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A Wolf at the Door & Swan Sister go digital
These go on sale for the first time as e-books March 20th and you can pre-order them now. These are the first two middle grade titles Terri and I editing for S&S. They are still in print, combined in a hardcover format sold by B&N called The Dark of the Woods.

A Wolf at the Door
(kindle) http://tinyurl.com/7ndo4te

(nook) http://tinyurl.com/6rvm3fa

Table of Contents
The Months of Manhattan Delia Sherman
Cinder Elephant Jane Yolen
Instructions Neil Gaiman
Mrs. Big Michael Cadnum
Falada Nancy Farmer
A Wolf at the Door Tanith Lee
Ali Baba and the Forty Aliens Janeen Webb
Swans Kelly Link
The Kingdom of Melting Glances Katherine Vaz
Hansel's Eyes Garth Nix
Becoming Charise Kathe Koja
The Seven Stage a Comeback Gregory Maguire
The Twelve Dancing Princesses Patricia A. McKillip


Swan Sister
(kindle) http://tinyurl.com/76cwtcg


Table of Contents
Greenkid by Jane Yolen
Golden Fur by Midori Snyder
Chambers of the Heart by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Little Red and the Big Bad by Will Shetterly
The Fish's Story by Pat York
The Children of Tilford Fortune by Christopher Rowe
The Girl in the Attic by Lois Metzger
The Harp That Sang by Gregory Frost
Tom Thumb: A Life in Miniature by Bruce Coville
Lupe by Kathe Koja
Awake by Tanith Lee
Inventing Aladdin by Neil Gaiman
My Swan Sister by Katherine Vaz

Home from my home away from home

I love London and happily spent the past two weeks there visiting friends, eating some excellent meals, doing business, watching episodes of A Touch of Frost with J & J. (Clute), doing the tourist thing--something I haven't done in decades by going to the Tower of London with John (Clute) and on the London Eye, with Pat Cadigan and Paul McAuley, going to several exhibits and art shows (I particularly loved the Saatchi gallery's exhibit Gesamtkuntswerk: New Art From Germany). The gallery itself is lovely, with a huge skylight in every room (or is it just a window if it doesn't open?). I loved most of the art, a rarity for me. I will be posting photos from the exhibit and of many other things in a few days.

Bella missed me -she sits on my lap a lot after I'm away, and then lies on her back so I can rub her tummy. Sophie? Who knows?

Temperature is balmy compared to London.
Arcs of After arrived and they look pretty.
Arc of The Best Horror of the Year volume four arrived and it looks suitably creepy.
Wild Justice is ready to be released but I asked Christopher Roden to wait till I returned from London before doing so. It will officially be released February 21 but might already be available on the Ash-Tree website http://www.ash-tree.bc.ca/WILDJUSTICE%20eBook.htm

I'm currently going over the responses to line edits from the contributors to Queen Victoria's Book of Spells -we're awaiting one more story and I have six more to line edit over the next few days.

I'm also reading for Ghosts and Other Hauntings, a reprint anthology for Tachyon. I've already committed to four stories and need to send up contracts for them. And I have a lot of reading to go. I'm looking for stories published between around 1985-2011 and would prefer stories that haven't been reprinted lately. I've chosen  stories by Peter Straub, Neil Gaiman, Joyce Carol Oates, Pat Cadigan, and Caitlin R. Kiernan and have several others I'm likely taking. But otherwise I'm open to suggestions. Shorter is better than longer and I'm willing to look at "hauntings" of all types, not just ghost stories. (and please don't suggest stories I've published --I'm already aware of them).