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A reminder that I'm reading 2012 publications for Best Horror #5

I realized that I need to do this every few months as people forget.

If you want me to consider your 2012 stories for The Best of the year, I must see them. I urge publishers of anthologies, single author collections, and magazines to send me 2012 material during the year. Do not send me a huge box of material in November and expect me to get through it all.

What brought the problem to my attention is that this past weekend at WHC/Stokers in Salt Lake City, I stopped at several tables in the dealers' room. One had on display a number of what looked like original anthologies. I asked the pub date-- 2011. I commented that it was too bad I never saw them for my best of the year in horror (implying, hey dude, send me this year's volumes). The proprietor responded (I kid you not): "we publish a best of the year too". I was nonplussed, moved away and when I drifted back to check out this best of the year--he then said. "Yeah, it's a best of what we published last year"...Did he offer to send review copies? Nope. So will I ever see his anthologies? Probably not. I'd never heard of the publisher and presumably he hasn't heard of my best of the year. If you're one of his contributors, I pity you.

There was also a new magazine publisher that started a horror quarterly last year. Did I know they existed? No. And I'll bet you don't either. I've asked them for this year's issues. Maybe I'll get them.

Call for Submissions

I am editing the anthology series Best Horror of the Year (Night Shade Books) and am currently reading for the fifth volume, which will include all material published in 2012.

I am looking for stories from all branches of horror: from the traditional-supernatural to the borderline, including high-tech sf horror, supernatural stories, psychological horror, dark thrillers, or anything else that might qualify. If in doubt, send it. This is a reprint anthology so I am only reading material published in or about to be published in 2012. Submission deadline for stories is December 1st 2012. Anything sent after this deadline will reach me too late. If a magazine, anthology, or collection you’re in or you publish is coming out in December, you can send me galleys or manuscripts so that I can judge the stories in time. No email submissions. I strongly suggest that authors check with their publishers that they are sending review copies to me as I don’t have time or energy to nag publishers to get me material. I request it once (maybe twice) and that’s it.

There will be a summation of "the year in horror" in the front of the volume. This will include novels, nonfiction, art books, and "odds and ends"-- material that doesn't fit elsewhere but that I feel might interest the horror reader. But I must be aware of this material in order to mention it. The deadline for receipt of material for this section is December 15th, 2012.
Ellen Datlow
Best Horror of the Year Volume Five
PMB 391
511 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10011-8436

****I do not want to receive manuscripts from authors of stories from venues that it’s likely I already receive (like Interzone, Black Static, Crimewave, Cemetery Dance, Postscripts, Weird Tales, F&SF and the other digests, etc) or from anthologies and collections, unless I don't have or can’t get that anthology or collection. Please contact your publisher and ask him/her to send me the magazine or book.
For online publications, I prefer print submissions, so if your publisher doesn’t send them out please do so yourself. I will also accept printouts of stories produced and first “published” in 2012 as podcasts.

Please do not send an SASE. If I choose a story you will be informed. If you want to confirm that I‘ve received something, enclose a self-addressed-stamped postcard and I will let you know the date it arrived. For stories that appear on the web, please send me (or have the publisher send me) print-outs of your story.
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