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The Best Horror of the Year Volume Four -table of contents
Table of Contents
The Best Horror of the Year Volume Four

The Little Green God of Agony Stephen King

Stay Leah Bobet

The Moraine Simon Bestwick

Blackwood’s Baby Laird Barron

Looker David Nickle

The Show Priya Sharma

Mulberry Boys Margo Lanagan

Roots and All Brian Hodge

Final Girl Theory A. C. Wise

Omphalos Livia Llewellyn

Dermot Simon Bestwick

Black Feathers Alison J. Littlewood

Final Verse Chet Williamson

In the Absence of Murdock Terry Lamsley

You Become the Neighborhood Glen Hirshberg

In Paris, In the Mouth of Kronos John Langan

Little Pig Anna Taborska

The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine Peter Straub

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Black Feathers was one of my favourite short stories in 2011. Excellent to see it included, Ellen. And woot! for 2 Simon Bestwick stories.

Yes. And Simon's two stories were so good and so different from each other that I'm happy to have them both in the book.

Looks like another great volume. Can't wait to read it. Very happy that you've included Straub's story which saves me some money.

Liz Hand's amazing Near Zennor would have been great, though I assume it was just too long to include.

Bring on Volume 5 :).

Jay Moore.

Yes--I love Liz's novella but yeah, it was way too long.


Excellent! A Terry Lamsley yarn! I always have trouble locating his newer work.

He hasn't been publishing many new stories of late.

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Best Horror of the Year 4

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"Stay" might have been my favorite story that I read this year. I'm delighted to see it get some attention!

Yes! I think it's really excellent.

Audio edition now available

Now the first of any of Best of the Years is available in an audio edition, which means you can listen and be creeped out while you drive at night.

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