ellen datlow (ellen_datlow) wrote,
ellen datlow


I emailed in my summary of the year in horror 2010 about an hour ago. I have a couple of people vetting it in case I missed something major but I'm pretty happy with it. Adieu 2010, wilkommen 2011.

I'm now going over the copy edit of Blood and Other Cravings and contacting contributors when I need to. Due back to my editor Tuesday so I have to get it out Monday.

And I've got to do my 1099s (only 12 thank the gods) and get them mailed out by Friday...so no lingering here.

But I feel this great weight off me for now. Sorry I've been so boring lately. I have more photos to load (my trip to Florida and my trip to the Museum of Natural History this past Sunday and perhaps a photo of my Hugo award and maybe I'll even take new cat photos).
Tags: best horror of the year, deadlines

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