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Jackson, Nick “The Rabbit Keeper,” The Secret Life of the Panda.
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Jacobs, John Horner “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife,” The Book of Cthulhu.
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Jones, Stephen Graham “No Takebacks,” Phantasmagorium #1.
Justice, Mark “Auschlander’s Gem,” Looking at the World With Broken Glass in…
Justice, Mark “The Autumn Man,” Looking at the World With Broken Glass in…
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Minnion, Keith “Dead Eye,” It’s For You.
Minnion, Keith “Island Funeral,” It’s For You.
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Mitchell, William “Jiang Shi,” Something Wicked #14.
Mok, Anne “Beacons Among the Stars,” Evolve Two.
Mok, Anne “Interview with the Jiangshi,” Dead Red Heart.
Moll, Maryanne“God is the Space Between,”The DigestofPhilippineGenre Stories:Crime.
Monette, Sarah “Why Do You Linger?”, Subterranean #8.
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Moore, Brock “’Oblivion Takes Out the Trash,” (poem) Dreams & Nightmares 89 May.
Moreno-Garcia, “Sylvia “A Puddle of Blood,” Evolve Two.
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