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Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears e-book & electronic rights/backlist etc

Terri's in town and we've been brainstorming about new projects and trying to figure out how to get our out of print titles back into print and into e-book form. With such a large backlist it's tedious and complicated to figure out the details: which anthology rights have reverted, which e-book but not print antho rights have reverted. Even which books are in or out of print.

I've discovered that getting older anthologies reissued is crucial to the income stream. Having B&N's Fall River Press acquire reprint rights to Blood is Not Enough and A Whisper of Blood plus Snow White, Blood Red is a godsend. But they didn't acquire e-rights which means I/we can resell them.

However, we have to request permission from the contributors to these books (once books are OP the previous contract is null and void). Luckily through email, this process is not as awful as it would be pre-email.

Then there are titles that were supposed to be published as e-books as part of the print contract. If they are not, within a specific time, those e-rights revert, even if the print book is still in print. So those books are available to re-issue as e-books.

Now I/we have books that are OP and we'd like to resell --1) we need permission from the contributors and 2) most (obviously not all, as B&N didn't) publishers who want to acquire older books want both print and e-book rights. So we need to hang on to those e-rights as part of the package.
Get it? As I said, complicated.

Anyway, in the middle of checking the rights situation (with my input, my agent's assistant made up a graph of the e-rights situation to all my books-- separate from the print situation)...I happened to look up Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears and Black Swan, White Raven, two volumes of Terri and my adult fairy tale series that were originally published by Avonova and reprinted by Wildside. Wildside has e-rights and we were told they'd get both books out by the end of 2011.
I forgot about this until looking back at my records.

Which is the long way around announcing that lo and behold Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears is indeed available for kindle and nook:



Black Swan, White Raven is now available as well.

for the  kindle

it not yet out. Both books are also for sale as trade paperbacks-alas RS,GT does not have the lovely cover shown.
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