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Best Horror of the Year, volume two, Honorable Mentions (2009) second half
King, Stephen “Morality,” Esquire July.
Klages, Ellen “Singing on a Star,” Firebirds Soaring.
Knight, Joel “Let No Greater Love or Promise,” Strange Tales III.
Koja, Kathe “Far and Wee,” Weird Tales 352 Nov/Dec 2008.
Kopaska-Merkel,David & Rathbone,Wendy“ApparitionHouse,”(poem) Star*LineJan/Feb
Kornher-Stace, Nicole, “The Changeling Always Wins,” (poem) Goblin Fruit summer.
Kornher-Stace, Nicole, “This is Not a Love Story,” (poem) Goblin Fruit summer.
Kosmatka, Ted & Poore, Michael “Blood Dauber,” Asimov’s SF Oct/Nov.
Krasnoff, Barbara “In the Gingerbread House,” Electric Velocipede 17/18.
Krasnoff, Barbara “Rosemary, that’s for Remembrance,” Clockwork Phoenix 2.
Krasnoff, Barbara “Waiting for Jakie,” Apex online April.
Kressel, Matthew “Saving Diego,” Interzone 221.
Kressel, Matthew “The Spaces Between Things,” Electric Velocipede 17/18.
Kruse, Kent “I Was Walking,” (poem) Not One of Us 41.
Laidlaw, Marc “Leng,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Laken-Smith, Kim “Unearthed. Black Static 12.
Lakin-Smith, Kim “The Shadow Keeper,” Black Static 13, October/November.
Lalumière, Claude “Roman Predator’s Chimeric Odyssey,” Objects of Worship.
Lalumière, Claude “What to Do With the Dead,” Shimmer 10.
Lamb, Alexander “Eleven Orchid Street,” Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet 24.
Lambridis, Scott “Washer Woman,” Black Static 10.
Lanagan Margo “Ferryman,” Firebirds Soaring.
Lanagan, Margo “Sea-Hearts,” (novella) X6.
Lane, Joel “Face Down,” The Terrible Changes.
Lane, Joel “Sign Unseen,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Lane, Joel “Some of Them Fell,” Black Static 13, October/November.
Lane, Joel “The Witnesses are Gone,” (novella) chapbook.
Langan, John “ The Wide, Carnivorous Sky,” (novella) By Blood We Live.
Langan, Sarah “Fensted’s End,” Cemetery Dance 59.
Langan, Sarah “The Burn Victim,” Shivers V.
Langan, Sarah “The Dark Materials Project,” Hellbound Hearts.
Langridge, Huw “Last Train to Tassenmere,” Supernatural Tales 15.
Lanham, Carole “The Blue Word,” The World is Dead.
Lansdale, Joe R. “Quarry,” He is Legend.
Lansdale, Joe R. “Torn Away,” Twilight Zone: 19 Original Stories.
Lauderdale, Kevin “James and the Dark Grimoire,” Cthulhu Unbound.
Lauderdale, Robert “The Best Laid Plans,” Gaslight Grotesque.
Lebbon, Tim “The Language of the Land,” The British Fantasy Society Yearbook 2009.
Lee, Cassandra “Matty,” The Anthology of the Living Dead.
Lee, Tanith “Our Lady of Scarlet,” Realms of Fantasy August.
Lee, Yoon Ha “The Fourth Horseman,” Electric Velocipede 17/18.
Lees, Tim “Cuckoos,” Black Static 13, October/November.
Light, Jason M. “The Bear Who Swallowed the Sky,” Midnight Walk.
Link, Kelly “The Cinderella Game,” Troll’s Eye View.
Lis, Eric “My True Lovecraft Gave to Me,” Weird Tales 352 November/December 2008.
Llewellyn, Livia “Horses,” This is the Summer of Love.
Lockley, Steve and Lewis, Paul “Never Go Back,” British Invasion.
Lopez, Luciana “Julia Now,” Portland Noir.
Lukyanenko, Sergei “Foxtrot at High Noon,” By Blood We Live.
Lumans, Alexander “Elephants Are Why He Made the Oceans,” Surreal South 09.
Lustig, E. A. “The Sin Hypothesis,” Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.
Lynch, Mark Patrick “Smoke Signals,” Bare Bone 11.
Mackintosh, Paul “The People of the Island,” Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales.
Malfi, Ronald Damien “Chupacabra,” Bare Bone 11.
Maloney, Geoffrey “Through a Lens Darkly,” Aurealis 42.
Mamatas, Nick “A Stain on the Stone,” Phantom.
Mamatas, Nick “And Then, and Then, and Then…,”Innsmouth Free Press, May 30.
Mamatas, Nick “Farewell Performance,” Tor.com December 31.
Mamatas, Nick “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son,” (novella) You Might Sleep…
Mamatas, Nick “That of Which We Speak When We Speak of …,”Lovecraft Unbound.
Mantooth, John “The Water Tower,” Fantasy Magazine, July 20.
Marvick, Louis “Pockets of Emptiness,” Supernatural Tales 15.
Matheson, Richard Christian “How to Edit,” Dark Delicacies III: Haunted.
Matheson, Richard Christian “Venturi,” He is Legend.
Matsuura, Thersa “Devils Outside,” A Robe of Feathers.
Matsuura, Thersa “Hate and Where It Breeds,” A Robe of Feathers.
Matsuura, Thersa “Taro’s Task,” A Robe of Feathers.
McAllister, Bruce “Johnny,” Cemetery Dance 61.
McDougal, Heather “The Candy Store,” Writers of the Future XXV.
McGachey, Daniel “A Ravelled Tress,” They That Dwell in Dark Places.
McGachey, Daniel “Rags,” They That Dwell in Dark Places.
McGachey, Daniel M.“’AndStillThoseScreams Resound…’”TheFourthBlackBkof Horror
McGarry, Terry “The Piper’s Chair,” H.P. Lovecraft Magazine 5.
McGuire, Seanan “Animal Husbandry,” Grants Pass.
McGuire, Seanan “Inspirations,” Edge of Propinquity October.
McHugh, Ian “Angel Dust,” Clockwork Phoenix 2.
McHugh, Maura “Beautiful Calamity,” Paradox 13.
McHugh, Maura “Exchange,” (poem) Goblin Fruit spring.
McHugh, Maura “The Garden of Death,” Fantasy Magazine, May 29.
McHugh, Maura “Vic,” Black Static 10.
McIntosh, A. J. “Melting,” Strange Tales III.
McMahon, Gary “Dead to the World,” The Dead That Walk.
McMahon, Gary “Love is in the Air,” The Fourth Black Book of Horror.
McMahon, Gary “Proof,” Apparitions.
McMahon, Gary “Punch-Drunk,” Bare Bone 11.
McMahon, Gary “Strange Scenes From an Unfinished Film,” Cern Zoo.
McMahon, Gary “Survivor Guilt,” The British Fantasy Society Yearbook 2009.
McMahon, Gary “The Chair,” Black Static 10.
McMahon, Gary “The Good, Light People,” Strange Tales III.
Mead, Donald “The Shadow Man,” Writers of the Future XXV.
Meddor, Michael “The Boy Who Sang For Others,” F&SF January.
Meikle, William “The Tenants of Ladywell Manor,” Cthulhu Unbound 2.
Mellick III., Carlton “Lemon Knives ‘n’ Cockroaches,”Zombies: Encounters with the …
Menon, Anil “The Scorching Glass,” Return of the Raven.
Minor, Kyle “Dressing the Dead,” Surreal South 09.
Mitchell, William “The Turning of the Screw,” Midnight Street 12, spring.
Monette, Sarah and Bear, Elizabeth “Mongoose,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Moore, James A. “Emily’s Kiss,” Gaslight Grotesque.
Moore, James A. “Growing Pains,” Slices.
Moore, James A. “In the Oubliette,” Slices.
Moore, Ralph Robert “Fleeing on a Bicycle with Your Father…”The World Is Dead.
Moore, Ralph Robert “Like An Animal in a Hole,” Remove the Eyes.
Moore, Ralph Robert “My First Kiss,” Remove the Eyes.
Morrell, David “The Architecture of Snow,” Dark Delicacies III: Haunted.
Morris, Mark “Mother’s Ruin,” Hellbound Hearts.
Morris, Mark “Puppies for Sale,” British Invasion.
Morrish, Robert “Each Step I Take Is In Darkness,” Shivers V.
Morrissette, Micaela “The Familiars,” Conjunctions 53: Betwixt the Between.
Morton, Lisa “Joe and Abel in the Field of Rest,” The Dead That Walk.
Morton, Lisa “The Devil Came to Mamie’s on Hallow’en,” Cemetery Dance 60.
Morton, Lisa “The End,” Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy.
Morton, Lisa “The Lucid Dreaming,” (novella) chapbook.
Murr, Joe L. “Count of Three” Dark Recesses December.
Musk, Justine “Best Served Cold,” Zombies: Encounters with the Hungry Dead.
Nassise, Joe “Becoming Michael,” Inhuman 4.
Navroth, Linda “The Specimen,” Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales.
Neal, D. T. “Aegis,” Albedo One 37.
Neal, D. T. “Rotgut,” Albedo One 36.
Nevill, Adam L. G. “The Ancestors,” The British Fantasy Society Yearbook 2009.
Neville, Adam L. G. “To Forget and Be Forgotten,” Exotic Gothic 3.
Neville, Adam L. G. “Yellow Teeth,” British Invasion.
Nickels, Tim “Salmon Widow,” Cern Zoo.
Nickle, David “Other People’s Kids,” Monstrous Affections.
Nickle, David “The Radejastians,” Tesseracts Thirteen.
Norris, Gregory L. “The Cove,” Monstrous.
Norum, Don “About 77 Degrees West of Nassau,” Nossa Morte May.
Nutman, Philip “The Misadventure of Fat Man and Little Boy, or…” British Invasion.
O’Bryan, Joey “The Svancara Supper Society” Midnight Walk.
O’Driscoll, Mike “The Entire City,” Albedo One 36.
O’Rourke, Monica “Cell,” This is the Summer of Love.
Ochse, Weston “The Crossing of Aldo Ray,” The Dead That Walk.
Oliver, Reggie ‘Tawny,” Madder Mysteries.
Oliver, Reggie ‘The Wig: A Monologue for an Actor,” Madder Mysteries.
Oliver, Reggie “Baskerville’s Midgets,” Madder Mysteries.
Oliver, Reggie “Countess Otho,” Strange Tales III.
Oliver, Reggie “The Black Metaphysical,” Cinnabar’s Gnosis.
Oliver, Reggie “The Head,” Madder Mysteries/ The Fourth Black Book of Horror.
Olsson, Marcus “The Hidden,” Masques.
Osborne, J. David “Amends Due, West of Glorieta,” Bare Bone 11.
Otsuichi “In the Park at Twilight, a Long Time Ago,” Zoo.
Otsuichi “The White House in the Cold Forest,” Zoo.
Owens, James “Brother,” Nossa Morte February.
Padmanabhan, Manjula “Cull,” Delhi Noir.
Paffenroth, Kim “The Covenant,” Cthulhu Unbound.
Page, Shannon “Eastlick,” Black Static 10.
Patten, Steve “Swallow,” Surreal South 09.
Paxon, Caitlyn “She Asks for Dresses, (poem) Goblin Fruit winter.
Paxson, Caitlyn “The Carnivale of Abandoned Tales,” Shimmer 10.
Pendergrass, Tom “The Circle Unbroken,” Return of the Raven.
Pepe, James B. “I Am Enkidu, His Wild Brother,” Sybil’s Garage 6.
Phillips, Holly “The Long Goodbye,” Asimov’s SF March.
Phillips, Michael “You’re a Stain,” (poem) Weird Tales 353 spring.
Piccirilli, Tom “Blood Sacrifices & the Catatonic Kid,” The Death Panel.
Pinborough, Sarah “Snow Angels,” The British Fantasy Society Yearbook 2009.
Prentiss, Norman “The Albright Sextuplets,” Shivers V.
Probert , John Llewellyn “A Dance to the Music of Insanity,” The Catacombs of Fear.
Probert , John Llewellyn “At First Sight,” The Catacombs of Fear.
Probert , John Llewellyn “Catacomb Interludes,” The Catacombs of Fear.
Probert , John Llewellyn “Mors Gratia Artis,” The Catacombs of Fear.
Probert , John Llewellyn “The Markovski Quartet,” The Catacombs of Fear.
Probert , John Llewellyn “The Neighborhood Watch,” The Catacombs of Fear.
Probert, John Llewellyn “De Vermis Infestis,” The Fifth Black Book of Horror.
Pugmire, W.H. “Some Bacchante of Irem,” Dark Discoveries 15.
Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “A Night of Moon and Blood,Then …,”Blood Will Have Its Season.
Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “An American TangoEndinginMadness,”BloodWillHaveIts Season.
Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “And She Walks Into the Room…” Blood Will Have Its Season.
Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “Blood Will Have Its Season,” Blood Will Have Its Season.
Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “Carl Lee & Cassilda,” Blood Will Have Its Season.
Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “Erendira,” Blood Will Have Its Season.
Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “One Side’s Ice, One’s Fire,” Blood Will Have Its Season.
Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “Stone Cold Fever” Blood Will Have Its Season.
Raines, Dave “Suitcase and Slow Time,” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine June.
Rainey, Stephen Mark “ The Gaki,” Cemetery Dance 59.
Rainey, Stephen Mark “Shapes in the Illusive Night” Inhuman 4.
Ramani, Madhvi “Qasim,” Borderlands 11.
Rasmussen, Matt “Oh Cremulator,” (poem), Mid-American Review, Vol. XXIX, No.1.
Rath, Tina “Extended Family,” Exotic Gothic 3.
Red, Eric “The Buzzard,” Weird Tales 354 fall.
Reynolds, Joshua “Nemo at R’Lyeh,” Cthulhu Unbound 2.
Richards, Tony “Birchiam Peer, “ British Invasion.
Richards, Tony “The Crows,” Midnight Street 12, spring.
Rickert, M. “The President’s Book Tour,” Fantasy & Science Fiction. Oct/Nov.
Ridler, Jason S. “The Last,” Nossa Morte February.
Riley, David A. “The Fragile Mask On His Face,” Dark Discoveries 15.
Riley, David A. “Their Own Mad Demons,” The Fifth Black Book of Horror.
Riley, R. Thomas “Too Little,” The Monster Within Idea.
Rix, Phil, “A Taste of Casu Marzu,” Strange Tales III.
Roberts, Scott M. “The End-of-the-World-Pool,” OSC’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.
Roberts, Tansy Rayner “Siren Beat,” (novella) chapbook.
Robertson, Al “Changeling,” Black Static 9.
Robertson, Al “De Profundis,” Black Static 11.
Roden, Barbara “After,” Northwest Passages.
Roden, Barbara “Of the Origin of the Hound of the Baskervilles,” Gaslight Grotesque.
Roden, Barbara “The Haunted House in Etobicoke,” Exotic Gothic 3.
Rowan, Iain “A Walk in the Park,” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Jan/Feb.
Royle, Nicholas “Unfollow,” British Fantasy Society Yearbook.
Runolfson, J. C. “Klabautermann,” (poem) Mythic Delirium 20.
Runolfson, J. C. “Kumiho,” (poem) (Going Going) Gone.
Runolfson, J. C. “O.D.,” (poem) Goblin Fruit winter.
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn “Turbulence,” Asimov’s SF August.
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn “What the Monster Saw,” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine July.
Russell, R. B. “Dispossessed,” Putting the Pieces in Place.
Russell, R. B. “In Hiding,” Ibid.
Russell, R. B. “Literary Remains,” This is the Summer of Love.
Russell, R. B. “Putting the Pieces in Place,” Putting the Pieces in Place.
Russell, R. B. “The Red Rose and the Cross of Gold,” Cinnabar’s Gnosis.
Russell, R. B. “There’s Nothing That I Wouldn’t Do,” Putting the Pieces in Place.
Russo, Patricia “Palava,” Not One of Us 42.
Russo, Patricia “Wednesday,” Not One of Us 41.
Ryman, Geoff “Blocked,” F&SF October/ November.
Sakmyster, David “Talebones 38, summer.
Sampson, Rich “The Gift,” Space and Time 106, spring.
Schaechterle, Inez “Passing Down,” Cthulhu Unbound 2.
Schaller, Eric “Number One Fan,” Edison’s Frankenstein PS20/21.
Schaller, Eric “The Sparrow Mumbler,” New Genre 6.
Scurati, Antonio trans. Anne Milano Appel “Eternal Rome,” Rome Noir.
Sebold, Gaie “Eaten Cold,” Under the Rose.
Sedia, Ekaterina “Cherrystones and Shards of Ice,” H.P. Lovecraft Magazine 5.
Sellar, Gord “Cai and Her Ten-Thousand Husbands,” Apex February.
Sernine, Daniel “Striges,” (trans by Sheryl Curtis) Tesseracts Thirteen.
Shapiro, Eric “Call Me Doctor,” Zombies: Encounters with the Hungry Dead.
Shea, Michael “Copping Squid,” Copping Squid.
Shea, Michael “The Recruiter,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Shea, Michael “Tsathoggua,” Copping Squid.
Shearman, Robert “Granny’s Grinning,” The Dead That Walk.
Shearman, Robert “Roadkill,” (novella) chapbook.
Shearman,Rob“George Clooney’s Moustache,”The Brit FantasySocietyYearbook09 5800
Shepard, Lucius “Halloween Town,” (novella) Fantasy & Science Fiction. Oct/Nov.
Sherman, Fraser “Signs and Hortense,” Arkham Tales 4, August.
Siemienowicz, Miranda “Aleph Mem Tav,” Aurealis 41.
Siemienowicz, Miranda “Penthouse,” Overland 195.
Silva, David B. “Darkness and Light,” The Shadows of Kingston Mills.
Silva, David B. “Love Never Lost,” The Shadows of Kingston Mills.
Silva, David B. “Max the Magnificent,” The Shadows of Kingston Mills.
Singer, Glen “Transfusion: A Tale of Innsmouth Reborn,” Dark Discoveries 15.
Slatter, Angela “Sister, Sister,” Strange Tales III.
Slaveiro, Susan “Melpomene, on Raising Daughters,” Goblin Fruit winter.
Slaveiro, Susan “Rose Red, on Sibling Rivalry,” (poem) Goblin Fruit spring.
Smith, John Claude “The Shadow Over Las Vegas,” Cthulhu Unbound.
Smith, R. T. “Thurston,” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine July.
Southard, Nate “His Start,” Broken Skin.
Southard, Nate “Working the Bag,” Broken Skin.
Southard, Nate “Yellow Triangles,” Broken Skin.
Sparks, Cat “Seventeen,” Masques.
Speegle, Darren “The Horticulturist’s Daughter,” Cemetery Dance 59.
Speegle, Darren “Will O’ the Wailing Wind,” Inhuman 4.
Spencer, William Browning“Come Lurk With Me and Be My Love,”Lovecraft Unbound.
Steel, Jim “Red Christmas,” Supernatural Tales 16.
Sterner, Samantha “The Elephant God,” Necrotic Tissue 8.
Stiles, Paula R. “In the Shadow of Uluru,” Arkham Tales 4, August.
Stine, R. L. “Roomful of Witnesses,” Thriller 2.
Stone, Grant “The Living Dead Boy,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 41.
Strachen, Ian C. “Starlight Casts No Shadow,” The Fifth Black Book of Horror.
Strantzas, Simon “A Seed on Barren Ground,” Cold to the Touch.
Strantzas, Simon “Cold to the Touch,” Cold to the Touch.
Strantzas, Simon “Her Father’s Daughter,” Strange Tales III.
Strantzas, Simon “Here’s to the Good Life,” Cold to the Touch.
Strantzas, Simon “Like Falling Snow,” Cold to the Touch.
Strantzas, Simon “The Sweetest Song,” Cold to the Touch.
Strantzas, Simon “The Sweetest Song,” Cold to the Touch.
Strasser, Dirk “Stories of the Sand,” Realms of Fantasy December.
Straub, Peter “A Special Place: The Heart of a Dark Matter (novella) chapbook.
Straub, Peter “Variations on a Theme From Seinfeld,” Cemetery Dance 61.
Strieber, Whitley “The Good Neighbors,” Twilight Zone: 19 Original Stories.
Stuart, Kiel “Day of the Dead,” Inhuman 4.
Sutton, David “Dead Water,” The Fourth Black Book of Horror.
Tallerman, David “Rindelstein’s Monsters,” The Death Panel.
Tambour, Anna “Sincerely, Petrified,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Tambour, Anna “The Arms of Love and Death,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Mag.42.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “Show Night,” Dark Discoveries 13.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “Slapstick,” Bare Bone 11.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “The Cabinet Child,” Phantom.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “The Multiples of Sorrow,” Cinnabar’s Gnosis.
Tentchoff, Marcie Lynn “Midnight,” (poem) Star*Line September/October.
Tentchoff, Marcie Lynn “Scars,” (poem) Dreams and Nightmares 84.
Tessier, Thomas “The Woman in the Club Car,” Cemetery Dance 60.
Thomas, Ben “The Man with the Myriad Scars,” Weird Tales 352 Nov/Dec. 2008.
Thomas, Lee “Crack Smokin’ Grandpa,” In the Closet, Under the Bed.
Thomas, Lee “Down to Sleep,” In the Closet, Under the Bed.
Thomas, Lee “I Know You’re There,” In the Closet, Under the Bed.
Thomas, Lee “Shelter,” In the Closet, Under the Bed.
Thomas, Sarah “The Economy of Vacuum,” F&SF December.
Tidhar, Lavie “One Day, Soon,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Tidhar, Lavie “Set Down This,” Phantom.
Tobler, E. Catherine “The Far-Springer,” On Spec summer.
Totton, Sarah “Flatrock Sunners,” Black Static 12.
Towles, T. “Rough Ride to Valencia,” Black Clock 10.
Tremblay, Paul G. “Headstone in Your Pocket,” 353 Weird Tales spring.
Trenholm, Hayden “The Last Windigo,” Gaslight Grotesque.
Trogen, Brit “Red Cage,” Campus Chills.
Unsworth, Simon Kurt “Mami Wata,” Exotic Gothic 3.
Utley, Steven and Bishop, Michael “The City Quiet as Death,” Tor.com June 9.
Valente, Catherynne M. “A Delicate Architecture,” Troll’s Eye View.
Valentine, Genevieve “The Drink of Fine Gentlemen Everywhere,” Sybil’s Garage 6.
Valentine, Genevieve “White Stone,” Fantasy March 19.
Vallorani, Nicoletta “Pasolini’s Shadow,” Rome Noir.
Vanderhooft, JoSelle “Bringing Out the Dead,” (poem) The Memory Palace.
Vanderhooft, JoSelle “My Father’s House,” (poem) The Memory Palace.
Vanderhooft, JoSelle “The Gravedigger’s Daughter,”(poem)Fathers, Daughters, Ghosts..
Vanderhooft, JoSelle “The Mad Scientist’s Daughter,”(poem)Fathers, Daughters,Ghosts..
Vanderhooft, JoSelle “The Scarecrow’s Daughter,” (poem) Fathers, Daughters, Ghosts…
Vernon, Steve “Old Spice Love Knot,” Campus Chills.
Volk, Stephen “After the Ape,” The British Fantasy Society Yearbook 2009.
Volk, Stephen “Fear,” Black Static 9.
Volk, Stephen “From the Lips of Lazarus,” Exotic Gothic 3.
Volk, Stephen “Hounded,” Gaslight Grotesque.
Waggoner, Tim “Conversations Kill,” Cemetery Dance 60.
Ward, S. E. “Nell and the Devil,” Realms of Fantasy, October.
Wellington, David “Dead Man’s Land,” The World is Dead.
Wellington, David “Off Radio,” Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas.
Welsh, Durand “Warszawa Road,” Borderlands 11.
Williams, Conrad “Deleted Scenes,” The British Fantasy Society Yearbook 2009.
Williams, Conrad “Slitten Gorge,” British Invasion.
Williams, Conrad “The Cold,” Hellbound Hearts.
Williams, Liz “Dusking,” Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet 24.
Williams, Tad “Ants,” Twilight Zone: 19 Original Stories.
Wilson, Alex “The Spoils of Springfield,” Shimmer 10.
Wilson, Andrew J. “The Thing’s the Play,” H.P. Lovecraft Magazine 5.
Wilson, Blake “The Door to Nowhere,” Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales.
Wilson, F. Paul “Recalled,” He is Legend.
Wilson, Mehitobel “The Quarantine Act,” Zombies: Encounters with the Hungry Dead.
Wise, A. C. A Mouse Ran Up the Clock,” Electric Velocipede 19.
Wisker, Gina “Binding,” Dissections November.
Witcover, Paul “The Silver Ghost,” Everland.
Witcover, Paul “Where Balloons Go,” Everland.
Wittman, Jason D. “Fiddler,” Talebones winter.
Woodworth, Stephen “The Silent Majority,” The Dead That Walk.
Yaniv, Nir “A Painter, a Sheep, and a Boa Constrictor,” Shimmer 10.
Yaniv, Nir “Cinderers,” The Apex Book of World SF.
Yoachim, Caroline M. “Pageant Girls,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 42.
Yolen, Jane “The Selchie's Children's Plaint,” (poem) Goblin Fruit summer.
Yolen, Jane and Stemple, Adam “Little Red,” Firebirds Soaring.
Youers, Rio “Mama Fish,” (novella) chapbook.
Youmans, Marly “The Ghost Crab’s Woman,” (poem) Electric Velocipede 17/18.
Youmans, Marly “The Red King’s Sleep,” Enemy of the Good.
Young, Marty “Black Peter,” Festive Fear.
Yovanoff, Brenna “Obedience,” Strange Horizons February 9.
Zelazny, Trent “The House of Happy Mayhem,” The Day the Leash Gave Way.

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For a second I read this as, "BAD Horror of the Year" and was like, 'Why is she posting...oh.' Heh.

What a list!

It would be a LOT longer :-)

(Deleted comment)
Awesome! Thanks, Ellen!

"James and the Dark Grimoire" is one of the funniest things I've read in forever. Glad to see it get a nod. :)

Thank you, Ellen! Hope the virus leaves you soon and intact.

Wow, thank you very much! It's such an honor to be included.
Caitlyn Paxson

Thanks, Ellen! I'm really pleased my stories are up there!

You're welcome, Barbara.

Me, too! It's very exciting to be acknowledged in such fine company. Thank you very much!

Heather McDougal

You're welcome Heather and Jason.

Congrats to everyone on the HM list :)

Thanks for the HM for my "Albright Sextuplets," Ellen! I really love browsing through these lists, fondly remembering stories I've read, but also finding more and more stories and writers I need to seek out.

You're welcome. And I'm relieved to discover I can do it without breaking the system (LJ and FB):-)

Thanks, Ellen - I'm honored by my Honorables!

You're very welcome :-)

Thanks for including two stories from Cinema Spec! :-)

Thank you so much, Ellen. I'm glad you enjoyed the stories in Broken Skin.

Karen and Nate: You're both very welcome.

Thank you for the mention! I just picked up a copy of the anthology and I'm very much looking forward to reading it.

Thank you!

I am honored (and stunned) to see "Passing Down" on this list. My first sale, to boot! Thank you, Ellen.
Inez Schaechterle

You're very welcome !


Hi Ellen,

Thank you so much for the mention! To see my lowly name popping up among so many of my heroes is making me a bit giddy.

Thanks again,

Rich Sampson

You're very welcome!

Thanks So Much!

Just saw that three of my stories received honorable mentions from you. You really know how to brighten a writer's day! Thanks so much for all the encouragement you've given to so many authors over the years. Ralph Robert (Rob) Moore

You're very welcome :-)

I think you'll find 'A Taste of Casu Marzu' was written by David Rix, not Phil Rix. But have you actually read the book? Because for an established editor to rate this above the contributions of Nina Allan, Philbampus, Eric Stener Carlson, John Gaskin, Elizabeth Brown... Now that really IS scary!

Thanks for correcting the error, but no thanks for the insult. Of COURSE I read the book. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to give HMs to the stories I DID find worthy.

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