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Robert Holdstock RIP 1948-2009,
A good friend of mine died in London this morning at 4am. Aside from being a fantastic writer, he was kind, sweet, smart, and an all around great guy.

He'd been in intensive care since his collapse with E. coli infection on the 18th of November. I really have nothing else to say except my heart goes out to his life partner Sarah Biggs and to the rest of his family and to all his other friends. This should not have happened.

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This is just rotten news, Ellen. I found out about an hour ago. Rob was a good friend and was very kind to me when I first came onto the pro writing scene. One of the genuinely good guys and we will all miss him. Sarah is a lovely person and my heart goes out to her. You're right: this should not have happened.

I found out when I opened my email, just about an hour ago too. I was looking forward to staying with him and Sarah this March for a few days.

He and I kept making vague plans for him to come down to Glastonbury. God, I hate this process of adjustment when you realise you're not going to see anyone any more. And you know, I know e. coli can be fatal, but it's still such a shock.

Oh bloody hell.

I wouldn't say I knew Rob well, but this just sucks.

I found out from Scott Edelman. I didn't know Rob had been sick, Ellen.

I just posted a short piece about his influence on me. My whole career was shaped by his influence, and he was very gracious about it, and helped me understand how a pro should respond to a neophyte trying to break in.

I know he was your friend, and I'm so sorry, Ellen.

It was a sudden, massive E-coli infection that apparently caused his organs to fail and put him into a coma. We've been getting updates since the 18th and he was stable for the past several days. I thought/hoped he would come out of it.

Thank you, James.

This is so sad. Hugs to you, Ellen. Likely Sarah will still welcome you; the March timing might be helpful.

Whatever happens, I hope to see her then.

I'm so sorry for your loss. What a loss to all of us. I loved his books and stories; he was a real influence on me as a mythic writer.

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Yes. And no- one/thing to blame-just rail at the ghods, if one believes in them.

I'm very sorry for your loss, and sorry for the rest of us, too.


I'm so sorry, Ellen. I knew he was very sick. My condolences to you and his friends and family.


(Deleted comment)
It was very sudden--only ten days ago.

Thank you everyone.

Rob Holdstock

Just found your comments -- Thanks from the family -- Its day one and still a shock .. especially Mum and Sarah -- Incredibally sad time -- Incredibly Good Brother lost..wow..

Jim Holdstock (Little Brother)

Dear Jim,
Thank you for coming by and please give Sarah (and your mum, who I've never met) my deepest condolences.
Your brother was a terrific guy (as I'm sure you know). I'll miss him a lot.

A sad and tragic loss for those who loved his work and all his loved ones. I know speaking personally Mythago Wood changed my life.

Thanks for the information on his illness, it was hard to find anything on the web. This must be so sad for you and his other friends and family, that he died so suddenly when things were going so well in his life.

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