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Best Horror of the Year volume 2 Honorable mentions first half

Abraham, Daniel “The Emperor’s Vengeance,” Enemy of the Good.
Aikin, Jim “An Elvish Sword of Great Antiquity,” F&SF January.
Álamo, Alfredo “Poe,” (poem) The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, spring.
Alexander, Marie “Though Thy Lips Are Pale,” Dark Delicacies III: Haunted.
Alford, Andrew “A Jury of His Peers,” Alien Skin Magazine June/July.
Alspaugh, Brandon “Sleeping Monster Futures,” Cthulhu Unbound 2.
Anderson, Colleen “The Drowning Ones” (poem) On Spec summer.
Anderson, E “Savage,” Monstrous.
Ardai, Charles “My Husband’s Wife,” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine July.
Armstrong, Kelley “Kat,” The Eternal Kiss.
Armstrong, Kelley “The Collector,” Hellbound Hearts.
Arnott, Marion “The Persistence of Memory,” Midnight Street 12, spring.
Atkins, Peter “Intricate Green Figurines,” The Rolling Darkness Review 2009.
Atkins, Peter “Prisoners of the Inferno,” Hellbound Hearts.
Atkins, Peter “The Mystery,” Spook City.
Ball, Peter M. “Horn,” Chapbook.
Barden, Rosalind “Lion Friend,” Cern Zoo.
Barrett, Jr. Neal “Limo,” Subterranean, summer.
Barron, Laird “Catch Hell,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Bartlett, Thomas T. John “The Memory Pool” The Rolling Darkness Review 2009.
Barzak, Christopher “The Ghost Hunter’s Beautiful Daughter,” Asimov’s SF Oct/Nov.
Bashaar, Margaret, “Kalypso,” (poem) Goblin Fruit spring.
Battersby, Lee “Rabbit, Run,” Dark Recesses November.
Beagle, Peter “Vanishing,” Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.
Bear, Elizabeth “The Horrid Glory of Its Wings,” Tor.com, December 8.
Bell, Chris “Shel-el-Nessim,” This is the Summer of Love.
Berman, Steve “Kinder,” Phantom.
Berniker, Sara Joan “Sing a Seller’s Song,” Albedo One 37.
Berrie, Phillip “The Changeling Detective,” Masques.
Bestwick, Simon “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” Pictures of the Dark.
Bestwick, Simon “Never Say Goodbye,” Pictures of the Dark.
Bestwick, Simon “The Proving Ground,” Ibid.
Bestwick, Simon “Jindivik,” Ibid.
Bestwick, Simon “Red Light,” Ibid.
Bestwick, Simon “The Hours of the Dead,” Ibid.
Bestwick, Simon “The Loving of Ghosts,” Ibid.
Bestwick, Simon “The Suicide Chairs,” Apparitions.
Bestwick, Simon“ From Those Dark Waters, Where Lost Bones Lie,” Ibid.
Biancotti, Deborah “Diamond Shell,” A Book of Endings.
Biancotti, Deborah “Hush,” A Book of Endings.
Bickle, Laura “The Vampire Keeper,” Deadly Dolls.
Black, Holly “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” Troll’s Eye View.
Black, Holly “The Coldest Girl in Coldtown,” The Eternal Kiss.
Black, Michael A. “The Golden Bug,” On a Raven’s Wing.
Block, Francesca Lia “Farewell, My Zombie,” Black Clock 10.
Bloomfield, Felicity “Ours to Tease,” Masques.
Boatman, Michael “The Flinch,” Dark Delicacies III: Haunted.
Bodard, Aliette de “The Lonely Heart,” Black Static 9.
Bolen, William “December Warming,” The World is Dead.
Borbolla, Óscar De La “Outside the Door,” Mexico City Noir.
Boston, Bruce & Ballentine, Lee “Wasp Light,” Farrago’s Wainscot.
Boston, Bruce “The Demon Coal,” Midnight Echo 3, November.
Boston, Bruce “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Vulture,” (poem), Farrago’s Wainscot.
Bowes, Richard “I Needs Must Part, the Policeman Said,” F&SF December.
Bowes, Richard “The Office of Doom,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Bradfield, Scott “Goodbye Lately,” Black Clock 10.
Brandel, Sarah “A Life in Pictures,” Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy.
Brannon, Thom “The Last of the Players, (poem) Return of the Raven.
Braunbeck, Gary A. “…And When it is Decided That the War is Over,” Mighty Unclean.
Braunbeck, Gary A. “Glorietta,” The World is Dead.
Braunbeck, Gary A. “Man With a Canvas Bag,” Dark Delicacies III: Haunted.
Braunbeck, Gary A. and Snyder, Lucy A. “However…” Hellbound Hearts.
Braunbeck, Gary A.“Everything of Beauty Taken From You in This Life…He is Legend.
Brenchley, Chaz “‘Tis a Pity He’s Ashore,” Hellbound Hearts.
Brennan, Marie “The Snow-White Heart,” Talebones winter.
Broaddus, Maurice “Hootchie Cootchie Man,” Black Static 14.
Brown, Eric “Taipusan,” Cemetery Dance 60.
Bryant, Andrew “Wrenning Day,” On Spec fall.
Buburuz, Cathy “Tin Lizzie,” Cover of Darkness.
Bulkin, Nadia “And When She Was Bad,” Nossa Morte February.
Burgis, Stephanie “Red Ribbons,” Black Static 11.
Burgis, Stephanie “True Names,” Strange Horizons November 9.
Burgis, Stephanie “Wolf’s Kin,” Space and Time 108.
Burke, Kealan Patrick “The Acquaintance,” Shivers V.
Cadigan, Pat “Truth and Bone,” Poe.
Caine, Rachel “Death Warmed Over,” Strange Brew.
Callahan, Barbara “My Mother’s Keeper,” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine June.
Campbell, J. R. “Mr. Other’s Children,” Gaslight Grotesque.
Campbell, Paul “Eine Stadt, die Ausgang heist (A Town Called Exit),” New Horizons 2.
Cardamone, Tom “Lotus Bread,” Pumpkin Teeth.
Cardin, Matt “Snapshots From a Feast,” Inhuman 4.
Carson, Brendan “Yellow Mary’s Lamp,” Aurealis 42.
Cartaginese, Justin “The Portrayed Man,” Enemy of the Good.
Casson, Tim “Stone Whispers,” Black Static 12.
Castellucci, Cecil “The Bread Box,” Sideshow.
Castellucci, Cecil “Wet Teeth,” The Eternal Kiss.
Chadbourn, Mark “Farewell to the21st Century Girl,” British Invasion.
Chan, Eliza “Under Her Skin,” New Horizons 2.
Chappell, Fred “Shadow of the Valley,” F&SF February.
Châteaureynard, George-Oliver“The DenhamInheritance,”Edison’sFrankenstein PS20/21
Cherniak, Dave “Favourite,” On Spec fall.
Choo, Mary E. “The Malcontents (from Grannie’s garden)” (poem) Room 32.2.
Church, Suzanne “The Tear Closet,” Tesseracts Thirteen.
Cisco, Michael “Machines of Concrete Light and Dark,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Cisco, Michael “Modern Cities Exist Only to Be Destroyed. Cinnabar’s Gnosis.
Clairval, Gio “Last Drink Bird Head,” Last Drink Bird Head.
Clare, Cassandra “Other Boys,” The Eternal Kiss.
Clark, Simon “Children of the Vortex,” Dark Delicacies III: Haunted.
Clark, Simon “Mine,” Exotic Gothic 3.
Clark, Simon “Our Lord of Quarters,” Hellbound Hearts.
Clarke, Roz “Haunt-Type Experience,” Black Static 9.
Clements, Dominy “Artis Eterne,” Cern Zoo.
Conatser, Trey “Goldilocks,” (poem) Mid-American Review, vol. XXIX, #2.
Congreve, Bill “Time and Tapestry,” Borderlands 11.
Conlon, Christopher “The Girl That Nobody Liked,” Dark Discoveries 13.
Connelly, Lawrence C “The Death Lantern,” Gaslight Grotesque.
Connolly, John “A Haunting,” Dark Delicacies III: Haunted.
Connolly, Lawrence C. “Painkeeper,” Cemetery Dance 59.
Cooney, C.S.C. “Goblin Girls,” (poem) Goblin Fruit spring.
Cooper, Bruce “Send in the Clowns,” Necrotic Tissue 8.
Cooper, Dennis “The Guro Artists,” Ugly Man.
Cooper, Dennis “The Hostage Drama,” Ugly Man.
Cooper, Dennis “The Worst (1960-1971),” Ugly Man.
Cooper, James “My Secret Children,” Black Static 13, October/November.
Cooper, James “The Family Face,” This is the Summer of Love.
Corey, Trina “Vacation,” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine March/April.
Couzens, Gary “Splinters,” Midnight Street #13, Autumn.
Cowdrey, Albert E. “Bandits of the Trace,” F&SF October/November.
Cox, F. Brett “She Hears Music Up Above,” Phantom.
Crouch, Blake “Remaking,” Thriller 2.
Crow, Jennifer “Black Ships Burning,” (poem) Goblin Fruit spring.
Crow, Jennifer “Ghost Country,” (poem) Goblin Fruit spring.
Crow, Jennifer “My Tell-Tale Heart,” (poem) The Mag of Spec Poetry, spring.
Crow, Jennifer “The Night Mayor,” (poem) The Mag of Spec Poetry, spring.
Crowther, Peter “Leaves,” British Invasion.
Curran, Tim “Fly By Night,” The Death Panel.
Currier, Jameson ‘The Theater Bug,” The Haunted Heart.
Davidson, Rjurik “The Winding Down of the World,” Edison’s Frankenstein. PS 20/21.
Davies, Robert “Bruise for Bruise,” Weird Tales 353 spring.
Dean, David “Awake,” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine July.
DeManche, Keith “Colors That No Longer Shine,” Minnetonka Review 3.
Dinan, Kurt “Nub Hut,” Chizine #39.
Dowker, Felicity “The Bearded One,” Festive Fear.
Dowling, Terry “Two Steps Along the Road,” Exotic Gothic 3.
Downum, Amanda “Aconite and Rue,” On Spec fall.
Downum, Amanda “The Tenderness of Jackals,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Dudman, Clare “Last Drink Bird Head,” Last Drink Bird Head.
Duffy, Steve “Certain Death For a Known Person,” Apparitions.
DuFresne, John “The Cross-Eyed Bear,” Boston Noir.
Duncan, Andy “The Dragoman’s Bride,” The Dragon Book.
Dunyach, Jean Claude trans. Sheryl Curtis, “Enter the Worms,” Leaves of Blood.
Eccles, Marjorie “Rearrangements,” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine November.
Edelman, Scott “Here I Choose,” chapbook.
Edelman, Scott “Tell Me Like You Done Before,” The Dead That Walk.
Edelman, Scott “The Hunger of Empty Vessels,” Bad Moon chapbook.
Evenson, Brian “Second Boy,” Unsaid 4.
Evenson, Brian “The Dismal Mirror,” Exotic Gothic 3.
Evenson, Brian “The Moldau Case,” Black Clock 10.
Evenson, Brian “Windeye,” Pen America 11: Make Believe.
Everson, John “The Mouth,” The Death Panel.
Faulkner, Ian R. “The Sleeper’s Awakening,” Space and Time 206, spring.
Files, Gemma “at the moment I am living in a haunted house,” (poem) Not One of Us 41.
Files, Gemma “Marya Nox,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Files, Gemma “The Drowned Town,” (poem) Goblin Fruit summer.
Files, Gemma “The Jacaranda Smile,” Apparitions.
Files, Gemma “The Speed of Pain,” Mighty Unclean.
Finch, Paul “Lives Less Ordinary,” Bare Bone 11.
Finch, Paul “Men of Old,” Apparitions.
Finch, Paul “The Crazy Helmets,” British Invasion.
Finch, Paul “We, Who Live in the Wood,” Black Static 14.
Finley, Toiya Kristen “Eating Ritual,” Sybil’s Garage 6.
Finley, Toiya Kristen “The Death of a Sugar Daddy,” Electric Velocipede 17/18.
Fischer, Eugene “Animal Husbandry,” Strange Horizons April 6.
Fischer, Jason “A Rose for Becca,” Borderlands 11.
Fischer, Jason “for want of a jesusman,” Aurealis 42.
Fischer, Jason “The Patchwork Palace,” Masques.
Fletcher, Tom “The Safe Children,” chapbook.
Ford, Jeffrey “The Coral Heart,” Eclipse Three.
Ford, Jeffrey “Weiroot,” Weird Tales 353 spring.
Foster, Eugie “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest….” Interzone 220.
Foster, Eugie “Within Your Soul I Sightless See,” H.P. Lovecraft Magazine 5.
Fowler, Christopher “Piano Man,” Black Static 10.
Fowler, Christopher “The Eleventh Day,” Black Static 14.
Fowler, Christopher “The Stretch,” The British Fantasy Society Yearbook 2009.
Fowler, Karen Joy “The Pelican Bar,” Eclipse Three.
Frost, Gregory “Swift Decline,” The Stories in Between.
Frost, Gregory “The Final Act,” Poe.
Fry, Gary “Closer Than That,” Mindful of Phantoms.
Fry, Gary “Die Hard,” Mindful of Phantoms.
Fry, Gary “Discord,” Bare Bone 11.
Fry, Gary “The Night Watchman,” Supernatural Tales 16.
Fry, Gary “Unfriendly Fire,” Mindful of Phantoms.
Fry, Gary “Wafts,” Mindful of Phantoms.
Furth, Robin “Magpie,” (poem) Shivers V.
Furth, Robin “The Coroner’s Beautiful Daughter,” (poem), Shivers V.
Gaiman, Neil and McKean, Dave “Wordsworth,” (graphic novel), Hellbound Hearts.
Garriga, Michael “Zombie Revolt: On Gabriel’s Failed Insurrection…” Surreal South 09.
Garris, Mick “Tyler’s Third Act,” Dark Delicacies III: Haunted.
Gavin, Richard “Getting the Strap,” The Darkly Splendid Realm.
Gavin, Richard “The Astral Mask,” The Darkly Splendid Realm.
Gavin, Richard “Where the Scarab Dwells,” The Darkly Splendid Realm.
Genge, Sara “Counting Down to the End of the Universe,” Shimmer 10.
German, Wade “Golem Variant,” (poem) Dreams and Nightmares 83.
Gilman, Felix “Catastrophe,” Weird Tales 352 Nov/Dec 2008.
Glaze, Sandra “The Resident Ghost,” On Spec summer.
Gleason, William “The Hanged Man,” Analog October.
Godwin, Parke “Going After Timmy,” H.P. Lovecraft Magazine 5.
Golaski, Adam “Her Magnetic Field,” Cinnabar’s Gnosis.
Golaski, Adam “The Great Blind God Passed Through Us,” Strange Tales III.
Goodfellow, Cody “Rapture of the Deep,” Dark Discoveries 15.
Goodfellow, Cody “The Traveling Salesman,” Bare Bone 11.
Goodfellow, Cody “Wasted on the Young,” Cemetery Dance 62.
Goodfellow, Cody “We Will Rebuild,” Zombies: Encounters with the Hungry Dead.
Goodrich, John “The Patriot,” Cthulhu Unbound.
Goss, Theodora “The Puma,” Apex Magazine March.
Gottshall, Karin “Listening to the Dead,” (poem) Mid-American Review, vol. XXIX, #2.
Graves, Rain “Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, and I Left Once,” (poem) Barfodder.
Graves, Rain “Knowledge,” (poem) Barfodder.
Graves, Rain “The Angel of Wrong Things (Part III),” (poem) Barfodder.
Graves, Rain “The Angel of Wrong Things (The House of Sighs),” (poem) Barfodder.
Graves, Rain “The Angel of Wrong Things (The Tenderloin),” (poem) Barfodder.
Graves, Rain “The Angel of Wrong Things(The Old Boy and the Sea),”(poem)Barfodder.
Green, Christopher “Having Faith,” Nossa Morte February.
Grimmett, Neil “A Hard Water,” This is the Summer of Love.
Guibord, Maurissa “Haunt Squad,” Arkham Tales 4, August.
Gustainis, Justin “Meat Wagon,” Inhuman 4.
Haines, Paul “Slice of Life,” Slice of Life.
Haines, Paul “Wives,” (novella) X6.
Haldeman, Joe “Never Blood Enough,” Fantasy & Science Fiction. Oct/Nov.
Hammer, Jasmine “Tornado Juice,” Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet 24.
Henderson, C.J. “Locked Room,” Cthulhu Unbound.
Herbertson, Craig “Leibniz’s Last Puzzle,” The Fifth Black Book of Horror.
Herron, Mick “The Very Bad Man,” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine March/April.
Heuler, Karen “After Images,” Phantom.
Hill, Gary “Rest in Peace, Jeremy Crandall,” Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales.
Hill, Joe and King, Stephen “Throttle,” He is Legend.
Hobson, M.K. “The Warlock and the Man,” Enemy of the Good.
Holder, Nancy “Zombonia,” The Dead That Walk.
Houarner, Gerard “Assassin of Love,” A Blood of Killers.
Houarner, Gerard “Comes Love, Nothing Can Be Done,” A Blood of Killers.
Houarner, Gerard “Dancing With the Skeletons at the Feast,”(novella) Ibid.
Houarner, Gerard “Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me,” Ibid.
Houarner, Gerard “Soft Package,” Ibid.
Houarner, Gerard “The Man Who Wouldn’t Die,” Ibid.
Houarner, Gerard “The Mule,” Ibid.
Houarner, Gerard “The Other Box,” (novella) Strange Tales III.
Houarner, Gerard “The Shadow of His Killer,” A Blood of Killers.
Houarner, Gerard “Through Love’s Sight,” Ibid..
Houarner, Gerard “You Think You’re a Killer,” Ibid..
Hudson, Kelly M. “What Makes an Angel Cry,” The Death Panel.
Hughes, Lee “Turn the Crank,” Cern Zoo.
Hughes, Matthew “Hell of a Fix,” F&SF December.
Hughes, Rhys “Abomination With Rice,” Cthulhu Unbound 2.
Hunter, Faith “Signatures of the Dead,” Strange Brew.
Irwin, Sharon “Begin with Water,” Dead Souls.
Jackson, Neil “Celeste,” Gaslight Grotesque.
Jackson, Nick “The Siege,” New Horizons 2.
James, M.R. and Oliver, Reggie “The Game of Bear,” Madder Mysteries.
Jaumann, Bernhard “Snow on Bloedkroppie,” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Mag, August.
Johnson, Alaya Dawn “Far and Deep,” Interzone 221.
Johnstone, Carole “The Blind Man,” Dead Souls.
Jones, Chris “The Whispering Walls,” (poem) Masques.
Jones, Mark Howard “Trackside,” Bare Bone 11.
Jones, Stephen Graham “The Ones That Got Away,” Phantom.
Kaftan, Vylar “What President Polk Said,” Phantom.
Kaiser, Jessica E. “Come to Jesus,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 41.
Kalin, Deborah “The Wagers of Salt,” This is the Summer of Love.
Kane, Paul “Masques,” Return of the Raven.
Kaufmann, Nicholas “Mysteries of the Cure,” Shivers V.
Kaysen, Daniel “The Pain of Blue Eyes,” Black Static 9.
Keene, Brian “Burying Betsy,” Cemetery Dance 59.
Kek-W “Getting Old,” Bare Bone 11.
Kelly, Michael “A Blue Hand, Reaching,” Bare Bone 11.
Kelly, Michael “The Woods,” Tesseracts Thirteen.
Kelly, W. G. “Girl Like That,” Swill 4.
Kidd, Chico “Awakenings,” Brief Encounters.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “At the Gate of Deeper Slumber,” Sirenia Digest April.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “The Belated Burial,” Sirenia Digest 38.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “The Belated Burial,” Subterranean, fall.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. “The Thousand-and-Third Tale of Scheherazade,” Sirenia Digest 38.
Kiernan, Caitlín R. Galápagos,” Eclipse Three.
Kilpatrick, Nancy “The Promise,” Hellbound Hearts.
Kim, Alice Sola “The Ugly Zombie,” Strange Horizons December 7.
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