” Sonora Review 54.
Berliner, Janet “High Kicks and Misdemeanors,” Blood Lite.
Bestwick, Simon “Cold Reading,” Shades of Darkness.
Bestwick, Simon “Left Behind,” Midnight Street 10.
Bestwick, Simon “The School House,” (novella) Houses on the Borderland.
Biancotti, Deborah “Pale Dark Soldier,” Midnight Echo 1.
Bird, Allyson “The Bone Grinder,” Bull Running for Girls.
Bird, Allyson “Bull Running,” Ibid.
Bird, Allyson “The Caul Bearer,” Ibid.
Bird, Allyson “The Conical Witch,” Ibid.
Bird, Allyson “Hunter’s Moon,” Ibid.
Bird, Allyson “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” Ibid.
Bishop, Anne “Stands a God Within the Shadows,” Imaginary Friends.
Bishop, Michael “Vinegar Peace, or, the Wrong-Way Used-Adult Orphanage,” ASF July.
Black, John “Devil’s Pork,” A Field Guide to Surreal Botany.
Blamire, Larry “The Line Shack,” Tales of the Callamo Mountains
Blamire, Larry “Old Rhiney’s Tale,” Ibid.
Blamire, Larry “The Trouble at Poysadine,” Ibid.
Blamire, Larry “The Unexpected Stop,” Ibid.
Blevins, Brenta “Beyond,” ChiZine, 38.
Block, Lawrence “Keller the Dogkiller,” EQMM May.
Bobet, Leah “Bell, Book, and Candle,” Clockwork Phoenix.
Bodard, Aliette de “The Dancer’s Gift,” Fictitious Force 5.
Bogdan, Al “The Girl Who Whispered Beauty,” Writers of the Future, XXIV.
Boland, John C. “Sargasso Sea,” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, September.
Boston, Bruce “California Noir,” (poem), The Nightmare Collector.
Boston, Bruce “They Say the Lion is Dead,” (poem), The Nightmare Collector.
Bowes, Richard “Aka St. Mark’s Place,” The Del Rey Book of S. Fiction and Fantasy.
Boyce, Frank Cottrell “Continuous Manipulation,” The New Uncanny.
Boyle, T. Coraghessan “Thirteen Hundred Rats,” The New Yorker, July 7&14.
Bradbury, Ray “The Drothldo,” Masks.
Bradbury, Ray “The Face of Natalie,” Ibid.
Bradbury, Ray “They Never Got Mad,” Ibid.
Brooke, Keith “Hannah” Extraordinary Engines.
Brown, John “From the Clay of His Heart,” OSC’s Intergalactic Medicine Show 8.
Brown, Kevin “Angela’s Rising,” Space and Time 103.
Brown, Simon “A Thousand Natural Shocks,” Borderlands, 10.
Brown, Simon “Empire,” Dreaming Again.
Browne, Adam “The Final Writings of Baron Sir Heinrich Proteus von Z…”Aurealis 40.
Brozik, Matthew David “What the Redmond Men Found,” Zahir16.
Brugioni, Daniel “Roaring Seraph, Singing Thunder,” Zahir, 16.
Bulkin, Nadia “Intertropical Convergence Zone,” ChiZine 37.
Bull, Scott Emerson “End Time,” OSC’s Intergalactic Medicine Show 8.
Bunn, Austin “Bonsai Kitten,” West Branch 63.
Bunn, Cullen “Cry of the Machine,” Desolate Souls.
Bunn, Cullen “Remains,” (novella) Like a Chinese Tattoo.
Burns, Luke “Selections From H. P. Lovecraft’s Short Tenure as a...”McSweeney’s.
Burrage, Nathan “Spirals in the Sky,” Aurealis 40.
Butcher, Jim “Day Off,” Blood Lite.
Byatt, A. S. “Doll’s Eyes,” The New Uncanny.
Cacek, P.D. “Dead End,” Traps.
Campbell, J. R. “The Entwined,” Gaslight Grimoire.
Campbell, Ramsey “Double Room,” The New Uncanny.
Campbell, Ramsey “The Long Way,” PS chapbook.
Carreiro, Lisa “Those Among Us,” On Spec 73.
Casson, Tim “The Second Death of Johan Kluge,” Black Static 5.
Castro, Adam-Troy “The Shallow End of the Pool,” chapbook.
Cevasco, Christopher M. “Less a Dream Than This We Know,” Black Static 5.
Cheney, J. Kathleen “Masks of War,” Fantasy July 28.
Chinn, Mike “All Under Hatches Stow’d,” The Second Black Book of Horror.
Chinn, Mike “Like a Bird,” The Third Black Book of Horror.
Choo, Mary E. “Killing Daniel,” Snafu Anthology 1.
Chwedyk, Richard “The Ambiguities,” Hell in the Heartland.
Clark, George Makana “Blood Reader,” Exotic Gothic 2.
Clements, Dominy “Angel Zero,” Cone Zero: Nemonymous 8.
Cluley, Ray “Viva Las Vegas,” Black Static 6.
Colangelo, Michael R. “Dust and Bibles,” ChiZine 35.
Collins, Nancy A. “The Ice Wedding,” Exotic Gothic.
Connelly, Tina “On the Eyeball Floor,” Strange Horizons, June 2.
Conyers, David “Homo Canis,” 2008 Award Winning Australian Writing.
Cook, C. Michael “The Boys of Bald Cove,” Unspeakable Horror.
Cook, C. Michael “The Living World,” Horror Library, volume 3.
Cooney, S.C.E. “My Body Your Banquet,” Hell in the Heartland.
Cooper, James “There’s Something Wrong with Pappy,” Black Static 8.
Cooper, Ryan “Wendy,” Read by Dawn, volume 3.
Copley-Woods, Haddyr “Dead,” Strange Horizons, February 25.
Couch, Stephen “The Birdie,” Horror Library, volume 3.
Cowdrey, Albert “The Overseer,” (novella) The Magazine of Fantasy & Science March.
Cowdrey, Albert E. “Poison Victory,” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science July.
Cowdrey, Albert E. “Thrilling Wonder Stories,” The Mag. of Fantasy & Science May.
Crandall, Edward P. “The Arrangement,” Exotic Gothic.
Crow, Jennifer “Midnight in the Panopticon,” (poem) Illumen, autumn.
Crow, Jennifer “The Probability of Ruin,” (poem) Space and Time 103.
Currier, James “The Bloomsbury Nudes,” Unspeakable Horror.
D’Ammassa, Don “The Natural World, Analog January/February.
Dalrymple, Scott “Enfant Terrible,” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science July.
Dann, Jack “Under the Shadow of Jonah,” Postscripts 15.
Decker, Sherry “The Proper Application of Pressure to a Wound,” AHMM, Dec.
Dedman, Stephen “Teeth,” Clarkesworld 18.
Deonandan, Raywat “Midnight Shift,” Toronto Noir.
DeYoung, Jason “Mariska’s Tongue,” Gargoyle 53.
Dikeman, Kris “Nightmare Lotus,” A Field Guide to Surreal Botany.
Dikeman, Kris “Nine Sundays in a Row,” Strange Horizons, October 27.
Dinan, Kurt “Ashes of the Dad,” Horror Library, volume 3.
Dix, Shane “The Man Who Murdered Love,” Borderlands 10.
Douglass, Sara “This Way to the Exit,” Dreaming Again.
Dowling, Terry “The Fooly,” Dreaming Again.
Downum, Amanda “Ghostlight,” Not One of Us 39.
Downum, Amanda “Pinion,” Not One of Us 40.
Drummond, Oz “Re\Creation,” Analog, November.
Duffy, Steve “The Oram County Whoosit,” Shades of Darkness.
Edelman, Scott “Petrified,” Desolate Souls.
Edwards, Sarah L. “Simulacrum’s Children,” Writers of the Future, XXIV.
Elliott, M. J. “The Finishing Stroke,” Gaslight Grimoire.
Emshwiller, Carol “Wilmer or Wesley,” Asimov’s Science Fiction August.
Evans, Kendall “Rufio’s Song,” Space and Time 102.
Evenson, Brian “Angel of Death,” Conjunctions 50: Fifty Contemporary Writers.
Farris, John “Like Father,” Subterranean online spring.
Faulkner, Ian R. “Shadows on the Wall,” Something Wicked 7.
Faust, Christa “Firebird,” Sins of the Sirens.
Fazi, Melanie “Back on the Road,” Black Static 6.
Femling, Jean “After Babygirl,” EQMM, September/October.
Ferris, Joshua “The Dinner Party,” The New Yorker, August 11&18.
Fields, L.A. “Bluff,” Unspeakable Horror.
Files, Gemma “Mrs. Margery Lovett, Her Book,” (poem) Mythic Delirium 18.
Files, Gemma “Sown From Salt,” The Harrow volume 11, number 12.
Finch, Paul “Bloody Essex,” Ghost Realm.
Finch, Paul “In the Thicket,” The Third Black Book of Horror.
Finch, Paul “The Crannog,” Ghost Realm.
Finch, Paul “The Killing Ground,” (novella) Ghost Realm.
Finch, Paul “The Pumping Station,” We Fade to Grey.
Fishler, Barry “This Much I Remember, “Black Static 4.
Fonseca, Rubem “The Taker,” The Taker and Other Stories.
Ford, Jeffrey “Daltharee,” The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Ford, Jeffrey “The Golden Dragon,” The Drowned Life.
Foster, Eugie “Beautiful Summer,” Killers.
Fowler, Christopher “Arkangel,” Exotic Gothic.
Fowler, Christopher “The Velocity of Blame,” The 2nd Humdrumming Bk of Horror Sto.
Frame, Janet “ Gorse is Not People,” The New Yorker, September 1.
Franks, Stone “Into the Woods We Go,” Supernatural Tales 14.
Fulbright, Christopher “Mechanix,” Bound For Evil.
Gage, Joshua “The Kappa,” (poem), Goblin Fruit, summer.
Gailey, Jeannine Hall “Sure, Beauty Sleeps (poem) Mythic Delirium 18.
Garfinkle, Gwynne “Scarlet Ode,” (poem) Goblin Fruit, summer.
Gemio, Waldo “Company of Cannibals,” Premonitions: Causes For Alarm.
Gillespie, Jonathan C. “The Eighteenth Floor,” Something Wicked #8.
Goelman, A.B. “God’s Country,” Subtle Edens.
Goelman, Ari “The Annie Oakley Show,” Fantasy, September 29.
Golaski, Adam “A String of Lights,” Worse Than Myself.
Golaski, Adam “The Animator’s House,” Worse Than Myself.
Golaski, Adam “The Dead Gather on the Bridge to Seattle,” Worse Than Myself
Goodfellow, Cody “Atwater,” Black Static 4.
Goodwin, Steve “The Cold Harvest,” The Second Black Book of Horror.
Grant, Helen “Grauer Hans,” Shades of Darkness.
Grant, John “Will the Real Veronica LeBarr Stand Down,” Postscripts 16.
Greaves, Edward “Sucker Kiss,” Dark Territories.
Green, Christopher “Lakeside,” Dreaming Again.
Greenhut, Michael “Think Fast,” GUD 3.
Gregory, Eric “Blood God Blood,” Black Static 7.
Grey, Orrin “The Reading Room,” Bound For Evil.
Guthridge, George and Ayne, Blythe “Hatoey,” Space and Time 104.
Gutiérrez, Peter “A Different Kind of Sunshine,” Read by Dawn, volume 3.
Gwaltney, Jane “Corrections, Beneath the Stones.
Haines, Paul “Taniwha, Swim with Me,” Midnight Echo 1.
Haines, Paul “The Festival of Colour,” GUD 2.
Hambly, Barbara “Repossession,” Hellboy: Oddest Jobs.
Hand, Elizabeth “Up North, “ (poem) Lone Star Stories 25.
Harland, Richard “A Guided Tour in the Kingdom of the Dead,” Dreaming Again.
Harvey, Colin “Just Another Day,” Killers.
Hatcher, Brian J. “The Monster with the Shape of Me,” (poem) Weird Tales 351.
Heluk, J.M. “Two Miles as the Crow Flies,” Traps.
Henderson, C. J. “Body and Soul,” Degrees of Fear.
Henderson, Mark P. “East Norham,” Rope Trick: Thirteen Strange Tales.
Henderson, Mark P. “Genius Loci,” Ibid.
Henderson, Mark P. “Return Ticket,” Ibid.
Henderson, Mark P. “The Well Dresser,” Ibid.
Henderson, Samantha “Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Stage IV,”(poem) GUD 2.
Henderson, Samantha “Hungry: Some Ghost Stories,” Lone Star Stories 27.
Henderson, Samantha “The Seasons’ Dying,” (poem) Goblin Fruit, summer.
Hendrix, Laura “A Record of Our Debts,” McSweeney’s 29.
Henry, Loïc “Celadon Green,” ASIM 33.
Herbertson, Craig “Synchronicity,” The Third Black Book of Horror.
Heuler, Karen “Landscape, with Fish,” Weird Tales, 348.
Heuler, Karen “The Difficulties of Evolution,” Weird Tales 350.
Heuler, Karen “The Inner City,” Cemetery Dance 58.
Hickey, Laurel “Red and the Machine,” Space and Time 105.
Higgins, Peter “Listening for Submarines,” Asimov’s Science Fiction November.
Hines, Gene “Dead Boys,” Swill 3.
Hirshberg, Glen “Like Lick em Sticks, Like Tina Fey,” KRDR.
Hiss, Sandy “Guardian,” (poem) Illumen, spring.
Hobson, M.K. “The Hand of the Devil on a String,” Shimmer 9.
Hoffmeister, Curtis “Passed,” Thinner than Mist.
Holness, Matthew “Possum,” The New Uncanny.
Holness, Matthew “The Toad and I,” Black Static 3.
Hood, Robert “Kulpunya,” Exotic Gothic.
Houarner, Gerard “Devoured by her Enigmatic Smile,” Abominations.
Howard, Andrew “Molting,” Kaleidotrope 4.
Howison, Del “The Necrosis Factor,” Traps.
Huff, Tanya “Music Hath Charms,” Hotter than Hell.
Humphrey, Andrew “Butter Wouldn’t Melt,” Other Voices.
Humphrey, Andrew “Old Wounds,” Midnight Street 10.
Hunt, Todd “Apparel for Hopelessness,” Sinister Tales, volume 3 issue 1.
Hunter, Ian “The Fox and the Trickster,” Lips of Scarlet.
Hunter, Ian “Where I Went on My Holidays,” Postscripts 17.
İplikçi, Müge “The Hand,” Istanbul Noir.
Ireland, Davin “Maryland,” The Second Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories.
Irvine, Alex “Black Lagoon,” Crimewave, Now you See Me 10.
Isitt, Martin “A Bridge to Nowhere,” Quercus One, The West Pier Gazette.
Jackson, Shelley “Early Dispatches from the Land of the Dead,” Conjunctions 51.
Jamieson, Trent “The New Deal,” Dreaming Again.
Jessup, Paul “A Word Without Ghosts,” Fantasy, April 28.
Jessup, Paul “The Ghosts We Have Become,” Postscripts 14.
Jones, Stephen Graham “Captain’s Lament,” Clarkesworld 17.
Jones, William “The Whispering Dead,” The Strange Cas

2nd half of Best Horror of the Year volume 1 HMs

Kaiden, Chandler “Geist,” On the Premises, March.
Kane, Paul “Red,” (novella) chapbook.
Kasischke, Laura “Search Continues for Elderly Man,” The MagazineofF&SFSeptember.
Kaye, Marvin “The Haunted Single Malt,” (novella) The Ghost Quartet.
Kaysen, Daniel “Talent Girl,” Black Static 7.
Kaysen, Daniel “The Opening,” Crimewave, Now you See Me 10.
Keeney, Belea T. Lure of the Wolf,” The Beast Within.
Keevil, Tyler “Masque of the Red Clown,” On Spec 72.
Kelly, Michael “Chelsea Grin,” The Second Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories.
Kelly, Michael “Nervous Goats, Huddling in the Dark,” Nossa Morte 2.
Keohane, Daniel G. “Box,” Relief, volume 2, issue 2.
Kessel, John “Pride and Prometheus,” The Mag. of Fantasy & Science Fiction January.
Kidd, Chico and Kennett, Rick “The Grantchester Grimoire,” Gaslight Grimoire.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “Beatification,” Sirenia Digest 27.
Kiernan, Caitlin R. “Derma Sutra (1891),” Sirenia Digest 32.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “Pickman’s Other Model (1929),” Sirenia Digest 28.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “The Steam Dancer (1896),” Subterranean.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “The Z Word,” Sirenia Digest 33.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “Unter den Augens des Monde,” Sirenia Digest 31.
Killen, Jamie “Blind Spot,” Read by Dawn, volume 3.
Kilpatrick, Nancy “Bitches of the Night,” Blood Lite.
Kilpatrick, Nancy “Ecstasy,” Traps.
King, Gillian “The Dead Kid,” Carve, winter.
King, Laurie R. “The House,” Unusual Suspects.
King, Stephen “A Very Tight Place,” (novella) McSweeney’s 27.
King, Stephen “N.” Just After Sunset.
King, Stephen “The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates,” F&SF, Oct/Nov.
Kirby, A. J. “How to Kill an Hour,” Cone Zero: Nemonymous 8.
Kirk, John “The Talion Moth,” Weird Tales 349, March/April.
Konrath, J. A. “The Necro File,” (novella) Like a Chinese Tattoo.
Kontis, Alethea “Blood and Water,” OSC’s Intergalactic Medicine Show 9.
Kosmatka, Ted “The Art of Alchemy,” The Magazine of Fantasy and Science June.
Kowal, Mary Robinette “Scenting the Dark,” Apex online, August.
Kum, Tessa “Bitter Elsie Mae,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 34.
Künsken, Derek “Beneath Sunlit Shallows,” Asimov’s Science Fiction June.
Laidlaw, Marc “Childrun,” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science, August.
Lake, Jay “America, Such as She Is,” (novella) Alembical.
Lake, Jay “Two All Beef Patties,” Better off Undead.
Lalumière, Claude ‘The Sea, at Bari,” On Spec 72.
Lanagan, Margo “Night of the Firstlings,” Eclipse Two.
Lanagan, Margo “The Fifth Star in the Southern Cross,” Dreaming Again.
Lane, Joel “A Mouth to Feed,” Shades of Darkness.
Lane, Joel “Alouette,” Subtle Edens.
Lane, Joel “Behind the Curtain,” Dark Horizons 52.
Lane, Joel “Even the Pawn,” Crimewave 10.
Lane, Joel “Into the Garden,” Midnight Street 10.
Lane, Joel “Last Night,” The Third Black Book of Horror.
Lane, Joel “Winter Journey,” Black Static 5.
Langan, Margo “The Cheese Thing,” Scary Food.
Langan, Sarah “The Agathas,” Unspeakable Horror.
Langolf, James Walton “Post Apocalypse,” Apex online, January.
Lanham, Carole “Keepity Keep,” Fantasy, December 29.
Larson, Richard “Good Night,” ChiZine 37.
LaValle, Victor “The Angel of Loneliness,” The Darker Mask.
Lawson, B.V. “The Devil to Play,” Static Movement, April.
Lawson, Lucinda “Night Augur,” (poem) Goblin Fruit winter.
Lebbon, Tim “Making Room,” Dark Discoveries, spring.
Lebbon, Tim “The Reach of Children,” novella chapbook.
Lee, Rand B. “Litany,” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science, June.
Lee, Tanith “The Beautiful and the Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald,” Asimov’s SF Jan.
Lees, Philip J. “Virtual Analysis,” Killers.
Lejano-Massebieau, Apol “Psychic Family,” Philippine Genre Stories 4.
Linzner, Gordon “The Professor’s New York Adventure,” Space and Time 103.
Livings, Martin “Piggies,” Midnight Echo 1.
Llewellyn, Livia “The Engine of Desire,” Unspeakable Horror.
Lloyd, Rebecca “Shuck,” Read by Dawn, volume 3.
Lovell, Tony “Mary and Sue,” Supernatural Tales 14.
Loy, Jaime Lee “Bury Your Mother,” Trinidad Noir.
Ludwigsen, Will “In Search Of,” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine June.
Lynch, Mark Patrick “The Apartment of Bryony Hartwood,” Shades of Darkness.
MacKay, Erin “Letters Home,” Bound for Evil.
MacLeod, Alison “Family Motel,” The New Uncanny.
MacLeod, Ian R. “The Hob Carpet,” (novella) Asimov’s Science Fiction June.
Maitland, Sara “Seeing Double,” The New Uncanny.
Maloney, Geoffrey “The Tingler’s Tale,” Canterbury 2100.
Mamatas, Nick and Pratt, Tim “The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft,” ChiZine 36.
Mann, George “The Nature of Blood,” Apex online, August.
Mantchev, Lisa “The Stolen Word,” Fantasy, May 5.
Mantooth, John “On the Mountain,” Shroud 4.
Marchand, Joy “Black Annis,” Unspeakable Horror.
Marchand, Joy “The Shape of her Sorrow,” Shimmer 9.
Marek, Adam “Tamagotchi,” The New Uncanny.
Marlowe, Paul “The Resident Member,” Something Wicked 7.
Maxey, James “Silent as Dust,” OSC’s Intergalactic Medicine Show 7.
Maynard, L. H. & Sims, M.P.N. “Onion,” The Second Black Book of Horror.
McDermott, Kirstyn “Painlessness,” GUD 2.
McDibble, Bren “Being Bella Wang,” Shiny 4.
McDonald, Keris “In Old Oaks,” Shades of Darkness.
McGachey, Daniel “The Crimson Picture,” The Second Black Book of Horror.
McGalliard, Julie “Persephone Eats Winter,” Talebones 37.
McHugh, Ian “Bitter Dreams,” Writers of the Future volume XXIV.
McHugh, Maura “Home,” Shroud 2.
McIntosh, Will “The Fantasy Jumper,” Black Static 3.
McMahan, Gary “Charles Urban’s Brutal Spirits,” Chapbook.
McMahon, Gary ‘Brokenback Isle,” Shades of Darkness.
McMahon, Gary “ Guidance,” Bound for Evil.
McMahon, Gary “Black Glass,” The Second Black Book of Horror.
McMahon, Gary “Seen Through Flame,” City Slab 12.
McMahon, Gary “Takashi’s Last Symphony,” The Third Black Book of Horror.
McMahon, Gary “Through the Cracks,” How to Make Monsters.
McMillan, Franetta “The Klanman’s Daughter,” (poem) Gargoyle 53.
Meaney, John “Via Vortex,” Sideways in Crime.
Meloy, Paul “All Mouth,” Black Static 6.
Meloy, Paul “The Vague,” Islington Crocodiles.
Miéville, China “A Room of One’s Own,” Hellboy: Oddest Jobs.
Miller, Scott Stainton “The Last Ditch,” Read by Dawn, volume 3.
Mills, Alice “Roast Fallopian Tubes,” Human Cuisine.
Mills, Calvin “The Stone and Bone Boy,” Weird Tales, 348.
Miner, Samuel “Treats,” Read by Dawn, volume 3.
Mock, Sharon “All Beautiful Things,” Realms of Fantasy, October.
Monette, Sarah “Darkness, as a Bride,” Cemetery Dance 58.
Monette, Sarah “The World Without Sleep,” Postscripts 14.
Monette, Sarah “The Yellow Dressing Gown,” Weird Tales 349.
Monk, Devon “That Saturday,” Better off Undead.
Moorcock, Michael “Black Petals,” (novella) Weird Tales 349.
Moosa, Tauriq “The Final Guest,” Something Wicked 7.
Morton, Lisa “Golden Eyes,” Horror Library, volume 3.
Mosley, Walter “The Picket,” The Darker Mask.
Mueller, Richard “A Ten-Pound Sack of Rice,” The Magazine of Fantasy & SF March.
Mueller, Richard “But Wait! There’s More,” The Magazine of Fantasy & SF August.
Muslim, Kristine Ong “Dolls,” (poem) GUD 2.
Nagy, Steve “Ye Shall Eat in Haste,” Black Static 4.
Nahrung, Jason “Smoking, Waiting for the Dawn,” Dreaming Again.
Nelson, Shane “One Man Home,” Not One of Us 40.
Neube, Ryck “Feverish Solutions,” Apex 12.
Newcomer, Caitlin “Only This Torn Room Forever Sleeps,” Hayden’s Ferry Review 42.
Newman, Paul “Widow’s Weeds,” The Third Black Book of Horror.
Nicholson, Scott “Sewing Circle,” Scattered Ashes.
Nicholson, Scott “The Endless Bivouac,” Scattered Ashes.
Nutick, Mia “Cruella,” (poem) ChiZine 38.
O’Rourke, Monica “Lachesis,” Experiments in Human Nature.
Oates, Joyce Carol “Dear Joyce Carol,” Boulevard 68 & 69.
Oates, Joyce Carol “Labyrinth,” McSweeney’s 29.
Oates, Joyce Carol “Split/Brain,” EQMM, September/October.
Odgen, Helen “St. Lucia,” (poem), Goblin Fruit winter.
Odishoo, Sarah “Ariadne’s Awakening: The Sacrifice,” Zahir 16.
Oliver, Frances “The King of Majorca,” Shades of Darkness.
Oliver, Reggie “A Donkey at the Mysteries,” Exotic Gothic.
Oliver, Reggie “The Devil’s Funeral,” Shades of Darkness.
Owens, Gareth “Liquid Skin,” Quercus One, The West Pier Gazette.
Owomoyela, An “Small Monuments,” ChiZine 36.
Pangarker, Widaad “Day of the Whales,” Something Wicked 6.
Papp, Inge “Eyes,” Something Wicked 6.
Parker, Rosalie “Spirit Solutions,”The BlackVeil and Other Talesof Supernatural Sleuths.
Parker, Sean “Cone Zero,” Cone Zero: Nemonymous 8.
Partridge, Norman “Apotropaics,” Subterranean Online fall.
Partridge, Norman “Road Dogs,” Subterranean online spring.
Paulk, Kate “Night Shifted,” Better off Undead.
Pelland, Jennifer “Songs of Lament,” Unwelcome Bodies.
Penncavage, Michael “Man of Principle,” Dark Territories.
Person, Lawrence “Gabe’s Globster,” Asimov’s Science Fiction June.
Piccirilli, Tom “Circling,” Shroud 1.
Piccirilli, Tom and Bruen, Ken “Be the Darkness,” Shroud 2.
Pile, Rog “The Pit,” The Second Black Book of Horror.
Pile, Rog “The Scavenger,” The Third Black Book of Horror.
Pill, Nikki M. “Shadows on the Pews,” Hell in the Heartland.
Pinborough, Sarah “Our Man in the Sudan,” The Second Humdrumming Book of Horror.
Pitman, Marion “Out of Season,” Shades of Darkness.
Porter, Andrew C. “In the Seams,” Apex online, July.
Porter, Karen R. “The Eyes However,” (poem) Not One of Us 40.
Powell, Martin “Sherlock Holmes in the Lost World,” Gaslight Grimoire.
Prater, Lon “A Road Like This, at Night,” Talebones 37.
Prater, Lon “Sugar and Old Spice,” (poem) ChiZine 36.
Pridham, Matthew “Renovations,” Weird Tales, 348.
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