ellen datlow (ellen_datlow) wrote,
ellen datlow

three movies

This evening I watch The Bank Job, a Brit movie made a few years ago with Jason Statham, based on a real heist in 1971 that was masterminded to grab some incriminating photos of one of the Royals, (although most of the thieves didn't know this). Not great but entertaining (and violent). Directed by Ronald Donaldson.

Then I saw Interview directed by and starring Steven Buscemi and Sienna Miller as a disgraced war correspondent assigned to interview a B actress. Interesting but not great. Let's call it a celebrity oriented sex (not all the way), lies, and videotapes. Good acting.

Finally and best was The Crimson Rivers directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, starring the wonderful Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel in a policier that takes place in the French Alps when mutilated victims start turning up at an elite college. Good stuff. Thank you whoever recced it. I've got Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse next in my queue but while Jean Reno is back, unfortunately Vince Cassel is not.
Tags: movies
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