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More terrific cat stories needed

My reprint anthology is going well, but I'd like some more suggestions of GREAT cat stories--from after 1980. So forget the obvious ones like "Spacetime for Springers."

I am looking for stories in which cats--domestic or wild, large and small felines are important to the story. I've looked in the obvious places-the various cat anthologies-and am more interested in finding terrific under-reprinted stories from out of the way places: mainstream, mystery, horror, fantasy, and sf. No cat detectives (I've got em), no cutesy cat stories. PLEASE ONLY RECOMMEND STORIES YOU LOVE AND THINK ARE TERRIFIC. (not your own)

If you want to see what's been recommended already I believe you can see them here:

cat stories already recommended

Here's the list of what I've already bought or hoping to buy:
The Price by Neil Gaiman
Guardians by George R. R. Martin
Dark Eyes, Faith, and Devotion by Charles de Lint
No Heaven Will Not Ever Heaven Be… by A. R. Morlan
Life Regarded as a Jigsaw Puzzle of Highly Lustrous Cats by Michael Bishop
Not Waving by Michael Marshall Smith
Bean Bag Cats® by Edward Bryant
Mieze Corrects an Incomplete Representation of Reality by Michaela Roessner
The White Cat by Joyce Carol Oates
Returns by Jack Ketchum
Healing Benjamin by Dennis Danvers
Cat in Glass by Nancy Etchemendy
Catskin by Kelly Link
Coyote Peyote by Carole Nelson Douglas
Pride by Mary A. Turzillo
Arthur’s Lion by Tanith Lee

And stories on my short list (I'm awaiting permissions)
are by Nancy Springer and Lilian Jackson Braun

I haven't finished going through all the cat anthos or all the stories people have sent me. You can make the suggestions in the comments here.

Please do not recommend your own stories.

Thanks for everyone who has already recommended stories they love
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