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A snotty (surprise!) piece about an Evening about Stories
The "journalist" (I use the term very loosely) didn't even get the fact that there are two editors of the anthology--Neil and Al Sarrantonio. (how about some fact checkers, NY Press?)

Neil Gaiman: Vampires and Werewolves Don’t Belong In the Literary Ghetto

via Genreville

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His pathetic attempt to be hip made him look more like the kid who got picked last in gym class.

I think you hit the nail on the head.


“The only thing that I think it’s useful for is that it keeps the reader from wondering into an area of books that they don’t like.”

Forget about fact checkers, I'm wondering (note to Mr. Houston: this is the correct usage of 'wondering', babycakes) if anyone even proofread the piece of toilet paper he jotted this drivel down on. Terrible writing, snotty attitude, bad bad bad all around.

deadshrimp: I wouldn't necessary blame him for that--could be a typo--but a copy editor/proofreader should have caught it.

This manages to be accidentally correct: the pronouncement that science fiction and fantasy are not respectable does, indeed, keep the reader from "wondering" into certain regions. Of course, that's not a good thing, and brings up Tolkien's famous remark over just what class of persons would dislike "escapist" fiction -- namely, jailers.

I'm sure there was a bit of envy of the success of Mr. Gaiman mixed into the article. Most writers aren't treated like rockstars. ;)

Rude rude rude. Way to go nypress - send a disrespectful genre hating "journalist" to a signing. What an ass.

Wow. Love how the writer dismissed and insulted the audience. Fantasy loving nerds? Balding Goths? Girls with jutting chins? Yeah... not impressed one bit by the attitude.

Fantasy loving nerds? Balding Goths? Girls with jutting chins?

Clearly, fantasy fandom needs to become more boring, buy more toupees, and in some cases get major cosmetic surgery, in the viewpoint of that writer!

Wow. The tone of the piece seemed absolutely bitter.

It really does smack of someone who has been sent to do an assignment he sees as beneath him.

Ah, have to love that.

On the not knowing there were two editors - I've been the subject of that neglect in reviews. Makes you wonder if they check out the cover at all...

You know, as a journalist myself, sometimes I've made disparaging mention of the behaviour of the audience at an event or a meeting. But usually it's when they're cursing or throwing chairs. First time I've seen a colleague call out a crowd for listening attentively and laughing when they think something's funny.

Couple of things. Wunderkind? Really? Isn't Neil like 43? How old do you have to be to stop being a "kind"?

Also, didn't the "writer" of this understand the irony of pointing out the "belly-aching" about genre marginalization and how his caustic review was basically marginalizing the SF genre further?

What a schmuck.

Ellen: The audience was actually a pretty good looking group. And the only balding individuals at the event were on the panel.

So the "journalist" isn't even observant...

Wow. I really hated this piece.

--Jack Skillingstead

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