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Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy

Here's the cover for Naked City, which will be out from St. Martin's in hc and trade paperback in July.
The TOC is (which I've posted earlier). I would ordinarily email this to all the contributors before posting here but don't have a lot of emails on-hand (see earlier post--dead computer).

Curses                                                              Jim Butcher                               

How the Pooka Came To New York City        Delia Sherman                           

On the Slide                                                     Richard Bowes              

The Duke of Riverside                          Ellen Kushner                          

Oblivion by Calvin Klein                                   Christopher Fowler                  

Fairy Gifts                                                        Patricia Briggs  

Picking up the Pieces                                        Pat Cadigan                               

Underbridge                                                     Peter S. Beagle              

Priced To Sell                                                   Naomi Novik                            

The Bricks of Gelecek                          Matthew Kressel                       

Weston Walks                                                  Kit Reed                                 

The Projected Girl                                            Lavie Tidhar                            

The Way Station                                               Nathan Ballingrud        

Guns for the Dead                                            Melissa Marr     

And Go Like This                                             John Crowley                            

Noble Rot                                                        Holly Black                 

Daddy Long Legs of the Evening                       Jeffrey Ford                               

The Skinny Girl                                     Lucius Shepard              

The Colliers’ Venus                                          Caitlín R. Kiernan                      

King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree    Elizabeth Bear                         




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That's a great line up although the cover is a bit too paranormal romance for me.

It's deliberate but I'm hoping it won't scare away hard-edged fantasy lovers (in fact, there's minimal paranormal romance in the book--maybe two stories).

I'll buy the book, but I'm going to have to cover up those giant hooters with a sticker or five. I mean, my GOD!

You've got something against hooters? (:-)
Btw, I asked and they punched up my name a bit. (so I've edited this to post the updated cover.

I'm very pro-hooters - but I prefer my books covers to have hooters that are smaller than mine. It's a matter of pride, you know...

I understand completely :-)

Very cool. I remember Holly's story... ghouls!

Any of the stories gay-themed?

Yes, that's about the only paranormal romance I can think of in the book off-hand...ghouls in love :-)

No Holly's. I thought you read it.

I did. But I thought her story dealt with the rock star and the girl.

Hey - my story in there is totally gay-themed!

Elizabeth Bear's story is about two gay guys.

I hope that everyone who buys/reads it --thinks it's great :-)

The contents list looks great (I don't care about the cover either way).

My only gripe is having to wait until July to read it. ;-)

Sorry to make you wait.

July?! Bummer. :-( But, yay, another Riverside story!

Hey, thanks!

Ellen D., that is an AMAZING ToC! I want to go back & tell my younger self that guess what, I'm in an original anthology with John Crowley, Peter S. Beagle, Lucius Shepherd, Kit Reed, Pat Cadigan . . . ! But I'm not at all sure she'd believe me.

Thanks Ellen. I'm just sorry it couldn't have come out this year as it was supposed to.

Hey, thanks!

You're very welcome—though I, of course, should be thanking you. :-)

Hurrah, at long last! What a fabulous line-up. I can't wait to read it.

I'm very happy with how the anthology came out overall.

User ellen_kushner referenced to your post from Reading & photos saying: [...] my novel Swordspoint. It will be published this summer in NAKED CITY: TALES OF URBAN FANTAS [...]

And it's an excellent story indeed!

User mattkressel referenced to your post from Year-End Update saying: [...] comes out in January. I have “The Bricks of Gelecek” coming out in May in Naked City [...]

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