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The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy
I got the copy edit of my forthcoming non-theme sf/f/(h) anthology from Del Rey and have been going over it with the contributors. It's a mix of fiction in the fantastic subgenres ranging from alternate history (Jason Stoddard) and sf taking place in China (Maureen McHugh)and referencing the scandals at Abu Ghraib prison (novella by Paul McAuley and Kim Newman), a weird barely-genre tale about Sonny Liston (Elizabeth Bear), and horror (by Margo Lanagan). If the book does well enough, I hope Del Rey will spring for a second volume.

Here's the TOC:

Introduction Ellen Datlow

The Elephant Ironclads Jason Stoddard

Ardent Clouds Lucy Sussex

Gather Christopher Rowe

Sonny Liston Takes the Fall Elizabeth Bear

North American Lake Monsters Nathan Ballingrud

All Washed Up While Looking for a Better World Carol Emshwiller

Special Economics Maureen McHugh

Aka Saint Marks Place Richard Bowes

The Goosle Margo Lanagan

Shira Lavie Tidhar

The Passion of Azazel Barry N. Malzberg

The Lagerstätte Laird Barron

Gladiolus Exposed Anna Tambour

Daltharee Jeffrey Ford

Jimmy Pat Cadigan

Prisoners of the Action Paul McAuley and Kim Newman

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Looks like a great lineup. I'm always happy when I see stories by Laird Barron, Jeffrey Ford and Nathan Ballingrud!

Nathan's was a very last minute addition. I think he channeled Lucius for this one ;-) which is a good thing as I got no Shepard this time around.

Lucius was a huge influence in my development. I'm proud if this story calls his work to mind.

Wow, what a TOC. I'm especially eager for the Ballingrud, Barron and Bowes. And Ford, of course.

Lucy Sussex!


Very interesting. Lake Monsters *and* Elephant Ironclads.

"Song for Sonny Liston" by Mark Knopfler? Very powerful song from his latest album.

I'm not familiar with it. I wonder if Elizabeth Bear knows of it...I'll see if I can get a "preview" of the song on amazon. Thanks for letting me know.

(Deleted comment)
Yup! That's it...let's do it --how about the week of the 24th? You've got my email, right?

Fantastic, Ellen! I hope it becomes an annual.

Well, if everyone goes out and buys it, maybe it will :-) It's going to be a trade paperback so at least it won't cost an arm and a leg--just an arm.

Looking forward to getting this one!

Wish that Shepard were here but still lots to enjoy.

Go Emshwiller! (which is not to say that I don't like the other ones but sometimes one has to spread it around)

Barry Malzberg AND Nathan Ballingrud...some rare sightings (as they say in bird-watching).

Rick Bowes

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