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contacts for estates sought
Bud Webster has taken on the daunting task of tracking down literary estates. He has made great headway but he is still looking for the following estates. If anyone has information please post it here or send me a private message.

Estates Needed-thos with asterisks have been newly added to the list)

*Adams, Robert (Pamela Adams is either deceased or no longer available)
*Banks, L. A.
*Banks, Raymond E.
*Barnes, Arthur K.
Bass, T. J. (Thomas Joseph Bassler)
*Bates, Harry
*Bell, Eric Temple (John Taine)
Binder, Eando (Earl and Otto)
*Bok, Hannes
*Boule, Pierre
Browne, Howard
Carr, Jayge/Marj Krueger
Castell, Daphne
Clifton, Mark (possibly orphaned)
*Counselman, Mary Elizabeth
DeFord, Miriam Allen (Still working on a line for this one)
Eshbach, Lloyd Arthur
Fyfe, H. B.
Gallun, Raymond Z.
Geier, Chester
Gernsback, Hugo
*Gold, Horace L.
Gordon, Bernard
Gotschalk, Felix
Guin, Wyman
Gygax, Gary
Holly, J(oan). Hunter
Jones, Neil R.
Kapp, Colin
*Keller, David H.
*Keyes, Daniel
Maine, Charles Eric (David McIlwain)
Neville, Kris
Pavic, Milorad
Phillips, Rog
Rotsler, William
Smith, George H.
Smith, George O.
*Wandrei, Donald
Wells, Angus
West, Wallace
Williams, Robert Moore
Williams, Paul O.
Wolfe, Bernard