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The Best Horror of the Year #2 TOC
YES. It's done done done. And I'm very relieved. I handed in everything but the summary before I left for Florida Saturday afternoon and then cranked out the rest of the summary (and edited it) and emailed it to Ross at Night Shade when I finished it at 2a.m.

I didn't have time to post the TOC before Ross got to it so I know it's all over the web it is anyway. As usual in the past few years, there were many more stories that I'd have loved to have taken, but didn't have room.

Summation 2009 Ellen Datlow
Lowland Sea Suzy McKee Charnas
The End of Everything Steve Eller
Mrs Midnight Reggie Oliver
each thing I show you is a piece of my death Gemma Files and Stephen J. Barringer
The Nimble Men Glen Hirshberg
What Happens when you wake up in the night Michael Marshall Smith
Wendigo Micaela Morrissette
In the Porches of My Ears Norman Prentiss
Lonegan’s Luck Stephen Graham Jones
The Crevasse Dale Bailey and Nathan Ballingrud
The Lion’s Den Steve Duffy
Lotophagi Edward Morris
The Gaze Dogs of Nine Waterfall Kaaron Warren
Dead Loss Carole Johnstone
Strappado Laird Barron
The Lammas Worm Nina Allen
Technicolor John Langan

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It's cool to see how many of these I have not encountered. (I'm still making my way through Vol. 1. I think "Penguins of the Apocalypse" is my favorite so far.)

Well Spencer is a terrific writer.;-)

As with his story in Lovecraft Unbound, funny and disturbing...Gahan Wilsonesque...

I wonder...were the first publications of these stories mostly spread out evenly among the print magazines, Web journals, and anthologies, or is there a publication or two that tends to produce more of the high-quality stories? Is there a growing trend for first publication in anthologies? Just wondering.

Here are the basic stats (from my summary)

Over the years, I've usually taken more stories from anthologies than magazines although last year it was 9 from mags and 10 from anthologies (I also took two poems last year. This year none).

This year,
11 were from anthologies, (although one of those venues began as a magazine--Postscripts).
3 were from magazines
2 from single story chapbooks
1 from a webzine

Last year I took 2 stories from Realms of Fantasy. 2 from Black Static only 1 this year.
None this year. I took 1 from F&SF last year, nothing this year. Same with Clarkesworld.

Generally, the best magazines for consistently good horror (IMO)--and that publish mostly horror are Black Static, Weird Tales, and New Genre. This is a generalization. YOu can figure out the accurate stats yourself by seeing where the horror stories I've chosen have come from over the years.

Sorry,they're not the stats from my summary --I realized that didn't indicate the correct info.

Looks like another fine selection!

Wait I think there are 9--I don't think I ever picked anything else up by John Langan--usually his stories are too long! Will have to fix in galleys.

Can't wait for this to come out. What a great lineup of stories. Wow.

a follow up to Laird's urging: will there be a #3? you signed a 2 book deal, right? I've been waiting to hear that more are assured. the queen is dead! long live the queen!

adam golaski (proud editor of new genre)

Many congratulations to Steve Duffy with The Lion's Den from D.F.Lewis' Cern Zoo antho. Looks like another great selection :)

Knowing how much you like anthologies, have you seen or heard of the Genre Wars Anthology being produced by The Literary Lab? It's an interesting take on recognizing literary as a genre and vice versa

And I must confess the plug-my own story, Luminescence, was the winner of the Romance category.

Best Horror of the Year #2

Tha author of "The Lammas Worm" is Nina Allan (not "Allen").

Certainly looking forward to reading that story (she's one of my favourite short-fiction writers at the moment) and the others you selected - though like someone else above I'm still reading Volume 1.

Gary Couzens

Re: Best Horror of the Year #2

Don't know if there will be a volume 3 as so far I do not have a contract for such with Night Shade. I hope so.

elfmama : Haven't heard about that antho. Thanks for mentioning it. If I do a new volume and the book came out in 2010 I'll look for it.

Gary: I know I know. Corrected throughout the book but obviously not in the file I cut and pasted here :-)

Btw, I would appreciate it a LOT if anyone here who has read and enjoyed #1 please post a favorable review at amazon. There seem to be a few folk there who don't think the contents are "horror." Of course, if you don't care for the volume, feel free to post, too but just don't tell me :-)
(authors in the first volume probably should NOT comment !)

Coming out of the woodwork

Explanation: I found a 1984?88? Year's best Fantasy and Horror at a used-books shop and liked it so much I went on Google and somehow stumbled across this site. I just wanted you to know I love the stories and whoa. I've a lot to catch up on.

I wish I'd known about the anthologies when I was younger! Late bloomer, me. :)

Re: Coming out of the woodwork

Delighted that you've been enjoying short fiction. Best news I've heard all day :-)

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