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Honorable Mentions for Best Horror of the Year volume one
Here's the list of those that made it into the book itself and then at the bottom there is a link to the Nightshade message board which shows all 531 other HMs:

Allan, Nina “Ryman’s Suitcase,” A Thread of Truth.
Allen, Mike “deathmask,” Helix: A Speculative Fiction Quarterly, winter.
Avery, Simon “101 Ways to Leave Paris,” Crimewave, Now you See Me 10.
Barron, Laird “The Occultation,” Clockwork Phoenix.
Bear, Elizabeth and Monette, Sarah “Boojum,” Fast Ships, Black Sails.
Bestwick, Simon “The School House,” (novella) Houses on the Borderland.
Bird, Allyson “The Bone Grinder,” Bull Running for Girls.
Block, Lawrence “Keller the Dogkiller,” EQMM May.
Bobet, Leah “Bell, Book, and Candle,” Clockwork Phoenix.
Bulkin, Nadia “Intertropical Convergence Zone,” ChiZine 37.
Campbell, Ramsey “Double Room,” The New Uncanny.
Campbell, Ramsey “The Long Way,” PS chapbook.
Cowdrey, Albert “The Overseer,” (novella) The Magazine of Fantasy & Science March.
Dowling, Terry “The Fooly,” Dreaming Again.
Duffy, Steve “The Oram County Whoosit,” Shades of Darkness.
Emshwiller, Carol “Wilmer or Wesley,” Asimov’s Science Fiction August.
Ferris, Joshua “The Dinner Party,” The New Yorker, August 11&18.
Finch, Paul “The Pumping Station,” We Fade to Grey.
Grant, Helen “Grauer Hans,” Shades of Darkness.
Grant, John “Will the Real Veronica LeBarr Please Stand Down,” Postscripts 16.
Haines, Paul “Taniwha, Swim with Me,” Midnight Echo 1.
Harland, Richard “A Guided Tour in the Kingdom of the Dead,” Dreaming Again.
Hirshberg, Glen “Like Lick em Sticks, Like Tina Fey,” KRDR.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “The Steam Dancer (1896),” Subterranean.
King, Stephen “N.” Just After Sunset.
King, Stephen “The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates,” F&SF, Oct/Nov.
Kirk, John “The Talion Moth,” Weird Tales 349, March/April.
Kosmatka, Ted “The Art of Alchemy,” The Magazine of Fantasy and Science June.
Laidlaw, Marc “Childrun,” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science, August.
Lake, Jay “America, Such as She Is,” (novella) Alembical.
Lane, Joel “A Mouth to Feed,” Shades of Darkness.
Lane, Joel “Even the Pawn,” Crimewave 10.
Langan, Sarah “The Agathas,” Unspeakable Horror.
Llewellyn, Livia “The Engine of Desire,” Unspeakable Horror.
Ludwigsen, Will “In Search Of,” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine June.
Lynch, Mark Patrick “The Apartment of Bryony Hartwood,” Shades of Darkness.
MacLeod, Ian R. “The Hob Carpet,” (novella) Asimov’s Science Fiction June.
McDermott, Kirstyn “Painlessness,” GUD 2.
McHugh, Ian “Bitter Dreams,” Writers of the Future volume XXIV.
Meloy, Paul “All Mouth,” Black Static 6.
Monette, Sarah “The World Without Sleep,” Postscripts 14.
Pile, Rog “The Pit,” The Second Black Book of Horror.
Pinborough, Sarah “Our Man in the Sudan,” The Second Humdrumming Book of Horror.
Probert, John Llewellyn “Don’t Look Back” Coffin Nails.
Rickert. M “Traitor,” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May.
Roden, Barbara “Endless Night,” Exotic Gothic.
Samphire, Patrick “At the Gates,” Black Static 8.
Schweitzer, Darrell Living with the Dead, (novella) PS chapbook.
Strantzas, Simon “Under the Overpass,” Shades of Darkness.
Thomas, Jonathan “Into Your Tenement I’ll Creep,” Studies in the Fantastic 1.
Travis, Tia V. “No Need of Wings,” Subterranean online winter 08.
Valentine, Genevieve “The Red Shoes (Continued),”Journal of Mythic Arts final issue.
VanderMeer, Jeff “The Situation, chapbook.
Weiss, Ernst “The Rat Ship,” (novella) A Public Space 5.
Williams, Conrad “68˚ 07’ 15”N, 31˚ 36’ 44”W,” Fast Ships, Black Sails.

and the rest:

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Every time I see something that mentions Volume 1, I get more excited! =)
(Frozen) (Thread)

I found Jay Lake's "America, such as She is," especially horrific. Though I see him as primarily a SF writer, the Balzac of our age -- and those to come.

I'd also like to put in a good word for Darrell Schweitzer, that harbinger of horror. Nevermind his undead, sanctioned algorithms of JS Bach. Chtulu be damned.
(Frozen) (Thread)

I was very impressed by Jay's story. I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more attention in the sf community (or did I miss it?).

Darrell's story was also quite good.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

How do you make your decisions? It must be tough.

I doubt you've had missed it, but I wonder if Jay Lake hasn't been "typed," if those stereotypes and prejudices don't color his scuttlebutt in the sf community. You either like him or you don't, never mind the individual quality of the piece. He's so prolific, it only makes sense that some pieces will loom large and others are or _should be_ thrust by the wayside.

The other thing is squabbling among fans of fantasy, SF, and horror, each pushing for their peculiar genre

I want to plug my friend Willis Couvillier, who recently interviewed Darrell Schweitzer, who -- I think -- has edited for both Asimov's and Weird Tales. Let's all pull together and see if we can increase readership for all.
(Frozen) (Thread)

The horror stories that really impress me during the year are those I reread when I'm ready to make my decisions.

IIRC the whole anthology that Jay's story was in got a rave in Publishers Weekly.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

So... how do you decide which to stories to reread, and how does the press or reviews (_Publisher's Weekly_, for example) influence your decision? What about your personal acquaintance with the author? Are some publications likely to be more influential than others?

Also: how do you decide which poems to include in your honorable mention? What's the process, or method?
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

As I said, the stories that impress me on the first reading.

1) There are very few venues that review short stories in magazines so that's not even an issue. 2) I don't read anthology reviews before I read the anthologies themselves. 3) Even if I did read a review, it would not influence my opinion of a story I read.

No publication is influential?
I deal with poetry the exact same way I deal with stories. I read all of them and if I love one I take it for the best of the year.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Yay! My first honorable mention! Thanks Ellen, and congratulations to everyone on the list!
(Frozen) (Thread)


Thank you so much for this. It really does mean a lot to me.

All the best,

Ian R. Faulkner
(Frozen) (Thread)

You're welcome, Ian.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

You are apparently the only person who likes "Songs of Lament." :)
(Frozen) (Thread)

I have the best taste :-)
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

I find myself forced to agree!

Jason Sizemore rejected it when I submitted it to Apex Digest, so I got a little thrill out of putting it in the anthology as one of the previously unpublished pieces and forcing him to publish it after all :)
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Actually, I liked it - just not this much. :)
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Thank you for the honorable mention. I had no idea you read Analog, let alone my story.

(Frozen) (Thread)

You're welcome. My reader reads it and tells me which if any stories in it are dark enough for me to consider and then I read those.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Thank you for the honorable mentions and the incredible amount of work you put into all your anthologies. I can't wait to read this one.
(Frozen) (Thread)

You're very welcome.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Honorable Mention

Dear Ellen: Thanks for the Honorable Mention for Drowning In The Air! I'm just delighted! Penny-Anne Beaudoin
(Frozen) (Thread)

You're welcome.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

(Deleted comment)
You're very welcome. I liked that a lot.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

I mentioned his double-entry to joel_lane last night. He thanks you accordingly.
(Frozen) (Thread)

Many thanks, Ellen :-)

Angela Slatter
(Frozen) (Thread)

You're welcome, Angela.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Honourable Mention

Dear Ellen,

Thanks very much for making my weekend. When Des Lewis emailed me yesterday to let me know that 'How to Kill an Hour' received an honourable mention I was absolutely delighted. And shocked. I had to check that list at least five times to check I wasn't making a mistake!

So thanks very much. I'm so pleased, both for me, and for the Cone Zero anthology from which the story was taken.


AJ Kirby
(Frozen) (Thread)

Re: Honourable Mention

You're very welcome.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

Thanks so much, Ellen! You're always so encouraging. Its nice that you recognize so many. There are lots of people smiling this week because you (and your reader) took the time to read their work :)

Your time & energy is much appreciated!

Carole Lanham
(Frozen) (Thread)

You're welcome Carole.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread)

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