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Photos from April 18th KGB are now up
Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Bear (who subbed for Caitlin R. Kiernan at the last minute) was spectacular. The bar was packed, the drink flowed, and we all ate very good Chinese food afterward.

Il Posto Nero Excellence Award
I have just been informed by Alessandro Manizetti that I'm the winner of the first Il Posto Nero Excellence Award for Foreign Editor. Congratulations to all my fellow winners.

Prize Excellence, established by the Black Spot

Here are all the winners (there are more details on the website, which is in Italian, but can be translated --although a bit imperfectly:

Excellence 2012: Italian Fiction - Author: Danilo Arona
Excellence 2012: Foreign Fiction - Author: Gene O'Neill
Excellence 2012: Italian Fiction - Book: The Midnight of the Century by Samuel Marolla
Excellence 2012: Fiction Foreign - translated the Book: The Circus of Vampires by Richard Laymon
Excellence 2012: Foreign Fiction - Book: The German by Lee Thomas
Excellence 2012: Artwork-Italy Author: Daniele Serra
Excellence 2012: Artwork estero- Autore: Menton J. Matthews III
Excellence 2012: Graphic Novel Italy: Venice's disease (Cut Up Comics)
Excellence 2012: Graphic Novel abroad: Necronomicon (Avatar Press)
Excellence 2012: Italy Publisher: Editions XII
Excellence 2012: Foreign Publisher: Dark Region Press
Excellence 2012: Italian Editor: Fabrizio Cocco
Excellence 2012: Foreign Editor: Ellen Datlow
Excellence 2012: Film: The Woman di Lucky McKee
Excellence 2012: TV Series: The Walking Dead
Excellence 2012: Italian Review: H Almanac of Horror Magazine (Delos Books)
Excellence 2012: Foreign Magazine: Cemetery Dance Magazine (Cemetery Dance)
Excellence 2012: Italian Web Site: Horror.it
Excellence 2012: Sito Web estero: Rue Morgue
Excellence 2012: italiano Blog: Weirdletter
Excellence 2012: estero Blog: Dread Central
Excellence 2012: Columnist Italian: Louis Bonaro
Excellence 2012: Progetto online italiano: Rusty Dogs of Emiliano Longobardi
Excellence 2012: Horror Store: Dark Delicacies Del Howison
Excellence 2012: Special Award Ambassador of horror: Rocky Wood

Discussion of Poe at the Mount Vernon Public Library May 8th
Ellen Datlow will introduce Gregory Frost, John Langan, and Laird Barron, and the group will discuss their stories in the anthology Poe: 19 New Tales:
Mount Vernon Public Library event

We hope that there will books available for sale.