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My official Worldcon schedule
Thursday August 30

4:30-6pm autographing- I will be bringing some of my OP titles with me to sell-specific requests welcome

Friday August 31

9:00 -10:00 Walk with the stars- Big Front Door of the Hyatt (8:55 Main Entrance, Atrium Lobby, Green Level, East Tower

3:00-4:30-Filling the Magazines Crystal A

Current and former magazine editors discuss how to be an effective magazine editor, and how the job has been changing as dead-tree magazines give way to web-based electron-based venues. And why can't an e-zine have as many stories as they want since there isn't a page count?
Ellen Datlow, Gordon van Gelder, Jason Sizemore, John Joseph Adams, Neil Clarke, Stanley Schmidt

Saturday September 1

10:30-12 noon Creating Exciting Anthologies Crystal C
We're in a golden age of science fiction and fantasy anthologies with clever new ideas coming out monthly from major and minor publishers. But where do they come from? How do editors interest publishers and writers in their ideas?
Ellen Datlow, Jennifer Brozek, Joan Spicci Saberhagen, John Helfers, John Joseph Adams, Richard Gilliam

3pm Kaffeeklatsch- Fan Lounge KK#2

5pm SFWA autographing-at the SFWA table--again if anyone wants to buy OP titles here, let me know

Sunday September 2

10:30-noon Short Stories to Order- Wright
The editor comes up with a great theme anthology idea: Dark Tales of Flaming Death from the Sky, and looks for authors who are willing to write a story based on that theme, Hugo-Award winning editor Ellen Datlow leads a discussion about how writing to a theme is different from writing on spec.
Christopher Rowe, E. Lily Yu, Ellen Datlow, Pat Cadigan, Robert Reed

12:00- The Future Evolution of the Short Story- Columbus EF-asked to get off this one
What role is the short story playing in reading lives today? It used to be a proving ground in SF, is that still true? Why/not? What are our favorite venues for short stories lately? What's the right price point for short stories? Electronic or print? Anthology or single sale? This would be a great panel for lots of audience participation
Barbara Galler-Smith, Donald J. Bingle, Ellen Datlow, Eileen Gunn, Mike Rimar