ellen datlow (ellen_datlow) wrote,
ellen datlow

Blood and Other Cravings

This is the final TOC (although possibly not the final order of stories) for my adult vampirism/vampire anthology being published by Tor in the fall of 2011. There are two reprints, the stories by Carol Emshwiller and Reggie Oliver. The rest are new.

Introduction by Ellen Datlow

All You Can Do is Breathe by Kaaron Warren
Needles by Elizabeth Bear
Baskerville’s Midgets by Reggie Oliver
Blood Yesterday, Blood Tomorrow by Richard Bowes
X For Demetrious by Steve Duffy
Keeping Corky by Melanie Tem
Shelf-Life by Lisa Tuttle
Caius by Barry N. Malzberg & Bill Pronzini
Sweet Sorrow by Barbara Roden
First Breath by Nicole J. LeBoeuf
Toujours by Kathe Koja
Miri by Steve Rasnic Tem
Mrs. Jones by Carol Emshwiller
Bread and Water by Michael Cisco
Mulberry Boys by Margo Lanagan
The Third Always Beside You by John Langan
The Siphon by Laird Barron
Tags: blood and other cravings
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