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The Baltimore Book Festival September 28-30

I'll be attending, signing books, and being on panels at the free Baltimore Book Festival Friday September 28-Saturday September 29th. (the festival is through Sunday but I leave Saturday night).

They expect 50,000 people. I hope to see some friendly faces while I'm down there.

The Childrens Bookstore will be selling copies of After edited by me and Terri Windling. This should be its first public appearance (the book will be officially out October 9th)

Friday, September 28
6pm Once Upon a Slightly Different Time
Five authors and editor Ellen Datlow offer their thoughts on the recreation and retelling of fairy tales for a modern audience.
Panelists include Shannon Hale, Goose Girl, Ellen Datlow, Troll's-Eye View: A Book of Villainous Tales, Michael Buckley, The Sisters Grimm Book 9: The Council of Mirrors, Adam Gidwitz, In a Glass Grimmly, Jessica Day George, Princess of the Midnight Ball, and Sarah Beth Durst, Vessel.
Childrens Bookstores Stage

Saturday, September 29

The rest of my events take place under the aegis of SFWA. They will be selling a selection of OP titles that I'm shipping today and include hardcover copies of YBFH #6, 10, 11, 16, 17, and 20 plus Inferno, Off Limits, Blood is Not Enough Naked City (op in hardcover), Black Swan, White Raven, and a couple of trade paperbacks.

12-noon: autographing SFWA to sell books

1-1:50 Steampunk and gaslight fantasy: It’s Hot and on Top. Come talk with our steampunk/gaslight authors and editors about this immensely popular new genre

4-4:50 YA Dreams: The young adult genre is booming in both books and movies

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