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Morlan, A. R. “Debris,” Ewerton Death Trip.
Morris, Mark “Lost and Found,” Long Shadows, Nightmare Light.
Morris, Mark “Salad Days,” Long Shadows, Nightmare Light.
Morris, Mark “Waiting for the Bullet,” Gutshot.
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Muslim, Kristine Ong “The Seventh Stranger,” (poem) Paper Crow, fall.
Myers, E.C. “All the Lonely People,” Shimmer 13.
Nassise, Joseph “Money Well-Earned,” The Mothman Files.
Nate Southard “The Blisters on My Heart,” Supernatural Noir.
Ness, Mari “The Woods, Their Hearts, My Blood,” Jabberwocky October.
Nevala-Lee, Alec “Kawataro,” Analog June.
Nevill, Adam “What God Hath Wrought,” Gutshot.
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Newman, Kim “The Adventure of the Six Maledictions,” (novella) Gaslight Arcanum.
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Niveau, Thana “Antlers,” Death Rattles.
Niveau, Thana “The Coal-Man,” The Eighth Black Book of Horror.
Nix, Garth“ The Curious Case of the Moondawn Daffodils ...,”Ghosts By Gaslight.
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Ó Guilín, Peadar “The Drowner,” Albedo One #40.
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Ochse, Weston “Driving the Milky Way,” House of Fear.
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Ochse, Weston “High Desert Come to Jesus,” Multiplex Fandango.
Ochse, Weston “Tarzan Doesn’t Live Here Anymore,” Multiplex Fandango.
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Oliver, “The Philosophy of the Damned,” Mrs Midnight and Other Stories.
Oliver, Reggie “A Child’s Problem,” (novella) A Book of Horrors.
Oliver, Reggie “A Piece of Elsewhere,” Mrs Midnight.
Oliver, Reggie “Dancer in the Dark,” Mrs Midnight and Other Stories.
Oliver, Reggie “Flowers of the Sea,” The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies.
Oliver, Reggie “Hand to Mouth,” Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead.
Oliver, Reggie “Singing Blood,” Delicate Toxins.
Oliver, Reggie “Striding Edge,” Terror Tales of the Lake District.
Oliver, Reggie “The Brighton Redemption,” Mrs Midnight/Bite Sized Horror.
Oliver, Reggie “The Giacometti Crucifixion,” Mrs Midnight.
Oliver, Reggie “The Look,” Mrs Midnight.
Oomen, Anne-Marie “Bitchathane,” Ghost Writers.
Palmquist, Grant “Wax and Wane,” Chizine #47.
Partridge, Norman “The Man with the Barbed-Wire Eye-Patch,” American Frankenstein.
Partridge, Norman “Vampire Lake,” Subterranean Tales of Dark Fantasy 2.
Pearson, Mark Lee “Whaling the Multiverse,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Mag. 50.
Piccirilli, Tom “But For Scars,” Supernatural Noir.
Piccirilli, Tom “Every Shallow Cut,” (novella) chapbook, Chizine Publications.
Piccirilli, Tom “The Casual Progression of Home Sickness,” Portents.
Piccirilli, Tom “The Conclusion,” Horrorworld June.
Piccirilli, Tom “The Cruel Thief of Rosy Infants,” The Monster’s Corner.
Pierson, Chris “Lake People,” Boondocks Fantasy.
Pinborough, Sarah “Grandmother’s Slippers,” Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead.
Pinborough, Sarah “The Room Upstairs,” House of Fear.
Pinborough, Sarah “The Screaming Room,” The Monster’s Corner.
Pinion, Charles “The Immortal Part,” Zombiesque.
Pirie, Steven “Ruth Across the Sea,” Shock Totem #3.
Pirie, Steven “This is Mary’s Moon,” Black Static 22, April/May.
Pisanti, Domenico “Scission,” Something Wicked #15.
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Polson, Aaron “Wanting It,” Shock Totem #3.
Powell, T. C. “The Methuselah Project,” Necrotic Tissue 14.
Prentiss, Norman “Flannel Board,” Four Legs in the Morning.
Prentiss, Norman “Four Legs in the Morning,” Four Legs in the Morning.
Prentiss, Norman “The Mask of Tragedies,” Four Legs in the Morning.
Priest, Christopher “The Stooge,” Consequences.
Priest, Christopher “Widow’s Weeds,” House of Fear.
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Pugmire, W. H. “Depths of Dreams and Madness,” Gathered Dust and Others.
Pugmire, W. H. “Gathered Dust,” Gathered Dust and Others.
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Rivera, Mercurio D. “For Love’s Delirium Haunts the Fractured Mind,” Interzone 235.
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Roden, Barbara “Sweet Sorrow,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Rogers, Ian “My Body,” Chilling Tales.
Rogers, Ian “The Candle,” Shadows & Tall Trees issue 2.
Roopnarine, Geeta “Corbeaux Bay,” Murmurations.
Rosario, Tina del “Scars,” Heights Senior Folio.
Rose, Martin “Dark Horse,” Fear of the Dark.
Ross, Deborah J. “A Borrowed Heart,” F&SF September/October.
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Royle, Nicholas “Inside/Out,” House of Fear.
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn “Becalmed,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, April/May.
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn “Show Trial,” Subterranean online Spring.
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn “Unnatural Disaster,” Fantasy Magazine, October.
Russell, Karen “The Hox River Window,” Zoetrope: All Story, the horror issue.
Russell, R. B. “The Bridegroom,” Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead.
Russo, Patricia “The Sweepers,” Not One of Us #45.
Ryan, Alan Peter “Palisado,” Shivers VI.
Ryan, Alan Peter “Passage,” Gutshot.
Sadanand, Sunil “Before and After,” Chizine #47.
Santoro. Lawrence “Wind Shadows,” Drink for the Thirst to Come.
Sarrantonio, Al “Last,” Shivers VI.
Satyamurthy, Jayaprakash “Empty Dreams,” Pratilipi November.
Savile, Steven “Walk the Last Mile,” Terror Tales of the Lake District.
Schaller, Eric “Voices Carry,” Shadows & Tall Trees issue 2 .
Schweitzer, Darrell “Innsmouth Idyll,” Dead But Dreaming 2.
Schweitzer, Darrell “We Are the Monsters Now,” Inhuman #5.
Seamon, Tobias “After Kong,” The Emperor’s Toy Chest.
Sellers, Peter “Toothless,” Evolve Two.
Sharma, Priya “The Fox Maiden,” On Spec summer.
Shaw, Stephanie “Mademoiselle Guignol,” Tattered Souls 2.
Shaw, Zander “Blue Norther,” Gutshot.
Shearman, Robert “Alice Through the Plastic Sheet,” A Book of Horrors.
Shearman, Robert “Granny’s Grinning,” Everyone’s Just So So Special.
Shearman, Robert “Restoration,” Everyone’s Just So So Special.
Shearman, Robert “The Big Boy’s Big Box of Tricks,” Full Fathom Forty.
Shehadah, Ramsey “The Diner at the Edge of Hell,” Weird Tales 358.
Sheng, Nancy “Guan Yin in the Garden,” (poem) Goblin Fruit, Autumn.
Shepard, Lucius “Ditch Witch,” Supernatural Noir.
Shepard, Lucius “Slice of Life,” Teeth.
Shepard, Lucius “The Skinny Girl,” Naked City.
Shirley, John “Soulglobe,” Evolve Two.
Shortt, Robin “Babel,” Winds of Change.
Silva, David B. “Trouble Follows,” Shivers VI.
Silverberg, Robert “Smithers and the Ghosts of the Thar,” Ghosts by Gaslight.
Simon, Marge “The Hanged Children,” (poem) Dreams & Nightmares 90.
Sims Maynard “Facer,” The Odd Ghosts.
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