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Early reviews of Blood and Other Cravings

We've gotten a few early reviews (the book won't officially be out till September 13th) and most seem to "get" the anthology, which is always a plus.

Some quotes (and links where applicable)

From Publishers Weekly: "Datlow (Blood Is Not Enough) has created another must-have anthology for discerning vampire and horror fans."

From Library Journal: "This collection of horror stories selected by an award-winning sf/fantasy editor shows that a wide assortment of fiends share vampire cravings. Several stories will leave readers feeling uncomfortable, even queasy. But for those stout of heart and eager to sample brilliant writing, this is a terrific anthology."

From Romantic Times (!) "This book is tailor-made for our post-Twilight world. Bloodsucking vampires are played out in popular culture, and it’s no coincidence that the most frightening ghoulies in Datlow’s latest collection opt to drain their victims’ life essences (souls, emotions, etc.) instead of blood."

From Shroud http://tinyurl.com/3hl5aha : "This top-notch collection takes vampirism as its theme, but each story veers far and away from the now-worn tropes of the genre."...
"Blood and Other Cravings reminds us of why we should fear those that stalk the night."
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