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Leanna Renee Hieber & Alethea Kontis read: Fantastic Fiction at KGB March 20

FANTASTIC FICTION at KGB reading series, hosts

Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel


Leanna Renee
Hieber is an actress, playwright and author of Gothic, Gaslamp Fantasy
series such as the Strangely Beautiful saga, the Magic Most Foul saga and the upcoming
Eterna Files series for Tor. She is a four time Prism Award winner and her
Strangely Beautiful saga is being adapted into a musical theatre production.


Alethea Kontis is the bestselling author
of many shiny books for children. Her debut young adult fairy tale novel, Enchanted, won the 2012 Gelett
Burgess Children's Book Award. She lately hails from Northern Virginia, and is
currently at work on Beloved,
the third book in the Woodcutter Sisters series.

Wednesday March 20th at

Bar, 85 East 4th Street
(just off 2nd Ave,

New York, NY


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