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Honorable Mentions 2012

These are the Honorable Mentions that will appear in print at the back of The Best Horror of the Year volume five. Congratulations.
I also have a (very) long list that I will eventually post online only.

Barron, Laird “A Strange Form of Life,” ,” Dark Faith: Invocations.
Barron, Laird “DT,” A Season In Carcosa.
Barron, Laird “Hand of Glory,” (novella) The Book Of Cthulhu II.
Bell, Peter “A Midsummer’s Ramble in the Carpathians,” (novella) Strange Ephiphanies.
Bestwick, Simon “the Churn,” Black Static 27
Brownworth, Victoria A. “Ordinary Mayhem,” (novella) Night Shadows.
Campbell, Ramsey “The Moons,” The Devil’s Coattails: More Dispatches.
Chaon, Dan “How We Escaped Our Certain Fate,” 21st Century Dead.
Clark, Simon “The Shakespeare Curse,” Terror Tales of the Cotswolds.
Coleman, Emma “Home,” Dark Currents.
Demory, Sean “The Ballad of the Wayfaring Strange & the Dead Man’s Whore,” kindle
Dowling, Terry “Nightside Eye,” Cemetery Dance #66.
Ford, Jeffrey “Blood Drive,” After.
Ford, Jeffrey “The Wish Head,” Crackpot Palace.
Gaiman, Neil “Click-Clack the Rattlebag,” Audible.
Grabinski, Stefan “On the Hill of Roses,” On the Hill of Roses.
Hempel, Amy “A Full-Service Shelter,” Tin House 52.
Ingold, Jon “Cracks” Black Static 28.
Johnstone, Carole “The Pest House,” Black Static 28.
Jones, Stephen Graham “After the People Lights Have Gone Off,” Phantasmagorium
Jones, Stephen Graham “Notes From the Apocalypse,” Weird Tales #359.
King, Stephen and Hill, Joe “In the Tall Grass,” Esquire June/July/August.
Langan, John “Bloom,” Black Wings II.
Lansdale, Joe R. “The Tall Grass,” Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations.
Leslie, V.H. “Skein and Bone,” Black Static 31.
Link, Kelly “Two Houses,” Shadow Show.
Littlefield, Sophie “Jimmy’s Legacy,” Cemetery Dance #66.
Littlewood, Alison “In the Quiet and in the Dark,” Terror Tales of the Cotswolds.
Littlewood, Alison “The Swarm,” The Screaming Book of Horror.
Livings, Martin “Birthday Suit,” Living with the Dead
Marshall, Helen “Blessed,” Hair Side, Flesh Side.
McDougall, Sophia “Bells Ringing Under the Sea,” Dark Currents.
McMahon, Gary “Cinder Images,” Darker Minds.
Moore, Alison “Small Animals,” Nightjar Press Chapbook.
Morris, Mark “Biters,” 21st Century Dead.
Nahrung, Jason “The Last Boat to Eden,” Surviving the End.
O’Driscoll, Mike “Eyepennies,” chapbook.
Oliver, Reggie “Charm,” Terror Tales of the Cotswolds.
Ruby, Jacob “The Little Things,” Black Static 27.
Russell, Karen “Reeling for the Empire,” Tin House 54.
Ryan, Alan Peter “Amazonas,” Cemetery Dance Chapbook.
Ryan, Carrie “After the Cure,” After.
Sedia, Ekaterina “A Handsome Fellow,” Asimov’s Science Fiction Oct/Nov.
Sharma, Priya “Pearl, Bourbon Penn 4.
Shearman, Robert “Bedtime Stories for Yasmin,” Shadows & Tall Trees 4.
Shearman, Robert “Blue Crayon, Yellow Crayon,” Remember Why You Fear Me.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “Saguaro Night,” Ugly Behavior.
Thomas, Lee “The Hollow is Filled With Beautiful Monsters,” Night Shadows.
Warren, Kaaron “The Lighthouse Keepers’ Club,” Exotic Gothic 4.
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