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Summer book sale

I planned to have this back in June but life intervened. I hope I got the below titles correct (as far as having them in the back room. I've checked, but with the YBFH it gets a bit confusing). If you don't see what you want, ask--I may have a stray book or two that I haven't listed.

The sale will run from today through August 22nd.

All titles are offered signed and personalized if you wish; shipping in US is included in the listed price. I'm going to sell each book for less than cover price plus $6.00 hardcover.

No overseas sales with the below exception****

To purchase a book or books, please comment on this entry with your name and the books you would like to reserve, and the total you expect to pay. If you're not a member of LJ you can still post, making sure you provide your name and contact info if you're posting "anonymously" (ie without an account).

Because I have limited quantities of each title, this is strictly first come, first served. I may have other titles that I can't reach easily so if there's something you want but don't see listed, ask. I may have some (not YBFH #1).

I will comment to let you know your order has been received and that the book is available, and to tell you what you owe. The address for money is datlow at datlow dot com. Please wait for my comment before sending money.

When paying, please include your real name, your lj name, a list of what you have purchased, and your shipping address in the comments section of the paypal form. When you pay, please make the payment "personal" so that neither of us get charged. Also, let me know if you want me to personally inscribe or just sign your books.

I will accept checks but you will have to wait until the check clears before I send books. If someone wants to mail me a check I’ll give you my mailing address when the time comes.

Most if not all the books are out of print either completely or in the editions I'm offering. I am not intentionally selling any books/editions that are currently available in bookstores selling new books on or off-line.

Naked City (St Martin's Press) HC: $25 –the hardcover, which was printed mostly for libraries, is now out of print but I have some copies for sale: $25

Alien Sex (St Martin's Press) HC: $25 one copy

Off Limits (follow up to Alien Sex) (St Martin's Press) HC: $29 two copies

Adult Fairy Tale series (with Terri Windling)
Snow White, Blood Red (Avonova/Morrow) HC $21 one copy
Black Swan, White Raven (Avonova/Morrow) HC (book club-only hard cover) $18
Black Swan, White Raven (Prime edition) Trade Paperback $14 one copy

Year's Best Fantasy and Horror series

YBFH #6 (with Windling) HC $30
YBFH #10(with Windling) HC $30
YBFH #11 (with Windling) HC $30 three copies
YBFH #12 (with Windling) HC $30
YBFH #13 (with Windling) HC $30
YBFH #16 (with Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant) HC $30
YBFH #17 (with Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant) HC $30
YBFH #18 (with Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant) HC $30
YBFH #20 (with Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant) HC $30 two copies
YBFH #21 (with Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant) HC $30

The Mythic series Young adult (with Terri Windling)

The Green Man: Tales From the Mythic Forest HC $21

The Faery Reel:Tales from the Twilight Realm HC $21 three copies

Inferno (Tor) HC $25 one copy
A Whisper of Blood (William Morrow) HC: $28 one copy
The Dark (Tor) HC $25 two copies

****For anyone who lives overseas but is attending ChiCON at the end of the month -if you want a specific title I can bring it with me.
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