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My mysterious life and/or how things grind exceedingly slow
Nothing much happening since I returned from Salt Lake City-I'll mostly be home until late May, with a a couple of brief personal trips.

I'm finishing up the ghost reprint anthology for Tachyon this month. Now titled Hauntings. I'll announce the TOC as soon as I buy the last few stories.

Prime has a forthcoming reprint anthology edited by Paula Guran called Ghosts: Recent Hauntings. Hers will be out first although mine has been in the works since late 2009* --that's when I started approaching some of the writers I wanted in the book for specific stories and that's when I originally pitched the book to a publisher that expressed interested. They never followed through and so the book was finally bought by Tachyon late-2011.

Although some of the contributors overlap between Paula's and my volumes, none of the stories do. And I believe that my anthology takes a broader view of "ghosts" and "hauntings."

Terri and I are hoping that the continued interest in dystopic fiction heralds well for our forthcoming YA anthology After from Hyperion in October. I'm trying to set up some readings/signings on the east coast--Terri is going to be in the US again this fall so she might be able to participate, which would be the first time we've ever been together in the same city to do an event for our co-edited books.
Also, at least a few of our contributors should be available at any given event.
I may be returning with several contributors to Oakdale, Long Island's Dowling College for an event at their library. Stay tuned for more info.

I have several new proposals out with publishers. Some solo, some with co-editors. I'm excited about all the ideas and hope at least a few will be bought. And am considering going kickstarter for two others. We ...shall...see.

Ah but the mystery of the day? I keep a nightlight plugged into my kitchen wall. The only time I ever remove it is if I need that socket(seldom). The only time I've ever had to change the bulb (seriously) is when I remove the light from the socket in order to use that socket for something else. When I plug it back in, bulb is dead and I have to replace it. I'm not asking for an explanation, it's just one of those weird things.

*For those who believe anthologies are an easy sell for established editors

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I'm weighing using Kickstarter to fund story purchases for a Clockwork Phoenix 4. I imagine if you tried something similar, you'd be wildly successful.

We'll see. I've got a small press publisher interested)--I'd need a lot more money though-in order to pay me, the writers, the artist, and for copyediting and proofreading.

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