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Full Honorable Mentions List for 2010 part 1

Abbott, J. L. “Grappler,” Albedo One #39.
Adams, Guy “Ain’t No Angel Gonna Greet Me,” Darkness on the Edge.
Allan, Nina “Bellony,” Blind Swimmer.
Allan, Nina “Wilkolak,” Crimewave Eleven: Ghosts.
Allen, Mike “Her Acres of Pastoral Playground,” Cthulhu’s Reign.
Altabef, Ken “The Lost Elephants of Kenyisha,” F&SF July/August.
Anderson, Colleen “Exegesis of the Insecta Apocrypha,” Horror Library volume 4.
Ang, Arlene “Trees Are Only X-Rays of Bone,” (poem) Chizine #46.
Aronovitz, Mike “How Bria Died,” Weird Tales 356 summer.
Atkins, Ace “Nine Below Zero,” Delta Blues.
Aurelian, Robin “Bait,” F&SF January/February.
Bacon, Stephen “Last Summer,” Where the Heart Is.
Bacon, Stephen “Room Above the Shop,” The Sixth Black Book of Horror.
Bacon, Stephen “The Other Side of Silence,” Dark Horizons 57.
Bacon, Stephen “The Toymaker of Bremen,” Null Immortalis.
Bailey, Dale “Eating at the End-of –the World Café,” F&SF September/October.
Bailey, Dale “Silence,” F&SF May/June.
Bain, Matthew Lee “God’s Work,” Horror Library volume 4.
Ball, David “The Scroll,” Warriors.
Barkauskas, Cheryl “The Watcher Thorn,” Sybil’s Garage #7.
Barker, Christopher “Drill Head,” Tenebrous Tales.
Barker, Christopher “Subtle Differences,” Tenebrous Tales.
Barker, Christopher “The Melancholy Haunting of Nicholas Parkes,” Tenebrous Tales.
Barker, Christopher “The Sinister Cupboard,” Tenebrous Tales.
Barnhill, Kelly “Hush,” Dark Faith.
Barnhill, Kelly “The Taxidermist’s Other Wife,” Clarkesworld December #51.
Barron, Laird “Mysterium Tremendum,” (novella) Occultation.
Barron, Laird “Six Six Six,” Occultation.
Barron, Laird “The Broadsword,” Black Wings.
Barron, Laird “The Redfield Girls,” Haunted Legends.
Barron, Laird “Vastation,” Cthulhu’s Reign.
Beagle, Peter S. “Dirae,” Warriors.
Beagle, Peter S. “La Lune “T'Attend,” Full Moon City.
Beckett, Chris “The Desiccated Man,” The Company He Keeps, PS 22/23.
Bell, Matt “Mantodea,” PANK 4/How They Were Found.
Bell, Matt “The Receiving Tower,” Willow Springs 65/How They Were Found.
Bell, Matt “Wolf Parts,” chapbook Keyhole Press/How They Were Found.
Bell, Naomi “Dust,” Dark Pages.
Bell, Peter “A Midsummer’s Ramble in the Carpathians,” The Light of the World.
Bell, Peter “Inheritance,” The Light of the World.
Bell, Peter “The Tunnel,” Supernatural Tales 17.
Bender, Aimee “Among Us,” The New Dead.
Bergmann, F. J. “Red Silk,” (poem) Mythic Delirium #21.
Bestwick, Simon “Sons of the City,” (novella) The End of the Line.
Bestwick, Simon “Winter’s End,” Where the Heart Is.
Beukes, Lauren “One-Minute Weird Tale,” Weird Tales 356 summer.
Bick, Ilsa J. “Where the Bodies Are,” Crimewave Eleven: Ghosts.
Bissette, Stephen R. “Copper,” (novella) The New Dead.
Black, Holly “The Dog King,” The Poison Eaters and Other Stories.
Blackford, Jenny “Adam,” Kaleidotrope 9, July.
Blackmore, Stephen “For the Children,” Needle #2.
Blake, Polenth “Recipe for Eternal Youth,” (poem) Star*Line July/August.
Blevins, Brenta “A Loss for _____” Chizine #46.
Block, Lawrence “Catch and Release,” Stories.
Block, Lawrence “Clean Slate,” Warriors.
Bolduc, Claude trans Sheryl Curtis “The Morning After,” eVolVe.
Boston, Bruce “Faith of the Torturer,” (poem) Dark Matters.
Boston, Bruce “From the Damnation Cemetery,” (poem) Dark Matters.
Bourke, Liz “Oracle,” (poem) Goblin Fruit winter.
Bowes, Richard “Pining to Be Human,” F&SF July/August.
Bowes, Richard “Waiting for the Phone to Ring,” F&SF March/April.
Boyce, Niall “The Frames,” Dark Horizons 56.
Bradley, Lisa “The Haunted Girl,” (poem), Goblin Fruit autumn.
Braum, Daniel “The Moon and The Mesa,” Midnight Echo #4.
Braunbeck, Gary A. “A Certain Disquieting Darkness,” The Bleeding Edge.
Braunbeck, Gary A. “For My Next Trick I’ll Need a Volunteer,” Dark Faith.
Brenchley, Chaz “Hothouse Flowers,” The Bitten Word.
Brennan, Marie “Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven ….” Running with the Pack.
Brewer, Steve “Limbo,” Crimes by Moonlight.
Brooks, Max “Closure Limited,” The New Dead.
Brown, Simon “Sweep,” Sprawl.
Bruce, Georgina “Crow Voodoo,” Clockwork Phoenix 3.
Bulkin, Nadia “Pugilbone,” Chizine #46.
Burke, John “The Stare,” Back from the Dead.
Burroughs, Mary Elizabeth “The Flinchfield Dance,” Black Static 17, June/July.
Burton, Jeffrey B. “The Soul Fish,” Cemetery Moon #6.
Butner, Richard “Holderhaven,” Crimewave Eleven: Ghosts.
Cadigan, Pat “Funny Things,” The End of the Line.
Cadigan, Pat “The Taste of Night,” Is Anybody Out There?
Calvillo, Michael Lewis “The Pathology of Human Sound,” Blood & Gristle.
Calvillo, Michael Lewis “Zoo Etiquette,” Blood & Gristle.
Campbell, Ramsey “Chucky Comes to Liverpool,” Haunted Legends.
Campbell, Ramsey “The Correspondence of Cameron Thaddeus Nash,” Black Wings.
Campbell, Ramsey “The Rounds,” The End of the Line.
Campbell, Ramsey “With the Angels,” Visitants.
Cardin, Matt “Chimeras & Grotesques,” Dark Faith.
Carey, Mike “Second Wind,” The New Dead.
Carroll, Debi “Acid,” ASIM 46.
Case, David “Penny Wise,” Pelican Cay & Other Disquieting Tales.
Casson, Tim “The Overseer,” Black Static 16 April/May.
Castro, Adam-Troy “Pieces of Ethan,” Werewolves and Shapeshifters.
Castro, Adam-Troy “The Anteroom,” The Living Dead 2.
Chappell, Fred “Remnants,” (novella) Cthulhu’s Reign.
Cheek, Kater “Gingerbread House,” Weird Tales #355.
Chinn, Mike “Sailors of the Skies,” Dark Horizons 55.
Christian, Charles “Taking Tea With the General,” (poem) Dark Horizons 56.
Chua, Dave “Last Days,” Chizine #46.
Cisco, Michael “Violence, Child of Trust,” Black Wings.
Clark, Simon “They Will Not Rest,” Black Static 19, October/November.
Clarke, Roger “Gallybagger,” Back from the Dead.
Clinton, Ron “Pumpkin,” Terrible Beauty Fearful Symmetry.
Collins, Nancy A. “From Hell’s Heart,” Classics Mutilated.
Comeau, J. L. “Of the Flesh,” Terrible Beauty Fearful Symmetry.
Cone, Temple “Blessed,” (poem) Minnetonka Review fall.
Congreve, Bill “The Traps of Tumut,” Aurealis 43.
Conlon, Christopher “Grace,” Horror Drive-In January 19.
Connolly, Lawrence C. “ Reckoning,” This Way to Egress.
Connolly, Lawrence C. “Die Angle,” Darkness on the Edge.
Conquest, Lawrence “The Face in the Sand,” Night Terrors.
Constantine, Storm “Where the Vampires Live,” The Bitten Word.
Cooney, C.S. E. “The Big Bah-ha,” chapbook.
Cooney, C.S.E. “Braiding the Ghosts,” Clockwork Phoenix 3.
Cooper, James “Eight Small Men,” Black Static 15 February/March.
Cooper, James “The Farmer’s Wife,” The Company He Keeps, PS 22/23.
Cortez, A.N. “The Ballad of Nosferatu,” Bites of Passion.
Cowdry, Albert E. “Mr. Sweetpants and the Living Dead,” F&SF July/August.
Crow, Jennifer “Thirteen Paper Ghosts,” (poem) Not One of Us #44.
Crow, Mary “One Night’s Architecture,” (poem) Minnetonka Review fall.
Crowder, Nathan “Frames of Reference,” Close Encounters of the Urban Kind.
Crowther, Peter “Memories,” Cemetery Dance 63.
Cruise, Jonathan “The Forgotten Island,” Back from the Dead.
D’Lacey, Joseph “The Quiet Ones,” When the Night Comes Down.
Dalrymple, Scott “Queen of the Kanguellas,” Realms of Fantasy December.
Davidson, Rjurik “Int. Morgue. Night.,” The Library of Forgotten Books.
Davies, Deborah Kay “Box,” Sing Sorrow Sorrow.
Davis, Sean and Craig “Phadder’s Sins,” Something Wicked #10
Dawson, Sam “Body of Work,” Supernatural Tales 18.
Day, Holly “Rabbit,” (poem) Midnight Echo #4.
Day, Rebecca W. “Bricks,” Cabinet des Fées volume 1, No. 3.
Deaver, Jeffery “The Therapist,” Stories.
Dinan, Kurt "With These Hands,” Darkness on the Edge.
Dines, Steven J. “Lost Lying on Your Back,” GUD #5.
Dixon, J.P. “Dreaming the Dark,” Back from the Dead.
Dixon, John and Browne, Adam “The Laughing Girl of Bora Fanang,” ASIM 46.
Dorfman, Ariel “Asylum,” Playboy April.
Dowker, Felicity “The Blind Man,” Scenes from the Second Storey.
Doyle, Roddy “Blood,” Stories.
Drake, Ennis “The Fishing of Dahlia,” Horror Library volume 4.
Drayden, Nicky “You Had Me at Rarrrgg,” Shimmer #12.
Dubé, Marcelle “Vanishing Woman,” On Spec spring.
Dubois, Brendan “The Trespassers,” Crimes by Moonlight.
Duffy, Steve “Nightmare Farm,” Tragic Life Stories.
Duffy, Steve “Tantara,” Tragic Life Stories.
Duffy, Steve “The Fabric of Things,” Tragic Life Stories.
Duffy, Steve “The First Time,” (novella) Tragic Life Stories.
Duncan, Alexandra “The Door in the Earth,” F&SF September/October.
Dunn, Meghan “Weeds in the Garden,” On Spec spring.
Eckhardt, Jason C. “ From the Realms of Glory,” The Weird Fiction Review 1, fall.
Edelman, Scott “Tell Me Like You Done Before,” The Dead That Walk.
Edelman, Scott “What Will Come After,” What Will Come After.
Edwards, Martin “Bedside Manners,” EQMM November.
Ee, Susan “Shadow City,” The Dragon and the Stars.
Evenson, Brian “Dapplegrim,” My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me.
Everson, John “In Memoryum,” Terrible Beauty Fearful Symmetry.
Farris, John “Earthfall,” More Stories From the Twilight Zone.
Farrow, Gemma “Bracken Row,” Supernatural Tales 18.
Farrugia, Mark “A Bag Full of Arrows,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #48.
Faulkner, Ian “Rewind,” chapbook.
Fernando, Roshi “Three Cuts,” Sing Sorrow Sorrow.
Fielding, Graham “The Movie,” Midnight Echo #4.
Files, Gemma “Copy Degradation,” Black Static 17, June/July.
Files, Gemma “Hell Friend,” Clockwork Phoenix 3.
Files, Gemma “The Underneath,” Shroud 8.
Files, Gemma “When I’m Armouring My Belly,” eVolVe.
Finch, Paul “Crow-Raven,” (novella) One Monster Is Not Enough.
Finch, Paul “Fathoms Green and Noisome,” Walkers in the Dark.
Finch, Paul “Hag Fold,” One Monster is Not Enough.
Finch, Paul “Red in Beak and Claw,” One Monster is Not Enough.
Finch, Paul “The Coils Unseen,” (novella) Craddock.
Finch, Paul “The Daftie,” Where the Heart Is.
Finch, Paul “The Doom,” The Sixth Black Book of Horror.
Finch, Paul “The Formless,” Walkers in the Dark.
Fischer, Jason “Gunning for a Tinkerman,” Aurealis 44.
Flantz, Geordie Williams “The Ghost Days of Melody Brown,” (novella) Shadows & Tall Trees, #1.
Flinthart, Dirk “Walker,” Sprawl.
Ford, Jeffrey “Dr. Lash Remembers,” Steampunk Reloaded.
Ford, Jeffrey “Polka Dots and Moonbeams,” Stories
Ford, Jeffrey “The Witch of Donegal,” Crackpot Palace, May 30.
Ford, M. Alan “Testaville, Ohio,” Horror Library volume 4.
Forest, Susan “The Director’s Cut,” Tesseracts 14.
Fowler, Christopher “Beautiful Men,” Visitants.
Fowler, Christopher “Down,” The End of the Line.
Fowler, Christopher “Locked,” Back from the Dead.
Fowler, Christopher “The Conspirators,” Crimewave Eleven: Ghosts.
Fowler, Christopher “The Rulebook,” The Dead That Walk.
Francisco, Allison “The Better to See You With,” Albedo One, #38.
Franklin, Bob “Take the Free Tour,” Under Stones.
Fray, Gary “Keeping it in the Family,” The Sixth Black Book of Horror.
Fredrickson, Jack “Tadesville,” Crimes by Moonlight.
Freed, Lynn “Sunshine,” The Dark End of the Street.
Freeman, Brian James “The Painted Darkness,” (novella chapbook).
Frost, Gregory “Lucyna’s Gaze,” Clockwork Phoenix 3.
Frost, Gregory “The Bank Job,” Full Moon City.
Frost, Gregory “The Seals of New R’lyeh,” Cthulhu’s Reign.
Fry, Gary “Strings Attached,” Null Immortalis.
Fuller, Andrew S. “The Circus Wagon,” Damnation Books e-book.
Fultz, John “The Taste of Starlight,” Lightspeed October.
Fultz, John R. “This is How the World Ends,” Cthulhu’s Reign.
Gage, Joshua “The Shoemaker’s Daughters,” (poem) Paper Crow #1, spring /summer.
Gailey, Jeannine Hall “The Animal Heart: She Warns Him,” (poem) Mythic Delirium #21.
Gaiman, Neil “The Thing About Cassandra,” Songs of Love and Death.
Gaiman, Neil “The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountain,” Stories.
Garbe, Jacob “Fraternis,” (poem), Goblin Fruit autumn.
Gardner, Catherine J. “The Hollow Framework for the Cotton Man,” The Company He Keeps,PS 22/23.
Gay, Roxane “Down to Bone,” Mid-American Review volume XXX.
Genge, Sara “Little Gods,” Dark Faith: Last Rites.
Genge, Sara “Sins of the Father,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, December.
German, Wade “Mooncalf,” (poem) Star*Line July/August.
German, Wade “The Propagule,” (poem) Hidden.
Gladstone, Max “The Four Modernizations,” Necrotic Tissue January.
Glaze, Violet “Rough Trade Marks the Spot,” The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction #4.
Glaze, Violet “Warm in Your Coat,” Werewolves and Shapeshifters.
Godsell, Abigail “The Guitar Case,” Something Wicked #10.
Golden, Christopher “Nesting” chapbook.
Goodfellow, Cody “The Devil’s Diamonds,” Cthulhu’s Dark Cults.
Goodfellow, Cody Winchester “Black Wind,” chapbookl, Perilous Press.
Graham, Jennifer Griffin “Cuts,” Zahir #22.
Grant, John “The Life Business,” Requiems for the Departed.
Grant, Mira “Everglades,” The Living Dead 2.
Green, Christopher “Jumbuck,” Aurealis 44.
Green, Christopher “Linger,” ASIM 46.
Green, Simon R. “He Said, Laughing,” The Living Dead 2.
Grey, April “Exile,” Terrible Beauty Fearful Symmetry.
Griffiths, Niall “Puck’s Tale,” Sing Sorrow Sorrow.
Guffey, Robert “Ticks,” Flurb #9.
Gwyn, Aaron “Drive,” The Gettysburg Review, winter 2009.
Haines, Paul “Her Gallant Needs,” Sprawl.
Haines, Paul “The Past is a Bridge Best Left Burnt,” The Last Days Of Kali Yuga.
Haldeman, Philip “Tunnels,” Black Wings.
Hall, Parnell “Death of a Vampire,” Crimes by Moonlight.
Hall, Tina May “Skinny Girls’ Constitution and Bylaws,” The Physics of Imaginary Objects.
Hannett, L.L. “Tiny Drops,” Midnight Echo #4.
Hanover, M.L.N. “Hurt Me,” Songs of Love and Death.
Hardy, Peter “Drive-In,” The Company He Keeps, PS 22/23.
Harrison, Myc “A Good Offense,” Back from the Dead.
Harvey, Euan “Halloween,” Realms of Fantasy October.
Harvey, Euan “Hanuman’s Bridge,” Realms of Fantasy April.
Harvey, Euan “The Demon of Hochgarten,” Realms of Fantasy February.
Hautala, Rick “Ghost Trap,” The New Dead.
Hayes, Martin “13 Nassau Street,” Supernatural Tales 17.
Hecklenberg,Don “No Parent Should Ever Have to Bury HisChildAlive,”The Onion.4/29
Henderson, Samantha “Skin in the Game,” Running with the Pack.
Hergenrader, Trent “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter,” Zahir #22.
Herrad, Imogene Rhia “Rhiannon’s Bird,” Sing Sorrow Sorrow.
Hill, Conrad “An Outing with H,” Back from the Dead.
Hill, Joe “The Devil on the Staircase,” Stories.
Hill, Joe “Twittering From the Circus of the Dead,” The New Dead.
Hix, H. Edgar ‘Ghazal 1,” (poem) Paper Crow #2, fall/winter.
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki “Daycare of the Damned,” Blood Lite II: Overbite.
Holladay, Cary “Ghost Walk,” Philadelphia Noir.
Honkonen, Janos “On the Beaten Path,” Black Static 17, June/July.
Hood, Robert “Ego,” Scenes from the Second Storey.
Hook, Andrew “Red or White” The Bitten Word.
Hopkinson, Nalo “Blushing,” Gothic Toronto, Writing the City Macabre.
Howard, Kat “A Life in Fictions,” Stories.
Hubbard, S.W. “House of Horrors,” Crimes by Moonlight.
Huddy, Lachlan “The Bunyipslayer,” Aurealis 43.
Hudson, Michael Derrick “Man vs Nature,” (poem) The Greensboro Review, Fall.
Huff, Tanya “Quid Pro Quo,” eVolVe.
Hughes, Tristan “Just Like Honey,” Sing Sorrow Sorrow.
Hunt, Arlene “Sliabh Ban,” Requiems for the Departed.
Hunter, Ian “The Circle,” Dark Horizons 55.
Ingram, Dayna “Mary’s Waltz,” Collective Fallout January.
Irwin, Stephen M. “Hive,” Macabre.
Italiano, Marcy “I Bought,” Terrible Beauty Fearful Symmetry.
Jansen, Patty Little Boy Lost,” Midnight Echo #4.
Jemisin, N.K. “Red Riding Hood’s Child,” Running with the Pack.
Johnson, Kij “Ponies,” Tor.com, November.
Johnstone, Carole “Stomping Ground,” Where the Heart Is.
Jones, Cynan “The Epilept,” Sing Sorrow Sorrow.
Jones, Stephen Graham “The Lazarus Complex,” Wrong Tree Review volume 1, issue. 1.
Jones, Stephen Graham “Crawlspace,” (novella) The Ones That Got Away.
Kastin, Shawna Lenore “Four and Twenty Blackbirds,” (poem) Mythic Delirium 22.
Kasturi, Sandra “Let the Night In,” (poem) eVolVe.
Kasturi, Sandra “The Coming of Ghosts,” Shadows & Tall Trees, #1.
Katigbak, Ruby “The Blackberry Boy,” (poem), Goblin Fruit spring.
Kaysen, Daniel “Babylon’s Burning,” Black Static 15, February/March.
Kaysen, Daniel “The Lady in the Tigris,” Black Static 17, June/July.
Keefe, Anne “Charm,” (poem) The Greensboro Review, Fall.
Keevil, Tyler “Hibakusha,” Interzone #226.
Kelly, Michael “A Song of Knives,” Undertow & Other Laments.
Kelly, Michael “The Face That Looks Back at You,” Supernatural Tales 18.
Kelly, Michael “The Teeth of the World,” Undertow & Other Laments.
Kemble, Gary “Feast or Famine,” Macabre.
Kempshall, Pete “Signature Walk,” Sprawl.
Kendall, Rachel “51 Weeks,” The Bride Stripped Bare.
Kendall, Rachel “Blood Money,” The Bride Stripped Bare.
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