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part 5
Sims Maynard “Magdalene,” The Odd Ghosts.
Sims Maynard “Price,” The Odd Ghosts.
Sims Maynard “Star,” The Odd Ghosts.
Sin, Natalie L. “Osaka’s Fallen Son,” Rock ‘N’ Roll is Dead.
Skipp, John “Empathy,” Demons.
Slatter, Angela “Sun Falls,” Dead Red Heart.
Slatter, Angela “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter,” A Book of Horrors.
Smith, Alex “The Model of a Boy,” Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #37.
Smith, Michael Marshall “Death Light,” Swallowed by the Cracks.
Smith, Michael Marshall “Sad, Dark Thing,” A Book of Horrors.
Smith, Michael Marshall “The Stuff ThatGoes on in TheirHeads,”SwallowedbytheCracks
Smith, Richard “The Puddle,” Dark Tales XV.
Sparks, Cat “The Alabaster Child,” Gutshot.
Spencer, William Browning “The Dappled Thing,” Subterranean Tales of Dark Fantasy 2.
Stacey, Ruth “Go Round,” (poem) Goblin Fruit, Autumn.
Stalter, K. Harding “A Summer’s Day,” Black Static 24.
Steel, Jim “Doctor Dark,” BFS Journal spring.
Stefoff, Rebecca “The Second Sphinx,” Innsmouth Magazine #8.
Strantzas, Simon “An Indelible Stain Upon the Sky,” Nightingale Songs.
Strantzas, Simon “Mr. Kneale,” Nightingale Songs.
Strantzas, Simon “Strong as a Rock,” Phantasmagorium #1.
Strantzas, Simon “The Cornucopia,” The Weird Fiction Review #2, fall.
Strantzas, Simon “The Deafening Sound of Slumber,” Chilling Tales.
Strantzas, Simon “The Nightingale,” Nightingale Songs.
Stutts, Robert E. “Sealskins,” (poem) Star*Line July/September.
Sulway, N.A. “Their Golden Daughters,” Box of Delights.
Sulway, Nike “Her Lover’s Golden Hair,” Fantasy December.
Sussex, Lucy “Sagittaire,” Matilda Told Such Lies.
Sylvain, Patrick “Odette,” Haiti Noir.
Taaffe, Sonya “Incubation, “ (poem) Not One of Us #45.
Taaffe, Sonya “Persephone in Hel,” (poem) Stone Telling #3.
Tallerman, David “The Burning Room,” Bull Spec #4.
Tallman, Bret “The Far Bank, Three-Lobe Burning Eye #21.
Taylor, Marc-Anthony “Boxed In,” BFS Journal, winter 2010.
Tchaikovsky, Adrian “The Dissipation Club,” Dead But Dreaming 2.
Tem, Melanie ‘Keeping Corky,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Tem, Melanie “Afraid of Snakes,” Portents.
Tem, Melanie “Corn Teeth,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, August.
Tem, Melanie “Little Shit,” Supernatural Noir.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “Ephemera,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, December.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “Little One,” Unspoken Water #1.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “Miri,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “Pillows,” Portents.
Tentchoff, Marcie Lynch “When the Music Stops,” (poem) Star*Line July/September.
Tentchoff, Marcie Lynn “The Promise,” (poem) End of an Aeon.
Tessier, Thomas “In the Sand Hills,” Gutshot.
Thomas, Lee “ Marion’s Knot,” Chizine #47.
Thomas, Lee “Comfortable in Her Skin,” Supernatural Noir.
Thomas, Lee “The Dodd Contrivance,” Swallowed by the Cracks.
Thomas, Patrick “Dysconnected,” Lore and Dysorder.
Thompson, Lee “As I Embrace My Jagged Edge,” chapbook, Sideshow Press.
Thompson, Lee “Beneath the Weeping Willow,” Shock Totem 4.
Thorne, Stellan “Pinion,” Strange Horizons January.
Tice, Michael “The Spell of the Eastern Sea,” Dead But Dreaming.
Travis, Tia V. “Still,” Portents.
Travis, Tia V. “The Weight of Stones,” Chilling Tales.
Tremblay, Paul “Nineteen Snapshots of Dennisport,” Cape Cod Noir.
Tremblay, Paul G. “The Getaway,” Supernatural Noir.
Tugwell, Graham “Melt Calves See Nothing,” Sein und Werden July.
Tuttle, Lisa “Grandfather’s Teeth,” Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead.
Tuttle, Lisa “Objects in Dreams May be Closer than They Appear,” House of Fear.
Tuttle, Lisa “Shelf-Life,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Unsworth, Simon Kurt “A Country Death,” Gaslight Arcanum.
Unsworth, Simon Kurt “Qiqirn,” Phobophobia.
Unsworth, Simon Kurt “The Hurting Words,” Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead.
Valentine, Genevieve “Bufonidae,” Phantasmagorium #1.
Valentine, Genevieve “Souvenir,” Strange Horizons August.
Valentine, Mark “The Amber Cigarette,” The Peacock Escritoire.
Vaughn, Carrie “Long Time Waiting,” (novella) Kitty’s Greatest Hits.
Vernon, Steve “Harry’s Mermaid,” On Spec #84.
Verrall, Sam “A Tall Tale,” BFS Journal spring.
Villanueva, Marianne “The Departure,” Philippine Genre Stories online May.
Volk, Stephen “Pied-À-Terre,” House of Fear.
Volk, Stephen “White Butterflies,” Gutshot.
Walke, Jim “Pig Hole,” Surreal South ‘11.
Walker, Lesley Claire “By Appointment,” Chizine #47.
Wall, Alan “The Salt of Eliza,” Black Static 22, April/May.
Walton, Evangeline “They That Have Wings,” F&SF Nov/Dec.
Warren, Kaaron “A Pot to Piss In,” Voices from the Past.
Warren, Kaaron “All You Can Do is Breathe,” Blood and Other Cravings.
Warren, Kaaron “Lucky Fingers,” The Conflux Cookbook.
Watt, D. P. “Archaic Artificial Suns,” The Master in Café Morphine.
Watt, D. P. “Memento Mori,” Sein und Werden July.
Webb, Wendy “In the Quiet of the Spring,” Zombiesque.
Werner, Marc “Snow,” Murmurations.
White, Jen “Listening to Tracy,” Dead Red Heart.
Wiersema, Robert J. “Tom Chesnutt’s Midnight Blues,” Chilling Tales.
Wilhelm, Kate “The Bird Cage,” F&SF January/February.
Williams, Conrad “Insecurity,” Consequences.
Williams, George “1111 California,” Gardens of Earthly Delights.
Williams, George “Lunes,” Gardens of Earthly Delight.
Williams, Thomas “Night,” (poem) Dark Horizons 61.
Willitts, Jr. Martin “How to Expose a Witch,” (poem) Paper Crow, fall.
Wilson, Stephen M. “Angel’s Den,” (poem) Paper Crow spring/summer.
Wise, A. C. “Venice Burning,” Future Lovecraft.
Woods, Josh “He Who Fights Monsters,” Surreal South ’11.
Worra, Bryant Thao “What Hides and What Returns,” Historical Lovecraft.
Xalieri, Laszlo “The Confession,” Zombiesque.
Youmans, Marly “The Grave Reflection,” Ghosts by Gaslight.
Young, Marty “Behind the Midnight Blinds,” Horrorworld April.
Yu, Kenneth “The Kiddie Pool,” Philippine Speculative fiction 6.
Zoboi, Ibi Aanu “The Harem,” Haiti Noir.

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(Deleted comment)
You're very welcome.

Thank you!

Thanks very much, Ellen! :)

-Kenneth Yu

You're very welcome.

Thanks again!

Oh! And I just went through the full list! Thank you also for mentioning "The Departure" by Marianne Villanueva and "Less Talk, Less Mistake" by Xin Mei! They were on Philippine Genre Stories, which I publish. Thank you very much again!

-Kenneth Yu

You're very welcome. Thank Charles Tan for sending me magazines/anthologies from the Philippines and alerting me websites with fiction.

Re: Thanks again!

Yes, we in the Philippines owe Charles Tan a lot for sending our stories over to you.

Oh, and there's Maryanne Moll's "God is the Space Between", too! Thank you very much! :D

Cheers, Ellen!

:-) Buy him a drink --or dinner if you're in the same city -he deserves it.

Re: Thanks again!

I will! And I agree, he has been a real stalwart for not just Philippine speculative fiction, but all speculative fiction.

-Kenneth Yu

Kenneth--I want to email you a call for submissions for 2012 but can't find any way to contact you on your blog. Do you know my email address? If not you can contact me at datlow at yahoo dot com

Re: Thanks again!

Ellen, sorry! I only saw your comment now. I've emailed you. Thanks.

That's ok.

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Thanks for the mention, Ellen. I haven't written much in the way of short fiction in the last year or two. Glad to see that "Harry's Mermaid" made the cut.

Steve Vernon

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Thank you so much for including Venice Burning on your list, and for including John Medaille's So Speaketh the Trauma Gods from the Journal of Unlikely Entomology!

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