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introvert/extrovert or just a bit of blather

This is really just an all-around update.

I realize that most people who know me don't think of me as an introvert but I generally feel like one. (And yes, I've looked up "psychological definitions/characteristics")

The reason I feel this way is that as happy being alone --although what does "alone" mean when I'm awash in sensation that constantly impinges on my consciousness, even at home. When I'm home I listen to music, mostly jazz-on the radio or when WBGO isn't playing something I like then on pandora. I interact with my cats when we all feel like it, I post online and read newsgroups and otherwise participate on the social networks. So I guess I rarely am "alone." Editing, just like writing, is a solitary job. I love it.

I travel a lot. To conventions. To visit friends and family out of town. I love travel. I enjoy most conventions. And I interact a lot during them--with my very large circle of friends: writers, other editors, artists, agents, and readers. When I had a full time job editing fiction at magazines/webzines it took me several weeks before and several weeks after a convention for my work schedule to get back to normal. Weekly and monthly publishing schedules don't wait. It was exhausting returning from a convention. It still is, but luckily not in the same way. The other thing about working regularly for a magazine (or anything) is that you're generally continuously interacting with your colleagues. Working from home, alone you're somewhat isolated (even if you're online a lot). So now, when I go to a convention I get this positive and exhausting "hit" of interacting with hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people. When I get home I want to hibernate for a little while.

Which is I guess the long way around of saying that I started getting back into my social whirl gradually since I returned from Renovation and SF. I've started seeing friends and attending "events" since last weekend. I've had a few lunches and dinners with friends, attended a wonderful birthday party last Saturday night (where the food, drink, and company was grand and the mosquitoes in the back yard aggressive (I'm still itching occasionally and have lots of scabs).

I'm also back scrambling through piles of Best of the Year reading, and trying to figure out how to best publicize/sell my original anthologies from 2011 (I hate being pushy). Having so many books out in one year to push has been tough. (one was delayed a year). I'm proud of them all and want them all to sell well. Next year I hope to have two original anthologies out. We'll see. I've worked on a few proposals for new anthologies two of which haven't panned out. One will hopefully go out from my agent next week and I'm working on a few others: solo and with co-editors. I'll soon be announcing the final TOC of Terri and my YA dystopian/post-apocalyptic anthology called After. We're awaiting one more story that might or might not be done in time. We've seen the cover mock up and it's stunning but we're not allowed to post it until it's been approved.
Tags: conventions, living alone, work
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