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Had sushi and cold sake with the lovely Jenny Blackford last night and then went home and watch the piece of garbage that is Gothic--the one by Ken Russell with Gabriel Byrne (Lord Byron) (who I lech after), Julian Sands (Shelley), Timothy Spall, Miriam Cyr, and Natasha Richardson as Mary Shelley. Terrible. Thank god it wasn't longer than it was. Also watched the Travolta/ Washington remake of The Taking of Pelham 123 directed by Tony Scott. Entertaining.

Today I met Jenny and Rick Bowes to do some fleamarketing/shopping for a friend's birthday. Success!

And came home to watch Disco Pigs with the very young-looking Cillian Murphy playing "Pig" a 16 year old who is emotionally and almost telepathically linked to "Runt," the female neighbor who was born on the same day as he.



The movie follows their lives from birth and is excellent at showing their love and ties to each other. It seems very sweet until Pig's violent nature begins manifesting. I felt there was something really odd about him from very early in the movie and found him pretty unlikable throughout but that's me. Good acting, but I didn't really care for it much.

The ending is either totally precipitous or the DVD was damaged. I suspect the former.

And in between I've been frantically reading anthologies and magazines for the Best Horror #3.
Tags: fun, movies, work
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