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Honorable Mentions Best Horror of the Year volume three

For those interested. This is the list that will appear in the book itself. I'll be posting the entire (much larger) list at some point in the future.

The below includes (but is not limited to) the stories that were on my short list when I started my final culling.

Aronovitz, Mike “How Bria Died,” Weird Tales 356 summer.
Bacon, Stephen “Last Summer,” Where the Heart Is.
Bacon, Stephen “Room Above the Shop,” The Sixth Black Book of Horror.
Barron, Laird “Mysterium Tremendum,” (novella) Occultation.
Barron, Laird “Six Six Six,” Ibid.
Barron, Laird “The Broadsword,” Black Wings.
Barron, Laird “The Redfield Girls,” Haunted Legends.
Bell, Matt “The Receiving Tower,” Willow Springs 65/How They Were Found.
Bell, Matt “Wolf Parts,” chapbook Keyhole Press/How They Were Found.
Bestwick, Simon “Winter’s End,” Where the Heart Is.
Bick, Ilsa J. “Where the Bodies Are,” Crimewave Eleven: Ghosts.
Castro, Adam-Troy “The Anteroom,” The Living Dead 2.
Edelman, Scott “Tell Me Like You Done Before,” The Dead That Walk.
Edelman, Scott “What Will Come After,” What Will Come After.
Files, Gemma “The Underneath,” Shroud 8.
Finch, Paul “The Daftie,” Where the Heart Is.
Ford, Jeffrey “Polka Dots and Moonbeams,” Stories.
Freed, Lynn “Sunshine,” The Dark End of the Street.
Jones, Stephen Graham “Crawlspace,” (novella) The Ones That Got Away.
Kasturi, Sandra “The Coming of Ghosts,” Shadows & Tall Trees, #1.
Langan, John “The Shallows,” Cthulhu’s Reign.
Lansdale, Joe R. “The Crawling Sky,” Son of Retro Pulp Tales.
Lansdale, Joe R. “The Stars Are Falling,” Stories.
Liss, David “What Maisie Knew,” The New Dead.
Little, Bentley “Jammers,” Horror Library volume 4.
Lynch, Mark Patrick “Jango Says,” AHMM April.
Mamatas, Nick “The Last Words of Dutch Schultz Jesus Christ,” Dark Faith.
Mantooth, John “Walk the Wheat,” On Spec spring.
McHugh, Maureen “The Naturalist,” Subterranean, spring.
Moran, James K. “Glimpses Through the Trees,” Curtain Call.
Oliver, Reggie “You Have Nothing to Fear,” Null Immortalis.
Pinborough, Sarah “When the Darkness Comes,” Brighton Shock.
Rucker, Lynda E. “The Moon Will Look Strange,” Black Static 16, April/May
Russell, R. B.” The Beautiful Room,” chapbook, Nightjar Press.
Sharma, Priya “The Nature of Bees,” Albedo One, #38.
Slatter, Angela “Brisneyland by Night,” Sprawl.
Slatter, Angela “Lost Things,” Sourdough.
Smith, Michael Marshall “Substitutions,” Black Wings.
Southard, Nate “Going Home, Ugly Stick in Hand,” Black Static 20.
Spencer, William Browning “The Unorthodox Dr. Draper,” Subterranean fall.
Tem, Melanie and Tem, Steve Rasnic “Bees From the Hive,” In Concert.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “Chain Reaction,” Black Static 19, October/November.
Unsworth, Simon Kurt “Scale Hall,” Where the Heart Is.
Unsworth, Simon Kurt “The Pennine Tower Restaurant,” Lost Places.
Valentine, Genevieve “And the Next, and the Next,” The Living Dead 2.
Valentine, Genevieve “The Dire Wolf,” Running with the Pack.
VanderMeer, Jeff “The Quickening,” The Third Bear.
Watts, Peter “The Things,” Clarkesworld January #40.
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