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word counts and venues for Best Horror #4
Best Horror of the Year

The Little Green God of Agony by Stephen King A Book of Horrors 9700

Stay by Leah Bobet Chilling Tales 8300

The Moraine by Simon Bestwick Terror Tales of the Lake District 6700

Blackwood’s Baby by Laird Barron Ghosts by Gaslight 13,000

Looker by David Nickle Chilling Tales 6000

The Show by Priya Sharma Box of Delights 4000

Mulberry Boys by Margo Lanagan Blood and Other Cravings 7500

Roots and All by Brian Hodge A Book of Horrors 11,000

Final Girl Theory by A. C. Wise Chizine #48 4800

Omphalos by Livia Llewellyn Engines of Desire 10,800

Dermot by Simon Bestwick Black Static 24 3500

Black Feathers by Alison Littlewood Black Static 22 5200

Final Verse by Chet Williamson F&SF May/June` 7300

In the Absence of Murdock by Terry Lamsley House of Fear 5900

You Become the Neighborhood by Glen Hirshberg The Janus Tree 8300

In Paris, In the Mouth of Kronos by John Langan Supernatural Noir 12,000

Little Pig by Anna Taborska The Eighth Black Book of Horror 2300

The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine by Peter Straub Conjunctions 56 16,000

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How wonderful you picked Livia's story!

I feel like my press did someone some good.

It does a LOT of good, all the time.

What Ellen said - it does someone good ALL of the time.

And it certainly did better than the press that originally commissioned "Omphalos" from me - then rejected it. :)

???You can email me. (just nosy)

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